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Neville Goddard – Text Lectures 1-10.

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001 . A Divine Event

There is a power in man. An untapped power in man, that if you were to take hold of, it would change the course of your life in a way you could only dream of. That is the power of imagination and perception, the power of “I am”.

“I am”. Have you ever heard a more personalized statement than these two words put together? To say “I am” is to embrace what you claim to be.

When your eyes are opened inwardly to that which has been hidden from you, you will find awareness. Awareness of yourself, your true nature, and all that the mortal eyes cannot see and the human mind cannot comprehend will be made available to you.

When you experience this new world, you will see yourself as you were meant to be, before you forgot who you were. A being of unimaginable power, capable of bringing anything into existence with the power of the mind.

The life you dream of having is only an imagination away. The rational mind might see it as foolishness but the ability to call into existence that which you want dwells in you.

Do not let the restrictions of the world stop you from entering your destiny.

002. A Lesson in Scripture

The human imagination is a very powerful tool, greater than many can comprehend. It goes beyond what our eyes can see and brings to life deep and hidden meanings.

Everything in this world, old or new, is an expressed idea from someone’s imagination and anything that will come in the future will need a man to express it too, whether good or bad.

Is there anything greater than the creative power of the human imagination? It is capable of creating wild, vivid images, creating something out of nothing, knowing no limits except the one placed on it by man.

If it is true that the human imagination is the most powerful thing then there is nothing stopping us from being the person we so desire to be on the outside except for ourselves.

The story of your life must be a persistent assumption. Whatever you wish for, desire it, and assume you already have it. There is not much to be done if you cannot desire and assume, for without this you cannot achieve it.

How can man achieve that which he cannot get himself to desire? It does not matter what it is that you want or whether you think it is absurd or beyond the scope of your capabilities. An assumption is an act of faith and if you practice this faith, although your mind and human reasoning may try to deny it or ridicule the idea, you will see results.

003. A Movement of Mind

All humans dream dreams, a world inside of us that gives ideas to our subconscious. Ideas of the things we thought of, talked about, and desired in our waking moments.

It is important to know that dreams are not just plays put on by our minds to entertain us, but it is our consciousness speaking to our subconscious. Our consciousness transmits to our subconscious while we sleep, so it is important to know what you want to dream.

The subconscious manifests this dream into reality, creating for you the life that you dreamed of.

Knowing the significance of dreams and how to control them and manifest it will help you live the life you have always wanted. Neville Goddard gave an exercise on how to accomplish this.

Create an image in your head of how you want to be seen and what you want to accomplish and bring your friends into your mind’s eye as well, letting them see you as you take in the expressions on their faces and their voices as they congratulate you.

Think about every detail for that which you want to accomplish, even the smallest, almost insignificant thing, and feel it. After you have successfully created that image, relax and let your imagination take hold, so you can see it happen in the world of dreams. Wait for it to manifest into reality.

004. A Movement Within God.

There is a state within us, an untapped state laying dormant and waiting patiently for us to activate it. Human beings have not fully understood the beings that we are. A past long forgotten that can ignite a flame in us if we were to finally come to know it.

To know the strength of that which is within you is to understand that the word ‘impossible’ simply does not exist. All that you desire and imagine in your heart is a reality waiting to take hold in the physical.

Many people have become victims of the negativity, trapped in a web of unhappiness that they have unknowingly forced themselves into.

Whatever state you find yourself is a result of what you have imagined, whether it was a state created by accident or on purpose. Coming out of a state you do not find fitting, be it because you do not find it appealing to you or are ready to move to a different, is easy. All you have to do is imagine yourself out of it.

Surround yourself with positivity, be mindful of what you say about yourself and never let the harmful words of others weigh down on you. Human beings have a vast array of emotions, choose to express love, joy, happiness, peace etc.

005. A Parabolic Revelation.

There are hidden truths in this world, hidden from our eyes. It is a weakness of the physical man to be unable to look within himself and see that there is more to this world than all that he has been taught and been made to live with.

Human beings are born into a society with many fixed ideas and norms. Before we could understand, these ideas started to be ingrained into us, first by our parents, then by our schools and other organizations, to which we find ourselves belonging.

Ours has always been an illusion of free will because the road we choose to follow has been plotted for us even before we could make informed choices and our choices are always affected by the beliefs that have been impacted on us by society.

Breaking out of these fixed ideas may be difficult for many as it is all that they have ever known but when you come to understand that the physicality of this world is its weakness, keeping it in chains, you see the glory of the realm beyond the physical, where there are neither boundaries nor limitations, just you and unlimited possibilities that have been set out before you, the physical world will no longer have you in its hold, and you will not care what society says.

To live in a world unhindered by the judgment of others is to live freely, of your own will.

