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The Evil Witch in the Mountains

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Chapter One: The Story

We have just arrived home from collecting wood in the swamp forest. I stepped on the pressure plate that opens the iron door, then I lit up the torch that we have in our front porch. “How much wood do we need?” Ryan asked.

“Well, since we are collecting wood to keep us warm through the winter, we are going to need stacks of them,” I answered.

I began to split some wood and made them into wooden planks. “It’s getting kind of chilly; help me build a fire. We could hang out here on the porch for while. It would help us relax from all the work we did today.” I told Ryan.

“Sure,” Ryan said, then he picked up the wooden planks. “Are you hungry, Ryan?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m starving,” Ryan said as he rubbed his belly.

I said, “Good! I’m going to throw some steaks in the furnace.” I went inside the house and lit up the kitchen with a torch. I went into my meat chest that I have in the kitchen and picked out two of the juiciest, meatiest steaks I could find. I opened the bottom of the furnace, set some coal inside, and lit it up; then I placed the steaks inside to cook.

I went back outside and sat in my favorite rocking chair, next to Ryan. “The steaks will be ready in a while,” I said.

“Okay, I can’t wait; I’m starving!” Ryan replied.

We both sat there looking up at the stars. We didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes.

“Hey, Steve?” Ryan said.

“What’s up?” I replied.

“If I tell you something, promise me you won’t laugh,” Ryan said, looking cryptic.

“I can’t promise anything. If it’s funny, I’m going to laugh,” I said.

“Well, I’m just going to tell you anyways,” Ryan said, acting anxious.

“Okay, I’m listening,” I said.

“Okay. Well, the other day I went into town to pick up some bread, and I kind of eavesdropped into one of the conversations that the locals were having,” Ryan said while looking at me to see if I was paying attention.

“Okay..what did they say?” I asked while looking at him.

“Well, they were talking about how one of them saw a witch while he was hunting in the mountains,” Ryan said.

“What else did they say,” I replied with a skeptical look.

“Well, he said he was out hunting with his dog when he felt something looking at him from some nearby bushes. He said he was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move. Then he said the dog started barking like a maniac towards the bushes, but he wouldn’t get near them. When he was finally able to move, the thing in the bushes came out and started walking into the deep woods. He said that after that he ran home, locked his door, and didn’t come out for a week straight. During that week, he said there was a cat that would stand on one of his windows and look at him. He said he tried to scare the cat away by screaming at it, but it wouldn’t budge. The cat was fearless. He also that he began ignoring the cat, but it just made it mad. The cat would begin pawing frantically at the window. The man is now staying at a motel in town; he refuses to go back,” Ryan explained.

“Well, I don’t believe in witches. It sounds like one of those stories parents tell their kids to scare them. I’m not a child anymore,” I said.

“We should go check it out, Steve! His house is nearby!” Ryan said with a manic look on his face.

“Nah! It’s just a waste of time. Witches aren’t real, Ryan. Let’s go eat. I think the steaks are ready,” I said, standing up and walking inside the house.

We both grabbed a chair and sat down to eat at the kitchen table. I grabbed two plates from the dish cabinet and handed one to Ryan. I put on my oven mitts to grab the hot tray where the steaks had been cooking, and I set it on the table.

“What do you want to drink?” I asked Ryan.

“I’ll have some chocolate milk,” Ryan said while grabbing the biggest piece of steak.

While I was grabbing the milk from the chest, I turned back to look at Ryan, and I noticed him looking worried.

“You look worried about something, Ryan; what’s wrong?” I asked.

Ryan turned around, “What if the witches are real?” he asked.

I sighed and didn’t say anything. I put the milk and the chocolate powder flavoring next to him. I grabbed my steak, set it on the plate, and sat down to eat.

“Hey, we should turn the television on,” I said.

Ryan said, “Okay.” Then he picked up the remote and pushed on the bottom.

“Hey, the weather is on,” Ryan said while chewing his food with his mouth open.

“There is a thunderstorm warning active for the swampy lands. Expect heavy rain for the whole night,” the weather-man on the TV said.

“Hey, Steve, remind me to close the windows so the rain doesn’t get into the house,” Ryan said while taking a sip of his chocolate milk.

“I will,” I responded. As I said that, I began hearing a faint barking out in the woods. “Hey, do you hear that, Ryan?” I asked.

“Yeah, it sounds like Duke is barking out there. It’s getting louder!” Ryan responded.

