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It Came From the Caves

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Chapter One: I’m Scared

I’m here laying on my bed, tightly wrapped with my cover, from head to toe. I do not dare look outside the window a couple of feet from my bed. I could hear the wind whistling as it travels in between the door crevices. Lighting claps lightly in the distance, followed by a blinding flash of blue light that exposes everything that creeps in the woods. The wind is so strong, it presses against the window. It sounds like it’s about to shatter.

The overwhelming dark fills the room, sucking up every speck of light. It’s ridiculously cold in here, I don’t have any wood to warm the house, and still, I won’t go out there to get any. I’d rather freeze to death. There’s a couple of extra bed covers in my closet, but I refuse to get off my bed to get them. The closet…I don’t like the closet. Sometimes, the lock malfunctions, and makes the door open in the middle of the night, making a weird squealing, rusty noise. It gives me the creeps, that noise sends a shiver down my spine.

Spiders. Don’t even get me started about those nasty insects. I think Mother Nature decided one day that humans didn’t have enough things to be afraid of, so she created the most disgusting insect she could imagine. She gave it eight hairy legs, eight green beady, soul less eyes that allows them to see in the dark. A body that looks like a giant, gray, hairy peanut. And worse of all, she gave it the ability to bite with huge hypodermic fangs. I was bitten by a spider once, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. I had a huge, red blister on my arm for over a month. I HATE SPIDERS.

I am certain that multiple spiders reside in my room at any given time. They made my home their permanent residence, and they don’t even pay any rent. They like to hide in the most clever places; they hide in my closet, clothes, bed, shoes, windows, TV, bookshelves, and even my chests. But I think their favorite place to live is in my dark basement. That’s why I never go down to my basement.

They. Are. EVERYWHERE! I wish I could just make them go away, but I can’t. It’s almost like if they’ve decided to make a city in my house. The worst thing of all is when I get home at night, and I pass my face through a disgusting spider web at the entrance of my house. It has been raining a ton recently, especially at night. During the day, heavy, black, bloated clouds block the sun, and thick fog lifts from the ground, making it next to impossible to see.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m so scared of everything. Well, I wasn’t always like this. I used to be one of the bravest person’s in this cube world. Everyone looked up to me. When a village was under a mob attack, I was the first person they called. I would get there and destroy multiple zombies with just my rotted wooden sword.

One time, I was traveling to the towering mountains when I saw that a local village was being attacked by a giant mutant spider. Believe me when I tell you, this thing was as big as a two story building, but it didn’t matter. I managed to take that thing down with a stack of TNT. I saved the village and I was rewarded with sixty-four diamonds. Kids of all ages would grow up wishing they were me, they would play-fight with their plastic swords, and say, “Look, I’m Steve!” with an air of proudness to their tone.

I’m not popular anymore. People don’t even acknowledge me anymore. When they look at me, they talk among themselves and giggle. They think I’m the biggest coward in the world now. And I think they’re right, I’m scared of my own shadow. I should probably stop stalling and tell the story that made me this way.

Chapter two: The story

Well, I don’t even know where to begin. Even thinking about it makes my heart thump in my chest. Okay, here goes. Eleven months ago, I came up with a really bright idea to make a ton of emerald coins. I have been experimenting with Red-stone, and I came up with a multitude of inventions. I figured out how to make a home have light with a pull of a lever. The process was simple, all you need to do is dig a ditch under the home to hide the Red-stone wiring, then I connect the wiring to Red-stone torches inside every room in the house.

The home owner could light up his whole house by just lifting a lever. Another thing I came up with was Red-stone TNT traps. I was going to sell those to fortresses all around the world. This trap was special because it was designed to detonate only when a bear, zombie, skeleton, or spider steps on it. It won’t detonate if a human steps on it. Well, to get my business started, I needed to collect thousands upon thousands of Red-stones.

I began to wonder where I was going to get all that Red-stone. Most of the mines in the area have already been mined of most of their precious metals, and minerals. The only place that has not been mined dry was under the floor of the sea, and no one would dare dig down there, it was too dangerous. The tunnels would be so fragile, they would eventually collapse. But I didn’t care, after all, I was the bravest person in the world at the time. Me being scared? Pft! Please!

