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004. Neville Goddard Demystified – Know That You Can Do Anything.

This article was inspired by Neville Goddard’s text lecture titled: A Parabolic Revelation.

Ever read the Bible and wonder if the stories you read are real or made up? The simple answer is that the Bible is a book of parables, not recording a historical event that took place but filled with revelations of truth. The nature of God is not revealed in the Bible but in man. Jesus, David, Abraham, and all who were spoken of in the Bible are not historical characters but a representation of the truth waiting to unfold in you. To see it as something other than that is to see “truth tempered to the weakness of your soul”.

The Bible talked of Saul in 1 Samuel 16, a man possessed by evil spirits sent by the Lord, soothed only with the music from David’s harp, but to see him simply as a man is a flaw on our part. Saul is a representation of humanity, a personification of all that is fragile, violent, and insane in man. The cure for his insanity was from David, whose songs spoke of the coming Messiah.

Man, the physical representation of all that Saul stood for, will one day crave an eternal savior and encounter David who has never walked the face of the earth but exists in us and will help us save ourselves from pushing off into that insanity and helplessness of Saul, and we will be transformed from Saul to Paul.

Paul, a former student of Gamaliel, had been taught to believe in the historical past of Israel, believing David was the king of kings, but after his encounter with Jesus, Paul claimed that he no longer saw anyone as flesh and blood.

2 Corinthians 5:16

So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now.

Despite the belief that had been ingrained in him, for which he persecuted those who he believed had strayed from what he thought was true, Paul quickly shed the conviction when he met the Messiah and communed with him for three days.

He quickly realized that it had all been parabolic and was not by any chance real. In his revelation, he became aware of the identity of the Lord and Messiah. He saw himself as the Lord Jesus and knew that the mighty king the world had believed walked this earth, never came in flesh and blood, but had only been here in spirit.

Galatians 1: 15-16

But when he who had set me apart before I was born and who called me by his grace was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not immediately consult with anyone.

The characters of scripture are not men of flesh and blood, but they are a symbol of various parts of us yet untouched and to see them as separate from yourself shows a lack of understanding of the truth. When all is finally revealed and Christ is activated within, then you will be able to see clearly the hidden things of the scripture.

Humans find it difficult to rid themselves of ideas that have been fixed from birth, especially when it has to do with religion. We are taught to believe from when we could understand that some things are the way they are and to see them as any different is wrong. 

The school and the church help to solidify what we learn from our parents until we believe them to be so and do not want to rebel against them. However, the eternal drama within us, which the scriptures represent, is simply our own human imagination in us and will be made known when we seek to find that missing piece.

Whenever Neville was questioned on whether he believed in the existence of Jesus, he always answered “No.” Not because he did not believe but because he knew they asked of the physical Jesus who had walked this earth and not of the one he had come to realize was never born with a mortal body into a mortal world.

So who was Jesus to Neville? In the final state, Neville soon understood what we were meant to understand. It became clear that he was Jesus and Christ was his creative power and wisdom, anointed and called David.

Every character in the Bible, whether good or bad, represents a state for which we must journey to move from darkness to light, and when that journey comes to an end, we get to the state of God the Father.

If you continue to see Jesus as a historical character. A man born of flesh and blood who walked on this earth you currently occupy, it is because you have not received the courage to face the revelation of truth, but if you acknowledge the truth when it comes, all that you have once seen as true will crumble in the face of this new and only truth, and you will behold as everything unfolds before you, marveling at how lost you once had been. The world may think you mad for it, but you will not care as you have finally stepped into the state you were called to walk in.

The stories recorded in the Bible are true in a way that many have not come to know them as. They are sacred forever, not a secular history that has happened already or a secular future that will soon happen but a divine climax that has been reached and continues to be reached every time a man comes to the true understanding of the parables written and hidden in such plain words.

Every moment in time, Jesus is present with us, and so is his son, David, who bears witness to the father and is within us, waiting for that moment when we step out of the shadows and embrace the light, so he can come forth from within.

To accept the state of Abraham, David and the other characters of the Bible is to make life much easier for ourselves. To know that you and the Lord are one is to know that you can do anything, create any reality as you walk in the faith that your imagination becomes reality.

Always remember that God’s plan of redemption is housed within you and the nature of God is revealed through you.