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Wallace D. Wattles – Biography

The Legacy of Wallace Wattles in the Science of Getting Rich

In the early 20th century, Wallace D. Wattles became notable for writing books that center on the art of self-improvement. One of the most outstanding of all his books which also passed as one of the best books of all time was “The Science of Getting Rich”. Released in the year 1910, this book has been ranked as the best among the books that focus on the art of making wealth.

The greatness of this book is evident in the conciseness of its chapters and how greatly each chapter approaches each topic. There was no fluff in the chapters and no meaningless content. The integral steps one has to take before one can acquire wealth were accurately taught. The transformation of paupers to controllers of wealth in the early 20th century could indeed be traced to intellectual property like “The Science of Getting Rich”. Another thing that distinguishes the book from other books is that it unifies all its audience in terms of comprehension. It is easily accessible and the principles contained in it can be comprehended by many irrespective of their intellectual background or their age grades. This book was absolutely language-friendly.

Another such book that was produced in this modern time by another author is the book “Think and Grow Rich”. This is because this book is a more elaborate alternative to “The Science of Getting Rich”. However, I am of the opinion that “The Science of Getting Rich” is better in terms of comparative appreciation. This is because the chapters of “The Science of Getting Rich” are not only concise and more detailed but its principles are also easily applicable in the real world.

For principles that can be easily obliged to and principles you can easily adopt into your social life, the reading of “The Science of Getting Rich” is integral. For those who are just newly subscribing to the themes of self-improvement study and Law of Attraction, Wattles’ book will be a better option than “Think and Grow Rich” because of the simplicity of its language. The fact is that the two books share some resemblance in their respective perspectives but the pages of Wattles’ is way shorter than the other. In fact, the difference is more than a hundred pages.

Wattles’ birth was recorded in the late nineteenth century and one distinctive characteristic that he had was that he was precocious. He had a wisdom that surpassed his age. In light of the preface of his book, there is a claim that his book was inspired based on the Hindus philosophies that stated that states that “One is All”.

One of the people that had an encounter with this book and never remained the same was Rhonda Byrne. The book was such a great influence and motivation for her as she created something notable out of it. After several insightful lessons drawn from the book, she proceeded to create the movie “The Secret”. The theme of the movie construed the idea that Law of Attraction preaches which is the idea that the destiny of a person is formed by the thought of that person.

In the preface of “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wallace expressed how he subjected all other considerations to direct and simplicity of diction and styles. It was obvious that his vision for his audience was that he wanted them to strictly connect to the book and understand the principles clearly as he intended. My testimony is that of all the materials I have encountered on the subjects of wealth, self-improvement, the law of attraction, success, and business, this book is the most well-articulated of them all.

Wallace’s point is so clear that you will feel as though he has been your colleague who understands your kind of language for a long time. There is always an urge to open the next page when you read as each chapter makes you see the need for the next. In the preface, he also made a reference to the method by which he arrived at the information in the book. He claimed that his knowledge was the combination and reevaluation of the great authors and sages that have gone ahead of him in the journey of life. When you subscribe more to the category of books on of Law of Attraction and Success, you will find out that some of the ideas contained in the books of this time can be traced to the points made in Wallace’s. This similarity is well-stricken in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hills and “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. The themes and the conclusion drawn from the respective books were connected. It was two books that had one single perspective.

It is not easy to tell whose book was the prototype or the first to be written. However, Wallace’s book seems to stand a better chance of being the first since it was prior in the order of publication to Napoleon’s. “The Science of Getting Wealth” was more than twenty years older than “Think and Grow Rich”. It is more probable to say the central idea that connected the two books was originally pioneered by Wallace Wattles.

Another important fact to note about Wallace is that he never took ultimate credit for the creation of the book. He always acknowledged the impact of the thoughts of thinkers of Oriental Philosophy origin like Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Hegel, Emerson, and Schopenhauer. This understanding makes me opine that Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” derived its theme from Wallace’s work and buttressed it using study and observations of the leading tycoons of the early 20th century.

Another devoted student of Wallace’s work was Bob Proctor. Motivated by the book, he has pioneered a life teaching on “The Science of Getting Rich”. According to Bob, Wallace and his book is ranked as one of the best five authors and books on Laws of Attraction of all time. If by chance you get to see Bob’s life event on “The Science of Getting Rich”, I congratulate you knowing you have encountered a gold mine.

Other Wallace’s books that have also touched important areas in life include:
• The Science of Being Well
• How to Promote Yourself: The Last Book of Wallace Wattles
• The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles
• Making the Man who Can & the New Science of Living and Healing
Wallace Wattles has set a perennial legacy through his writings that will last for a very long time for anyone who desires success, wealth, and good health. His works testify to this truth.



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