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Aliens in the Desert

Chapter one: It’s hot!

After traveling for many strenuous weeks, I have decided to settle here in the desert biome. I found a really cool place on top of a platform on a canyon to make my house. I dug out a sixteen by sixteen square and set cobblestone for the foundation. I was originally going to set a gravel foundation, but cobblestone makes the house cooler. I set dark wood fencing all around my property to keep the coyotes out, I hear this place is riddled with them.

I built my house out of  dark oak wood planks and set an iron door on the entrance along with a pressure plate. Since I have a ton of equipment with me, I decided I’m going to make this a three story house. My room will be on the third floor. The second floor will have two rooms, one will be my storage room and the other will be my library.

In the first floor I will have the kitchen, living room, bathroom and a horse stable. I don’t have a horse yet, but I’ll make the stable just in case I get one in the future. I am going to have to collect tons of wood, luckily there is a forest about a mile south from here, I am just going to grab my rusty iron axe from my inventory and I’m going to walk down there.

It’s really hot, my mouth is dry and my shirt is drenched in sweat, maybe I’ll find some water first before I begin chopping down some wood. I found a nice little watering hole where the sheep gather to drink water. I am going to climb this birch tree and jump into the water. I need to mentally prepare to make this jump first; jumping from high places always gives me butterflies in my tummy.

I am just going to take a deep breath and count down from three. Three, two, one. I jump and feel my insides churning as I fall down into the water. Ah! Jumping into cold water on a hot day is the best feeling in the world, I could feel the heat leaving my body as I swim. Well, that’s enough swimming I need to get to work. I grab onto the grass on the edge and pull myself out, wow these clothes are heavy with water. The sheep just stare at me like if I’m the first human they’ve seen in their life, that’s funny ha ha.

While I was drying myself off I spotted a huge oak wood tree in the distance, if I knock that tree down I should have enough wood to build my home. Let me grab my trusty iron axe and chop this tree down. I swing my axe a couple of times into the bottom of the tree and it falls down making a cracking noise and taking to other smaller trees with it. I collect the wood and drag it back to where I will be building my house.

It’s going to be dark out here soon so I am going to build the first floor of the house in a hurry, I could already hear a pack of coyotes howling in the distance, that sound makes the hair in the back of my neck raise up. Let me just raise up the walls, set the roof and place the iron door so I’m safe inside. There, done. I set the bed in the middle of the empty house and put the clean covers on.

My stomach is grumbling so loud it scared me, so I went into the food chest, grabbed an a large cookie and washed it down with a refreshing glass of milk. I grabbed my bow that was laying against the wall next to the iron door and placed it beside my bed, I always like to keep in close to me in case something bad gets inside my house. Well, I’m really tired. I yawn and stretch my arms above my head and take a leap towards the bed and fall asleep almost immediately.

Chapter two: Construction

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping, I turned to my side and slammed on the off button. I excitedly jumped out of bed knowing that today I’m going to be working on my new home. I slipped in my shoes and went to the food chest to grab some breakfast, a nice bowl of mushroom soup to fill my belly.

The first thing on my to-do-list for today is to start building the kitchen. For the floor, I set quartz slabs. I crafted and placed a birch wood table in the center of the room, a chandelier made out of gold and diamonds above it, two furnaces to cook multiple meals, a food chest next to them and a counter top to make my recipes.

For the living room I installed red carpeting, a couch made out of blue wool and a big screen TV on the wall. I made the whole bathroom out of polished granite, and the horse stable with a gate that leads to the back yard. Since it’s really difficult to find food here in the desert I built an indoor farm on the back yard, it will be used to plant sugar canes, pumpkins and melons.

Once I finished in the yard and the first floor, I moved on to the second floor. There I built a storage room, I set some shelves all around the walls and placed chests, twenty of them. In the other room I placed all my bookshelves and placed my books on them, there were over two thousand of them. Then I moved on to the third floor where I built my room.

The walls are made out of glass so I can see the beautiful view of the desert, I set white carpeting on the floor, I place a huge double bed with blue covers. Ah, it feels so good to finally be done with my house, I’m going for a walk in the desert to relieve some stress, let me just grab a hat from the chest to cover me from the blistering sun and I’ll be on my way.

There’s a trail that leads to the bottom of the canyon next to my house, I climbed down from there and began walking to the middle of the desert. Walking alone in the desert is always an enjoyable experience for me, it’s really quiet out here, it helps me clear my mind and since no one is crazy enough to come out here in this heat. I feel safe; I know no one is around.

