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005. Neville Goddard Demystified – Free from Limitations.

This article was inspired by Neville Goddard’s text lecture titled: A Riddle.

What is a riddle? A riddle is a verbal puzzle, mystery, or other problem of an intellectual nature. A riddle is defined in the dictionary as an imperial object or person, which is difficult to understand. It is quite common for a puzzling question to be used as a sieve to separate the chaff from the wheat and choose those of higher understanding. Such is the test we are given in life.

The riddle we are presented with today is who is Christ? According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word of God, fully human and fully divine, creator and savior of the World. To deeply understand who Christ is for ourselves, in a way that can only be him showing himself to us, separate from what we have been told or read about, is to begin our journey for the life we have been called to live.

Human beings are not born of their own choosing. We do not pick the parents or the environment we are born into, but we soon adjust to it, living as though we had always planned to live in a certain manner, accepting certain behaviors or practices as normal.

However, it is not a coincidence that you were born at the time you were, into the life you were. Everything is arranged by God the Father to give us a life that suits his purpose for us. He willingly did this in Jesus Christ in you, for Christ is God’s power and his wisdom is buried in all of us.

The entire drama of scripture unfolds in us and hasn’t a thing to do with any being that was mortal born. Christ in you who is your hope of glory is born from within and does not walk the earth, as you who are born from the womb of a woman.

Who is Christ? This is the greatest riddle of all time. Easy to understand for those who have accepted the truth, yet entirely unbelievable to those who look only within the limitations of the physical, judging only by what they can conceive. Christ’s birth and life influenced and still influence all. He is the truth, the one who was born but not mortal born.

Christ was not born of mortal flesh and did not walk this earth in the way that many believe. He is alive within us, living and manifesting through us. All that was spoken of him is experienced by those who believe and awaken him in themselves. When you believe in the power of Christ, he is awakened in you and that which has been so difficult to understand, hidden in riddles in the Old Testament, is solved and made easy for you to see and understand. The vision of Christ and the manifestation of his power took place so many years before any of us came into this world.

Many people go through their time in this world unaware that they are incomplete and that there is something missing that could feel that void. Some others are restless in the knowledge that there is more to their purpose of being placed on this plane of existence than simply going through the days. It is not until that purpose is found that completion can be attained. Our purpose on earth is found in Christ Jesus, and not until we are stirred in him, we will continue in that restlessness, knowing that we are destined for more than we are.

Neville felt that restlessness, and it was not until he began his search to unveil the Christ in him that he felt whole. He knew that not all would accept his newfound knowledge and that there will be some who would believe it but will be too afraid of society’s reaction to actually do anything about it.

John 12:42

Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue.

Although modern churches have moved away from most of the practices of ancient times, it is still true that when a person’s belief contradicts the church’s values, they are told that it is blasphemy against the church and encouraged to discard such ideas and beliefs, and failure to do so could lead to being shunned by the church. This makes it difficult for people to speak up on what they believe, but the joy of the one who has been stirred in Christ should rest in the fact that he is now on the way to achieving God’s plans for his life.

Neville saw the plans of God for him, the diversity in unity within him. All that he beheld, through the power of Imagination, was within him, although it appeared to be separate from him. The world of mortality, this human world with its limitations and blindness became nothing but a mere shadow. He saw something more, understood something bigger as the realization of who Christ was dawned on him. Knowing that Christ, the greatest of the great, never walked on the earth and was never mortal born dulled his desire to shine in a world of shadows.

Accept the truth and power of Christ and let him awaken in you so that when the inevitable end comes, you will be glad to return, knowing that you have lived the life he created you for, fully in his truth.

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


The words written in the scripture are true and there for us to understand and experience. It is not a book of secular history with the stories of men long gone, but it is a salvation history written to show us the way we are to follow and give us an understanding of the things which are still hidden from the physical.

To answer the greatest riddle in the world, who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is your very own wonderful human imagination, free from limitations.