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002. Neville Goddard Demystified – Change the Script to Your Life

You may not realize but up to this point you have wrote the script to your present circumstances and you are playing your part, change the script and play a new part. When you come home from work you listen to the radio, watch YouTube, watch TV or read from social media feeds, and although you don’t know the facts, they are successful in getting you to buy things you don’t need, eat the food that is not healthy for you, or behave in ways you have not done before, they are using your imagination against yourself for their profit! Once you begin to guard what comes into your mind you will be more aware of what you let in.

Neville says that his brother, Victor, learned how to move into riches when he didn’t have a dime to his name, living on borrowed money to operate a little shop on the street, he would stand before one of the largest skyscrapers and see “Goddard and sons” on the building, replacing the name of the company existing, he did this persistently everyday until the idea was fixed in his imagination, Neville says his brother’s business failed two years later, and shortly the building went for sale a man they hardly knew bought the building for his brother and the sign of the building was changed to “Goddard and sons,” What did Neville’s brother do?

He used his imagination, he had no money when the building was bought for him, now at the present moment (1967) the family is worth over 25 million dollars, that’s over 205 million dollars in todays money, and Neville owns 10 percent of it. An exercise by Neville: Tonight try this, learn how to move in your imagination, the exercise is simple, all you need to do is, ask yourself “what do i want? Then begin to see the world in your mind like if you already had your desire, How would people treat you? How would you start your day? See your friends telling you how much you’ve changed, let them tell you how beautiful your new house is, or let them congratulate you on your engagement and feel the ring on your finger, if you want to be married. How would it feel if you were receiving double, or triple your yearly salary? Try it, make the bold assumption that you have your desire and move forward with confidence. Let the new play begin in your mind as if a movie.

“All that you behold, though it appears without it is within, in your Imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow,” I mean that literally, for the drama of life unfolds from within. – William Blake

Once you accept that your imagination creates reality, your life will become much more easy. Imagine every part of your life in a positive light and walk with faith and confidence that it is, and it will begin to come true you just have to put it to the test. Neville tells a story that happened in 1943 after he got out of the army where he wanted to get an apartment in the city and he had a set amount in mind that he and his with had both decided, When they found the apartment they both liked it was much more expensive than they planned to pay, Neville simply persisted imagining the amount he had in mind originally. His wife was skeptical saying “Well, that’s not demonstrating this principle, is it.” Neville kept on persisting with his assumption and went on to pay the rent for the next two months, until the third month came along, the rent manager from the leasing office came to Neville with an apology stating that he had made a mistake, the apartment they picked was originally being rented out for a lesser amount, which was the dollar amount that Neville had imagined, the rent manager reduced the rent then and there, and he also returned the difference for the previous two months.

Imagination will not fail if you are faithful. Neville never doubted that he would be paying the set amount in his mind for the apartment. Set your aims high and feel as though you have it and then sleep on that feeling. Neville says that nothing in this world can rob you of your assumption if you persist. The same rule applies for you and everyone else in this world.

In William Blakes poem, titled “Europe,” he speaks of the man in the cavern and its five window openings, His eyes will only see a small portion of infinity, his ears will hear the music in the heavens, his breath and mouth will only smell and taste a small portion of infinity, the fifth window opening Blake does not mention what its for but he does say that through this opening the man has the ability to leave any time and go anywhere he wants then he can come back, but he does not…Just like the man in the poem we can use our imagination to leave here and travel anywhere in the universe and yet we don’t. Wake up to your wonderful gift, hold back your skepticism and put it to the test.

In order to create a new life we must start from the beginning, and have a personal rebirth starting from the mind. The necessary revolution must occur within ourselves. It all depends on our attitude towards ourselves. What we do not assert ourselves can never develop in our world. We must repent as Neville says and by that he means a total change in attitude towards everything in your world.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”

is the ancient formula and there is no other.
Consciousness is literally the only reality and this reality in its simpler form can be split into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is the input and the subconscious is the output, whatever you feed your mind impresses your subconscious mind and it works endlessly to bring forth whatever you have impressed upon it. The subconscious mind will accept anything that you impress upon in no matter if its true or false. The method of impressing the subconscious mind is by feeling and repetition of ideas, if you believe a lie your subconscious will act as if though it is true and bring forth more conditions of the same idea.

Napoleon Hill said,

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”

It is essential to learn to govern what emotion you impress your subconscious with, it will give you back the circumstances that correspond with it. Discipline your self talk and image to only think of those things that benefit your life. Do not judge the flaws of yourself and others, for when you judge others you are only hurting yourself by bringing forth the emotion that comes from the judgement. Do to others with imagination as you would like be done to yourself, every feeling will impress the subconscious, make sure to entertain only desirable ones. There is a connection between your present circumstances and your emotions, cultivate moods of happiness, and thankfulness, and lovingness, and abundance, Neville says,

“A change of Feeling is a change of destiny.”