I went to the tool room in my basement and began making hundreds upon hundreds of iron pickaxes. I stacked them up in my backpack along with food, my iron armor, and some wood. I was fully prepared to spend months miles below the earth without coming up to the surface. When I was done packing up, I made sure to that my home was locked.

I made sure my pet wolf, Rocky, had enough food in his dog house, and went on my way to the sea ten miles from my house. When I arrived at the sandy shore, I immediately grabbed my iron pick axe, and got to work. I began digging a huge hole, the first couple of feet was nothing but sand, after that, it was mostly cobblestone. I dug deeper, deeper, and deeper until I arrived under the sea floor, then I began digging a tunnel toward the center of the sea.

While I was digging, I came upon a huge underground cave. It was filled with a void of darkness, it was almost like I stepped into a black hole. I could feel the gravel, and loose small rocks crackle and crunch under my feet as I walked inside. I could feel a prompt breeze next to my ears as the vampire bats flew beside me, trying to avoid collision.

I grabbed a stack of sixty-four glow stones from my inventory that I had gotten from a recent trip to the Nether-realm, and began setting them all around this cave. When the cave was all lit up, I got the biggest surprise of my life. The cave was filled with chests. These were not your ordinary wooden chests that you would find on the surface. These chests were made out of some weird material I had never seen before. They were black, and they glowed with a green color when I touched it. It kind of looked like they were made up of some sort of obsidian stone.

Chapter three: inside the chests

I opened the first chest in line, and it was full of pearls. Weird. I didn’t need pearls at the time so I left that chest alone. I opened the second chest and it was full of iron golem spawn eggs. I thought they would come in handy in case I ran into some trouble, so I put a stack of them inside my backpack. I opened the third chest and it was full of monster spawn eggs. I had no need for them, but I put a couple of them inside my backpack; they looked kind of cool.

When I opened the fourth chest, there was a loud sound coming from behind me. It was almost like if a stack of iron crashed into the ground. When I turned around, there was a huge cage sitting in the middle of the cave. When I moved closer to it, I noticed there was an old crumpled note stuck in front of it. The note said, “GET OUT.” in red letters; it looked like it was written in blood.

I wasn’t going to let a dumb note scare me so I continued looking through the chests. I opened the fifth chest, bingo! It was full of Red-stones, thousands of them, I grabbed those and put them in my inventory. I opened the sixth chest and there was another note. This one read, “BIG MISTAKE.” When I finished reading it, all the glow stones I set in the cave shattered, leaving me in the dark.

I heard some footsteps echoing through the caves but I did not know what direction they were coming from. I drew my sword from my scabbard, and held it tight on my hands. DRIP. I heard a dripping sound coming from the ceiling of the cave, I sounded like the pressure of the sea was weakening the structure, and I hoped it didn’t collapse on me.

I heard the steps getting closer, and closer. They were coming directly toward me, then I felt a chilling cold hand touch me on the shoulder. I was paralyzed with fear, I couldn’t even move my mouth to scream. The face of a monster appeared in front of me, its eyes and mouth glowed with a bluish-green light. It had hard, blank stare, and it sent a spark of fear deep inside my bones. “How dare you disturb my slumber, human?” the monster said.

“Uh, uh, uh, so s-s-s-sorry,” I stumbled over my words as I tried to beg the monster for forgiveness.

“You wake me up, and steal stuff from the chests, too?” he said as his eyes glowed brighter in anger.

“I didn’t know, please have mercy!” I said.

“What kind of person takes what doesn’t belong to them?’ he asked.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know they belonged to you!” I said.

“I would end you right now, but I’m in a good mood. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I am going to curse you with a fear so great, you will be scared of even the smallest of things. This curse will last for exactly one year. When the year is over, I will come back for you, and then put an end to your life. Does that sound fair?” he asked.