006. The Prophecy

Desire and imagination are two sides of a coin. It is impossible to imagine the life you want to the smallest detail if you do not first desire it. Our desires are made achievable through the power of imagination, but to achieve this, we must first let go of any lingering doubt we may have about the potency of our imagination.

When you cling to that which you desire, it will only be a while before that desire and your physical reality become one.

When your imagination becomes awareness and possesses you desire, it will then be fulfilled. It may take a day, a week, or even a month before that desire is awakened within you and turns into awareness that is then projected into the physical but be sure to hold on to that faith that you have, and you will see it soon take root.

You can create a world for yourself in this physical terrain, a world you will fall in love with. Whatever you persuade yourself is the truth will become the truth. You must be intense with your belief until it is no longer just a desire but a new state that you have entered into.

When you enter into a new state, you must tame it, letting go of the old state completely, so you do not slip back into it and lose your new self.


007. A Riddle.

All human beings have predestined lives. No one that has been born has ever been born by coincidence or mistake. The time you were born, the family you were born into, the country or city. Everything was prearranged to give us a life that suits the purpose of our birth.

Every human has a purpose here on earth and while some grow into that purpose, living their lives the way they were always meant to live them, others were unable to remember who they were and the purpose for their birth and end up settling for a life that was heavily influenced by others.

The reason for our birth is a riddle we need to solve and when we have solved that, we must then begin our journey for the life we have been called to live. Until we figure out what that purpose is, we will be left with a void we will so eagerly try to fill with many unnecessary things.

To achieve completion and quell that restlessness that lurks in the shadow of the mind, we must be stirred to achieve our destiny.

It may be difficult to reconcile your current life with the purpose set for you when you come to know it, and even more difficult to help others see that it is what is required of you but when you have finally started to live in it, it will no longer matter what the world thinks, for you will find joy like you have never experienced before.

Set out to find that which is your calling.


008. A State Called Moses

There is a state buried deep in man that is yet to resurrect and will only do so when we call it forth from its resting place to come into manifestation. When this state comes forth in a man, he will experience a life that has only been written in books and experienced by a few others before him who have also called up that state.

In this state, the concept of self-awareness is born. You no longer look out to the world when you speak, but now you look inward knowing that everything that you require can be found in you. Denial and self-doubt is not a part of this state, all of that is shed like old skin until there is no trace of it to be found anywhere.

The rules of this world will no longer apply to you, there is a plan and pattern that has been set for your new state, where the blindness of this world will no longer be a part of you, and you will see with clarity that which had been right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.

Soon whatever has been taught to you and has enslaved you will be unlearned, and new teaching will take place and the veil that kept this wonderful new world from you will be torn to shreds.


009. Affirm The Reality of Your Greatness.

To find that which is missing from our lives and create a new life based on that, we must first go back to the beginning. Not the beginning when we were influenced by society but an even earlier beginning.

Before we can start a revolution of ourselves, we must first look within ourselves. There are many things that influence a person’s life and one of them is our attitude towards ourselves.

If a man believes himself to be fruitful, then he will indeed manifest signs of fruitfulness and if he believes himself to be worthless, he will manifest signs of worthlessness. It is only a matter of time before what we believe of ourselves takes hold of us and begins to show in every area of our lives.

The beauty of man, however, is that he can adjust his state to suit himself when he finally comes to the realization that he is not satisfied with the place where he has found himself so far. A change can take root, but we simply must desire it and believe that it is possible.

Remember that a state cannot exist unless we let it into our consciousness, so filter away negative thoughts and only let the positive in. You might not believe it at first but when you desire it enough and speak it to yourself every day, you will soon see it in the physical.

When you find yourself alone, imagine yourself to be that which you desire, embody it, and let the experience of the imagination fill you with all the feelings you will get if it had already being achieved in the physical, and soon that image will be transformed into your reality.

010. All Powerful Human Words.

Doubt, is the biggest thing that limits man. There is power made available to us to live a life of fulfillment, but many people are hindered by doubt. Once it sets root in the heart of man, it is not easy to let go. It eats at you until you can no longer see yourself doing that which you once loved for fear that you are not good enough or that it is not meant for you.

We forget who we are when we doubt. We forget the strength that we possess, the tenacity and resilience to go forth and do that which we love, and soon we lose track of ourselves.

Forgiveness, is that small but powerful act that gives us peace and fills us with relief. When you identify the doubt that has cost you so much, forgive yourself for letting it happen and let go of it. To forgive and forget is to let go of the fears and doubt and build a new you that is not tethered to that old man.

Words and affirmations are powerful tools that can help us win in life, against ourselves and others. When in doubt, tell yourself the opposite. When you think you might fail if you try and want to give up, speak to yourself and say you are a winner, a victor and there is nothing you cannot do.

Words spoken constantly will take root in our minds soon enough. It does not matter how long it takes, but you will notice it dispel the dark clouds in your head that whispers negativity.

The mind can be a weapon for us or against us, it is up to us to choose what we will let it do.