Au, au auuuuuuuuu! It sounds like the coyotes are starting to come out, I should probably head back home before it gets dark. Whoa! I tripped on a rock and hit my head on the ground passing out, when I woke up it was already dark out, and it was cold too, I’m just lucky that the coyotes didn’t drag me into their caves and eat me. Let me just get my sword in case I run into some creepers.

As I began walking back home I noticed a shadow passing from the corner of my eye. I felt an adrenaline rush all through my body and my heart started pounding hard. I turned around to see who was there but there was nothing, could it be a ghost? No…ghosts don’t exist, I am just going to try to calm down and keep walking.

I heard some rustling near some dead bushes and that made my heart start pounding hard again. I looked over to the bush and a coyote walked out from behind it, it looked rabid, his eyes glowed yellow in the moonlight and worst of all it looked hungry…really hungry, it’s so skinny it looks like he hasn’t had a meal in two weeks. I gripped my sword strong in my hand and prepared myself to fight this thing until one of us falls.

Chapter three: Coyotes suck!

White foam started spewing from its mouth as it charged towards me and dug his canines right onto my forearm, my arm started pounding with pain immediately. I balled my left hand into a fist and slammed it against his face but he wouldn’t let go, he’s just to hungry to let go. I was going to swing my sword at him, but he was just too close for me to gain enough momentum with it.

I had to do something quick before he tore a piece out of my arm, so I took my thumb and dug it right into his eye, he let out the loudest whimper and let go immediately, I lifted my sword and impaled it right onto his stomach, he just laid there twitching. I grabbed my sword and started running back towards my house. I heard a loud noise coming from behind me followed by a flash of red light.

I turned back and looked up at the sky and saw a ball of fire falling at an alarming rate into the ground making a loud explosion, the floor below me shook like an earthquake and the shock of the explosion sent a wave of sand towards my direction, it was getting hard to see so I cupped my hand over my eyes and ran faster towards my house.

I arrived at the canyon where my house is, climbed the trail, stepped on the pressure plate that opens the iron door, and shut the door behind me. I leaned myself against the door and slid onto the floor in exhaustion. I was sweating so much, and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I made sure the deadbolt was locked and ran up the stairs to my room and changed my clothes.

The visibility from the window of my room was close to none, the explosion lifted so much sand from the ground that it looks like it’s going to look like this for days. Well, no worries I am just going to lay down on my comfy bed and go to sleep. Ten minutes later I was woken by the sound of a glass breaking in the kitchen, I know I locked the door, I wondering who could have gotten inside. I put my ear to the floor to get better sound and I could hear them walking up the stairs and into the storage room.

I hear them opening the chests and rummaging through them. I tip-toed to the side of my bed where I usually place my bow, grabbed it and loaded an arrow on it. I tip-toed towards the door and down the stairs. The Storage room door was open, I peeked inside and I saw someone in the dark looting diamonds from my chest. I shot an arrow and it ricocheted off his body and flew straight into the wall, it’s almost like he has a force field around him.

I lit a torch and when I got to see his face my face went pale, my eyes widened and I yelled at the top of my lungs. It was some sort of being, I’m not even sure if it’s human. It has large dark-purple oval eyes that were glowing when I lit the torch. He is small in stature and really skinny. He didn’t seem happy that I shot at arrow at him, he upholstered some kind of gun, he took the safety switch off and it began glowing with a blue light.

He pointed it directly at me and pulled on the trigger, shooting a blue laser beam straight at me, I dived to the hallway and the laser hit the wall on the side of the door and it disintegrated into a mushy blue substance. I ran back up stairs to my room, shut the door and barricaded the door with iron blocks.

Chapter four: Fear

I could hear that thing running down the stairs and to the exit from my room. I grabbed my communication device from my night table, it’s running low on battery, it only has three-percent, this should be enough to send a message to the local authorities. I dialed the nine-one-one. The display on the device said it was now connected, the other person on the line sent this message:

Operator: “Nine-one-one what is your emergency?”

Chris: “Help! There’s an alien in my house!”

Operator: “This is no place to be joking, don’t call here again, goodbye!”

Chris: “Please, I’m not joking!”

Operator: “……………”

Huh? They disconnected! They don’t believe me! What am I going to do? My device only has two-percent left of battery. Oh! I know I’m going to text my good buddy Ryan in the next town over. What’s his number? I don’t remember his number! Maybe if I focus hard enough I’ll remember. Was it three-five-zero? No. Was it five-four-one? No. The device is now at one-percent battery, please don’t die on me! I KNOW! It’s two-five-one. The device is now connecting with Ryan. Connected, yes!

Ryan: “Hey Chris! Long time no see, what’s going on?”

Chris: “Please Ryan you have to help me!”