“That dog is such a chicken! He is scared of his own shadow, literally! Last time, I saw him barking and whimpering from his own reflection in the mirror,” I said as I stood up and walked towards the door.

“You’re too hard on that poor dog,” Ryan said as he walked behind me.

I walked into the woods in our back yard and yelled out for Duke. Duke wouldn’t come over to me; he just walked around in circles barking at something. I walked further to get to where Duke was.

“Oh, it’s just a stupid cat. Come over here, Duke!” I yelled. Duke finally shut up and began following me back into the house.

“Did you say it was a cat?” Ryan asked with a look of fear in his eyes.

“Ugh, not this again,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

Ryan seemed disappointed, and he said, “I’m going to bed.”

Chapter Two: The Cat

He went to bed, and I sat in the living room to watch TV for a while.

A couple of minutes later, I began falling asleep. I tried my best to stay awake because I wanted to see a movie that was coming on later that night. I fell asleep…then minutes later, I heard a huge crash outside, and it woke me up. “It must be the dog that got into the garbage can again,” I thought, then I fell asleep again. Once again, I heard the crashing sound. I woke up, rubbed my eyes, and stood up from the sofa.

I walked outside to check the garbage cans, and nothing. They were where they were supposed to be. I went to check on our dog, Duke. He was soundly asleep in Ryan’s room. “Huh, that’s weird,” I thought, and I went to the kitchen to get some water. As I was getting water from the chest, I looked up for a second, and there it was! The cat – it was standing outside of my window. It startled me so much that I dropped my water cup on the floor, and it shattered. Ryan came out of his room and asked, “What’s going on?”

I said, “Look, there,” I pointed to the window.

Ryan looked at it, and he was horrified. I snapped out of the scare and said, “This can’t be real. I’m sure it’s just a regular cat.” So I tried to scare it away by yelling, “Get out of here! Go on, you dumb cat!” The cat was indifferent; he just stood there and looked at us with those green eyes.

Duke walked into the kitchen and began barking like crazy as soon as he saw the cat. I decided to open the door for Duke to see if he could scare it away. As soon as I opened it, Duke ran towards it. The cat turned around calmly towards Duke, and its eyes began glowing. It looked like it was getting mad. The cat wagged its tail, and Duke began levitating off the ground. Then he disappeared into thin air. The cat jumped off from the window and left.

Ryan and I looked at each other, horrified, and didn’t say anything but ran into the cellar. The cellar is a place where we keep all of our supplies. We have chests here that are full of all kinds of materials. It is also a safe place; there is no way the witch or the cat can get us here. “Steve, we really saw that, right?” Ryan quietly said as his lips quivered. “We did, Ryan,” I replied while opening the chest with the wooden planks in it.

“What are you doing?” asked Ryan with a look of confusion.

“I’m going to build myself a crafting table and craft some armor,” I replied.

“Good idea. I’m going to do the same; let me get some iron ingots,” Ryan replied as he reached for the iron ingots.

“No, we need something stronger than iron; we need diamond,” I said.

Ryan ran to the diamond chest, took some out, and handed it to me with a sense of urgency.

I began crafting diamond armor and diamond swords for both of us. “Here, put this on,” I said.

“Thanks. What are we going to do?” Ryan asked, as he put on his armor.

“Well, my plan is to stay down here until the sun comes out. Ha-ha!” I said nervously. Ryan didn’t find it funny; he just stood there with a serious look on his face.

We waited in the cellar for a while; we got tired and sat down. “We have to get Duke back,” I said while sadly looking at the floor. “I know, but how do we find him?” Ryan asked. “Well, first we need to find out if that cat has anything to do with the so-called ‘witch,” I said. “I think the sun should be up already; we should go upstairs,” Ryan said as he stood up. I stood up, picked up my sword, and walked behind him. We got upstairs, and the sun wasn’t up yet. “I don’t think my clock is working properly; it says here it’s nine o’clock a.m.,” Ryan said as he looked at his watch.

I looked at my watch, and it was nine a.m. “Well, my clock says it’s nine, also!” I replied. “Let’s turn on the news; maybe we can check what’s going on,” Ryan said. I picked up the remote, turned on the TV, and put it on the news channel.

“The report just came in. There is an eclipse, and we don’t know why. We also don’t know when it’s going away. Please stay inside your homes,” the news anchor said.

There is something weird going on; this has never happened before. Maybe it has something to do with it being the month of October.

“Hey, Steve?” Ryan said as he looked out the kitchen window.