“NO!” I raised my sword and struck him directly in the face. He fell over and went limp. Two minutes later, the cave began to shake, cobblestone fell from the ceiling, then water poured from the top, the sea water was seeping in at an alarming rate. Pretty soon, the water was rising over my head. The cave collapsed, making a huge hole at the top.

I held my breath and swam all the way to the surface of the sea. I must have passed out from holding my breath too long, because everything went black. I was woken up by two fisherman twelve hours later. They grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into their boat along with an octopus that was wrapped around my leg, and brought me to the shore.

When I woke up, I was going mad with fear, I guess the monster’s curse had already taken effect. I was scared of everything. I was scared of the fishermen, the kids playing around with their plastic swords, the birds, cows, pigs, sheep, horses, and especially the spiders. I rushed home, barricaded the front doors, and locked myself inside my room and never went back outside again.

Chapter four: I’m hungry

I haven’t been outside my house in eleven months, and twenty-nine days. I haven’t been to the mines, I haven’t been hunting, I haven’t been swimming, I haven’t been to the food market, and I haven’t been out there to feed Rocky. I think he hunts his own food in the woods now. Poor wolf. I haven’t done anything in months. I wish I could say I was bored but I’m not, the only emotion I experience is fear. I wish I could just make it go away. The year is almost over, and all I could do is wait here for that monster to come get me.

My stomach growls like a small lion with hunger. My food reserves ran out about three weeks ago, luckily, Rocky has been bringing scraps of food home. Sometimes, I take a piece when he’s not looking. Rocky is a very kind wolf, but if I try to take a piece of his food, he growls at me. I haven’t seen him in days, maybe something happened to him out there. I hope he’s okay. I hope he turns up soon or I’m going to have to go out there and look for him. I’m really scared to go out there, but I must be brave.

I slept through the night and most part of the day, and it was dark again. There was still no sign of Rocky. I hate to say this but I really need to go find him. I am just going to remove the bed cover from my face. AHHHHHH! The monster! It’s standing outside my window. It’s really dark out there and all I could see is his glowing soulless eyes. It’s pressing his face against the window and tapping on it at the same time. It’s signaling for me to come outside, but that’s not going to happen, no way.

It’s becoming really irritated now. It’s breathing on the window, making it all blurry with moisture. Wait, it’s writing something. It says, “You’re dead.”

“Go away!” I yelled at the monster, then I reached over my bed to grab my slipper and threw it at the window. It let out diabolical laughter, then it disappeared.

I can’t go on living like this! I’m tired of being scared. I’m going to kill that thing before it kills me. I am going to put my Red-stone skills to work, I am going to set TNT traps all around my house. Next time that thing decides to show his face again, he is going to get a huge surprise. When I catch him, I am going to personally send him to the Nether-prison forever. He won’t be able to escape that place.

I got off my bed and ran toward my supplies room. I grabbed all the TNT I have in there along with some Red-stone. I checked to see if it was safe to go outside from my window. Once I confirmed that the monster wasn’t out there, I ran outside and set the traps all around the premises. I rushed back inside my house, and set a TNT trap under my bed. Then I placed a two pillows under my bed covers to make it look like I’m there, sleeping.

The trap I set under my bed is connected to a Red-stone detonator that leads all the way to my closet; that is where I am going to wait for that monster. I walked inside the closet, left the door ajar, and waited for him there. Nothing happened the first night. I waited and waited, and he wasn’t showing up. One day, I fell asleep while waiting for him. I was woken by some footsteps coming from the kitchen, they were getting closer to my room.

I anxiously waited for him to arrive at my room, I placed my hand on the detonator, and waited for the right time to press it. The monster opened the door, walked to my bed, and right when he was about to remove the bed covers, I detonated the TNT. BOOOOOM! My whole room exploded sending debris and dust flying all over the place. When the dust settled, I opened the door to go see if I got him. He wasn’t there! He disappeared!

I felt a tap on my shoulder from a cold finger, and I instantly froze with fear. I had to force my body to turn around. The monster was staring at me with an evil smirk on his face. He put his cold hands over my head, and everything went black, I knew that this was the end for me. At least I wont be scared anymore.