Ryan: “What’s wrong?”

Chris: “…………”

My device disconnected! It ran out of battery, let’s just hope Ryan gets here soon. I think that alien is gone, let me just walk over to the window and take a look. Yep, it looks like it’s gone. I’m going to rush to the storage room and grab my diamond armor. It’s a mess in this room, there’s stuff laying all around the room, it looks like that alien was in a big hurry, he didn’t take my iron, my emeralds, red stone, or food. He only took my diamonds, they’re all gone! What I’m I going to do now? Why would an alien take my diamonds? What use would he have for them?

Maybe that thing that fell from the sky yesterday was a U.F.O crashing into the desert. I’ve heard people tell stories about beings that come from the sky but I’ve never believed them. I’m not even sure that thing is an alien. His weapon was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in my life, maybe I should check the desert to see if it really was a U.F.O, I should wait for Ryan, I don’t want him to arrive at my house and find it empty. I’ll just wait here on my bed.

Chapter five: Three days

I’ve been waiting here in my room for three days now and Ryan hasn’t arrived, I hope he’s okay. Well, I’m not going to stay here in my house another day, I’m going to get to the bottom of this, I am going to head to the desert and see if there really is a U.F.O out there. But first I need to make sure I’m prepared. I walk down to the storage room and find the chest with the gunpowder. I walked over to my crafting table and crafted some TNT.

I tied the TNT to the end of some of my arrows. I equipped my diamond armor and march right down to the desert. When I arrived where the flying object crashed, there was a huge round hole with debris all around it. Black smoke was coming out from the center. I walked closer and I saw a metallic oval object laying on the sand. I climbed down to get a closer look, I saw two bodies laying on the ground, they’re aliens! Their chest seems to be rising up and down, they are still breathing, they’re alive!

Hey! There’s a weapon laying next to them, it looks like the one that alien used to attack me in my home. I’m going to take these with me, maybe I could use it against them if they try anything. “Hello human,” I heard a voice, am I going crazy? “Over here human,” I looked down at one of the aliens but their lips weren’t moving. “Yes it’s me,” it seems like they are communicating with me using some kind of telepathy.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked the alien as I looked at his face. “Yes human. We need your help, our ship’s engine malfunctioned while traveling to the moon and we had to crash land on your world to survive,” The alien responded without moving his lips. “One of your friends attacked me in my home, why would I help you?” I responded with anger. “Our kind does not hurt humans, unless we are attacked first, did you attack our friend?” The alien asked. “Uh no!” I wasn’t going to admit that I attacked their friend, what if they try to kill me?

“Well, I do not believe you human. Anyways, we need your help to get the ship working again, we need diamonds, tons of them.” The alien said. “Well, your friend already broke into my house and took them! Hasn’t he come back yet? Last time I saw him was three days ago.” I asked him. “No, he hasn’t I wonder where he is. Do me a favor Chris.” The alien said. “Uh, how do you know my name?” I asked in surprise.

“We know everything human. Now, do me a favor and get the medical supplies from the ship, they should be in the hatch behind the ship, when you open the hatch you will see a metallic-blue case. Open the case and find the syringe with the green liquid in it, then bring it over here,” The alien said.

I walked over to the ship, found the case, opened it and brought the syringe over to the alien, “Okay now what?” I asked the alien. “Stick the syringe in my arm,” I walked over to him and dug the needle into his arm. As soon as the substance went in his body he was able to move his fingers, then his hand, then his arm, then he sat, then he got on his feet, “Thank you human, now will you help me find my friend? I will give you some moon rocks if you help us find him.”

“Sure that sounds like a good deal, let’s go find him,” I said with enthusiasm, after all he is going to give me some moon rocks and that sounds awesome!

Chapter six: Where is the alien?

“I am sorry human, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Hiss,” The alien said as he put out his hand to shake mine. “That’s your name?” I asked in disbelief. “Yes, I was named after the sound of a creeper from your world, you have some really cool creatures here,” the alien said with a smile. “You think creepers are cool? You are weird.” I said as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. “Why is there water coming out of your head,” Hiss said with a look of curiosity.

“Uh it’s called sweat, we humans sweat when the weather is hot, it helps us cool off,” I said. We walked miles through the desert and we finally arrived at my home. “So how are you going to find your friend?” I asked Hiss as I grabbed a glass of water. “Well, we could track him with this device here, but it’s out of power. We could charge it with an emerald, do you have any around the house?” The alien asked as he tried to power the device on. I remembered I had some emeralds in the storage room, “Give me one second,” I said. Then I walked upstairs.