“Yeah?” I said.

“That cat is back,” he said.

Chapter Three: The Trap

I walked over to see out the window, and there it was, just standing there looking at us. It was really creepy. I began to get really frustrated with the cat.

“Why doesn’t he go away and leave us alone! What does he want?!” I said as I slammed my fist on the table.

“I have an idea, Steve,” Ryan said while looking outside.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m going to go down into the cellar and dig a tunnel directly to where the cat is. I’m going to put a chest under him. When I knock the dirt from under him, I’ll let him fall into the trap,” Ryan said.

“Sounds like a good plan, but be careful!” I replied. He looked at me, nodded, and began walking towards the cellar door. A minute later I heard some digging below the house. I stayed upstairs looking at the cat. Ryan was finally able to dig the dirt from under the cat, and it fell into the chest. As soon as the cat fell in, Ryan shut the chest door immediately. He came running up the stairs holding the chest.

“Ha-ha! I got him!” Ryan said with a maniacal laugh.

“Ha-ha good! Now what are we going to do with it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’m going to sleep; I haven’t slept all night,” Ryan said as he dropped the chest on the ground.

I picked up the chest from the ground and put it to my ear. It sounded like the cat wasn’t happy to be in there. Ryan went to sleep, and I stayed in the kitchen. I sat there for hours looking at the chest, and all of a sudden the chest began levitating into the air. The chest also began glowing. It was almost as if the cat was calling out to someone.

Chapter Four: The Growl

I got scared and ran outside. As I was outside, I noticed there was light coming out of one of the caves in the mountain. While I was outside I remembered I hadn’t fed my livestock. I walked into the barn and picked up a large pile of hay and went to drop it off to my cows. While I was in there, I heard a loud banging sound coming from the house. I took out my sword and began walking slowly towards the house. As I approached the front door, I felt a chilling breeze coming from above me. I walked faster to step on the pressure plate so I could open the door as fast as possible. Once I stepped on the pressure plate, I heard a growl so chilling that I was paralyzed with fear. Ryan woke up and walked towards me.

“What was that noise?” he asked with a frightened look on his face.

“I don’t know!” I said frantically.

Ryan’s face turned pale, and his lips quivered as he said, “Lo-lo-look be-behind you!”

I turned around, and there was something behind me…it was some sort of being. It levitated in the air and had glowing eyes. It lifted up one of its arms, and then it swung it towards us. It threw some kind of green ball. It was coming right towards us. We both jumped out of the way, and that ball landed right where we were standing and blew up the whole front part of our house!

Ryan and I ran as fast as we could into the cellar. While we were down there hiding, we heard explosions coming from above. It sounded like it was destroying everything we had. We stayed down there for a couple of minutes until the explosions stopped. We then went back upstairs. The whole house, barns, and crops had been destroyed. We found the chest that the cat was in; it was empty.

“Maybe the witch came back for his cat,” Ryan said.

I stayed silent for a minute, then said, “We lost everything! All that hard work we had to do, and everything is lost!” I kicked a piece of rubble in anger.

“Don’t worry; we’ll build it back up again,” Ryan said.

“It’s not the destruction I’m mad about; it’s all the hard work we had to put in to make all this stuff. Now we need to collect more wood for the winter, and we only have one month left!” I said.

“Hey, Steve, do you see that light coming from the mountains?” he said, not paying attention to what I was saying.

“Yeah, I saw the stupid light. I think it’s the witch’s cave,” I said.

“We should go up there tonight!” Ryan whispered.

“That’s a crazy idea,” I said.

“Well, we need to get Duke back,” Ryan pleaded.

“Okay, but we should build ourselves a small shelter before the spiders come get us,” I said, and I began picking up the wooden planks from the ground.

We finished picking up the rubble and built ourselves a small shelter. Once we were done, we went into the cellar and picked up some supplies for the trip to the mountain. We went into the chests and started taking out everything that we would need. This was what we put into our inventory: A bow, diamond sword, arrows, armor, food, ax, and cobblestone.

Chapter Five: The Old Man

As we were walking out to the mountain trail, an old man appeared to us and said, “Where are you two young men going?”

“We are going up there to fight the witch; he came down here and destroyed all our property,” I said.

“I wouldn’t go up there if I were you. They say the witch has the ability to glitch this block-world with his powers. Who do you think is causing the eclipse?” The old man said.

“You mean that witch has the power to cause eclipses?” Ryan said with a tone of disbelief.

