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James Allen – Biography

James Allen is remembered as a great writer of philosophy from Britain as a result of his several inspirational books and poetry.

James Allen was born on 28th November in 1864 in Leicester England. Allen had two brothers and he was the eldest. His father was known as William and he had specialized in the textile industry. He worked as a factory knitter. His mother was illiterate and she could not read and write. Later on, his father decided to venture into business after the deterioration of the textile industry. In the year 1879, Allen’s father traveled to New York City with the aim of expanding his business and also finding a new home for his family. Unfortunately, after two days of his arrival, Allen’s father passed away at New York City Hospital. His death is alleged to be a result of robbery and murder. Allen was fifteen years old during this tragedy and he had no option but to quit school to help his family as they were experiencing tough economic times.

In most parts of the 1890s, Allen entirely worked for quite a good number of British manufacturing companies. In the year 1893, James Allen migrated to London and thereafter moved and settled in Wales. While in wales, Allen earned his income mainly through journalism and reporting. Allen met Lily Louisa Oram in south Wales and they got married in the year 1895 through a church wedding. It is during this time that James Allen became an executive secretary in one of the largest British companies. At an age of 38 years, James Allen decided to quit his job, migrated with his wife and daughter Nohra to Ilfracombe located in Devon England (1903) and ventured into writing after being inspired and motivated by the writings of Tolstoy. In the year 1898, James Allen got a perfect job that he could use to display his spiritual and social interests. This was a writing job for the magazine known as The Herald of the Golden Age. It is during this period that Allen published his first book known as to From Poverty Power. This was in the year 1901. James Allen thereafter proceeded to publish his spiritual magazine known as The Light of Reason which later changed its title and became popularly known as The Epoch.

James Allen most popular book was known as A Man Thinketh. This book was published in the year 1903. Quite a considerable part of this book was written based on Proverbs 23:7, a verse which states that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This book made Allen so successful as it was sold in many parts of the world. Allen, as a result, became known all over the world as one of the best writers and also a contributor to modern inspirational thought. Allen became so deeply attached to writing and this enabled him to be consistent as he produced more than one book in a year. James Allen died in the year 1912 after publishing around reading 19 materials.



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