“Here you go,” I handed the emerald over to Hiss, he hovered the stone over the device and it began glowing with a green color, the device made a beeping noise and it powered on. He pressed on the button to locate his friend, a compass appeared on the screen and began pointing North-West, as soon as he saw this he began walking towards the door. I followed behind him. The compass is pointing towards the woods, then it pointed us to an abandoned mine. We walked deep inside the mine and came upon a mine-cart track, I found the lever on the wall that turns the power on I lifted it up and the track began glowing red indicating that it was on.

We hopped on one of the carts, then it began moving forward. Hiss’s device began beeping as we got closer to his friend. We got to the end of the track, then we hopped out of the cart, on the right side there is an entrance to a tunnel, we walked inside. It’s dark in here so I asked Hiss if he has any light, he nodded, “Yes,” he reached into one of his compartments on his belt and grabbed a blue glow stick. The tunnel is now lit up, we could feel a breeze of air as the bats fly passed us. We walked all the way to the end and came upon a cave, we found the alien there huddled in the fetal position with a blue force field around him, and a spider desperately trying to get to him.

The spider is charging towards the shield and crashing into it, it’s not smart enough to recognize that he is never going to break it. Hiss reached to his holster and noticed his laser gun was missing, “I don’t have my gun,” He whispered. I went into my inventory and grabbed it and said, “here it is,” and handed the gun over to him. He pointed at the spider and shot the laser beam then it disintegrated into a blue, bubbling mush.

Chapter seven: We have to go

Hiss had the biggest smile on his face as he ran over to his friend, he walked right through the force field and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. His friend removed his hands from his eyes and peeked up, when he saw Hiss standing above him he immediately got on his feet and gave him a big, tight bear hug. “Come over here Chris,” Hiss gestured me to come to them. Hiss pressed some buttons on his device then three seconds later we appeared in front of their ship.

“Whoa! Did we just teleport?” I asked in astonishment. “Yes, we did,” Hiss responded as he reached into one of his pockets, “Here is the moon rock I promised, thank you so much for helping us find our friend.” I studied every single detail of the moon rock in amazement, it glowed in many different colors: red, blue, green , pink, purple and it seemed to be a solid, but when I looked away from it, it turned into a gooey, sticky, black substance, it was almost like if it’s alive.

The alien that broke into my house walked up to me and said, “Hey Chris, I’m sorry for breaking into your house and stealing your diamonds. I felt so bad that I decided to go find my own, I was going to return yours as soon as I got enough, but I got attacked by those nasty spiders down there in the mine. Oh my name is Star, by the way,” he reached over and shook my hand. “Well, don’t worry about the diamonds, I could always get more,” I responded. Star felt like he made a good friend that day.

They grabbed the diamonds, open the hood of the ship and hovered them over the engine. The diamonds were glowing as their energy is being sucked into the engine. A green light lit up at the dashboard, the ship was powered on. For being a large ship the engine was surprisingly quiet. They dragged their injured friend into the ship’s hatch. “I’m sorry we have to leave you so soon, we have to get to the moon to drop off some supplies,” Star and Hiss both hugged me. They jumped on the ship and waved at me before they disappeared into the sky.

“STOP THEM! STOP THEM!” I heard someone yelling at the top of their lungs, I turned around to see who was causing all this commotion, it was Ryan! He was running through the desert sand trying to catch up to me in a hurry. “Ryan! Where have you been! I was waiting for you,” I was really happy to see that my friend was alive. “Those aliens! Why didn’t you stop them?” He asked while trying to desperately catch his breath. “Uh those aliens are my friends” “Do you know where I’ve been for the past four days?” He asked me in a maniacal tone.

“I have no idea, I thought you weren’t coming,” I said. “Well, on my way to the desert I found those aliens and their ship, I was so scared of them that I hid near a rock close by. I heard them talking about a plan they had to destroy our cities and kill every single being in our world. They have a huge laser cannon on the moon, they came here to collect fuel to power it, you know what powers the canyon? DIAMONDS! THEY WILL BE USING THE LASER CANNON AGAINST US Chris!!! WE ARE DOOMED! Well, as I was listening to their conversation I let out a huge sneeze, they found me and imprisoned me in their ship. I managed to take two of the aliens out by using some TNT, I thought I killed them but I was wrong.” Ryan said frantically, he was really paranoid, every time he heard the slightest sound he would flinch.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now, do we?” I asked hoping that Ryan had a solution. He nodded his head, “No, there isn’t. I’m going to spend some time with my family before the earth is destroyed. Goodbye Chris,” He walked away from me. I sat on the ground, tears started pouring out of my eyes as I realized that it’s my fault the world is going to end.




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