“Yes, yes, he could do that and so much more. This has happened before!” the old man said.

“You mean this isn’t the first time the witch has done this?” I asked.

“No. The last time this happened was hundreds of years ago. The people tried fighting it with the most powerful weapons they had, but the witch just wouldn’t die!” the old man said.

“So you are hundreds of years old?” Ryan asked.

“Six hundred years, to be exact!” said the old man while he chuckled.

“Wow! You’re old!” Ryan said with a surprised look on his face.

“Have some respect for the man, Ryan!” I said.

“Well, if you guys are really going up there, I wish you luck” said the old man; then he slowly walked away into the forest.

“So…are we still going up there?” Ryan asked.

“Sure! You really believed what that man said?” I responded.

“Not really! Let’s go!” Ryan said as he began walking.

We walked for a couple of hours until we got really close to where the light was coming from in the mountain. We decided that if we were going to fight this witch, we needed to be rested. We sat on the dirt for a while and took out one of our steaks.

“Hey, Steve, what if that old man was really telling us the truth?” Ryan asked.

“Are you getting scared?” I replied.

“I think I am. We should just go home,” he said.

“We are already here; why leave?” I asked.

“Well, we just can’t walk into his cave and expect him to not be mad,” Ryan pleaded.

“Well, if you’re that scared, why don’t you go home?” I said.

“I’m scared to walk back down on my own,” Ryan said.

I sighed and didn’t say anything. I stood up and began walking towards the cave. Ryan stood up and walked behind me. We slowly approached the cave. We peeked inside, and there was nobody there. The only thing we saw was a cauldron with some nasty green liquid inside. I turned back around to the cave exit, and it had been blocked off.

“Whoa!” I said.

“What’s going on?” Ryan asked.

“The exit! It’s not here anymore; it has been blocked!” I said as my heart began beating faster.

“Okay. Let’s just begin digging ourselves out of here; that’s what we brought the tools for,” Ryan said.

Chapter Six: The Fight

We went into our inventory and took out our axes. We began picking at the cobblestone, but it wouldn’t break! All of a sudden we heard a diabolical laugh coming from deep inside the cave. It startled us, and it made us drop our pickaxes.

“Who dares disturb my slumber?” says the witch with a gravely nasally voice.

“Where’s my dog, you nasty witch?” I yelled.

“Well, he is no longer with us! You see, I used him to make a special potion!” said the witch.

As soon as the witch said that, I was overcome with anger. I took out my sword and charged towards him. The witch smiled. He grabbed some of the green stuff from the cauldron and splashed it on me. When the green stuff landed on me, it melted my sword.

“How dare you come to my cave and attack me!” the witch said, angrily.

When Ryan saw what happened, he threw his sword on the ground and started crying.

“Please, forgive us!” Ryan pleaded.

I ran to the cauldron and splashed some of the green goo on the witch, but nothing happened.

“Haha! You know what you did? You just made me more powerful!” said the witch as he laughed diabolically.

“You are going to pay for what you did to us, you dumb witch!” I yelled.

“What I did?! You kidnapped my favorite cat! YOU should be punished!” the witch yelled.

As soon as the witch said that, the cat came out of hiding in the cave. I saw this as an opportunity to get revenge on the witch, so I took out my bow, pointed it at the cat, and shot an arrow.

“NOOOOOOOO! What have you done!” the witch cried.

“Well, now we’re even!” I said with a smile on my face.

“NOOO! We are not even!” the witch cried once again.

“What are you going to do about it?” I asked in a cocky tone.

The witch stayed silent for a while. Then he said, “I just thought of a really creative way to punish you for killing my cat!”

“What?” I asked.

The witch used his powers to levitate Ryan towards him.

“I am going to turn your friend into a chicken!” the witch said.

The witch took a potion out of his pocket and began to pour it all over Ryan. Nothing happened for a minute, until…he began clucking like a chicken, then he began growing feathers, and then he fully transformed into a chicken.

“Hahahahaha! Doesn’t he look funny!” the witch laughed.

He then began looking at me and said, “Now, for your punishment I’m going to turn you into a pig!”

“No! Please, no! I’m sorry! Please don’t!” I pleaded.

The witch threw a pink potion at me, and I began to say, “Oink, oink!”

The witch was pleased with our punishments, so he flew us over to the next town and warned the people that whoever tried to go up to the cave, this is what would happen to them, and then pointed to us.

I spent the rest of my life as a pig.

Ryan spent the rest of his life as a chicken.





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