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003. Neville Goddard Demystified – Knowing That Our Imaginations Are Reality Waiting to Happen.

This article was inspired from the Neville Goddard Lecture titled: A movement within God.

And the earth was waste and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. – Genesis 1:2

In the beginning, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of waters, and he called things that were not into being as though they were. Everything that makes us who we are, our joy, sorrow, love etc, are created by a movement within God, and this God exists not outside of us but within us. The power of God operates within us, and it is because of this power that we can do anything. Our eternal body which is imagination is called Jesus Christ in scripture, hence we are God’s power and wisdom.

Since we are God’s operant power, anything we think of, no matter how absurd or impossible others believe it to be, is called into existence. However, until we occupy it and have faith in the power of Imagination, it is not a visible reality. Man is an agent through which all things in this world are expressed, be it good or bad.

So, knowing that our imaginations are reality waiting to happen, our every expressed thought should be of value to both ourselves and those we are surrounded by. When you understand this, you realize that your current state is a result of what you imagined yourself into, whether knowingly or unknowingly. A state you do not find pleasing should not cause panic; instead, you must simply imagine yourself out of it and into another one. The ability to move pieces of your life without doing anything in the physical is as a result of God moving within you.

Neville saw Christ not as a historical character in a holy book but as the human imagination. The hope of glory through whom our reality is made through imagination.

A simple formula shows the relationship between God and man: God became Man so that Man may become God, meaning God who is your human imagination became you so that you may become all Imagination. By understanding this formula, you become God.

The ancient teachers showed God as the creator of the world and all that is in it and also a deity separate from the world he created, inhabiting a heaven set apart from the earth and man, because of the teachings finds it difficult to associate Imagination with God. As man goes on a journey within himself to seek truth, Imagination ceases to be separate from God. The world is imagination and reality with it. Every accepted fact is an imagined state that has become reality by sheer force of desire and will.

Jesus is the very being of everyone in the world, which in turn makes you Jesus. The name “Jesus” means savior. No one will save you but yourself. Whatever state you currently occupy is a result of your own imagination, a problem you face because you have forgotten who you are and the sheer force of your will and desire. When you remember who you once were and still are, and the power you possess, everything falls into place, and you come out of the weakened state you unknowingly placed yourself, united with the part of you that had laid dormant all this time.

Everyone is playing a part that was agreed upon, whether good or bad and when it becomes clear that you can move out of the state you are in, you come to accept the world and its flaws, waiting patiently for all to know what you are now know.

The creation of the universe is a result of Imagination, you, God. There is nothing more to it than that. You created the universe. The ability to move from state to state is part of the power of God, but it can either be done deliberately by those who know what they are doing, or unintentionally by those who do not but desire it so much, that they manifest it. This is oftentimes labeled a coincidence or miracle.

When you do not tap into your imagination, you become a victim of someone else’s, helping them achieve their goals without realizing you are doing so. It is not until you wake up from the eternal slumber that you can break free and become who you really are.

Do not think yourself very wise in this world. That will only make it difficult to see the light. When you open yourself to know more and understand, only then will you know that you are light, you are Spirit and you are God. It is not enough to simply be told that you are these, but you must experience it for yourself because only then will you truly know who you are.

To come to the understanding of this, simply shut out the facts of life and move anywhere in your imagination. To those looking, you are simply as they have always known you to be, but you will feel the changes in you, and soon you will see it too. The physical nature of doubts that limit you will die as you continue this practice.

The story of the risen Christ is a state you attain when you understand. By choosing to take on the state of mortality, you, the Lord God Jehovah, deliberately gave up the knowledge of yourself, emptying yourself of all that you were aware of being in the beginning, taking upon yourself the form of a slave in this world we all agreed to dream into existence, completely unrecognized by those you had once known and not recognizing anyone either. When you come to know who you are, you are raised from a slave to the risen Christ, joined with God to the immortal being you once were.

The scripture has been clarified for you to understand, the parables made simple, that man’s fall into the mortal state will be short-lived, and he will come to embrace his God state. Embrace it today and watch your life turn around.

Source: From the Lecture – A Movement within God.