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The Zombie Virus

Zombie virus post artwork

Chapter one: The Cabin

I love fall, the leaves from the trees are turning different colors, the weather is perfect; not too hot and not too cold and best of all, it’s windy for almost the rest of the year. When there’s no wind, the place is quiet, maybe a little bit too quiet. The hollow quietness makes me uneasy. The grass is covered with dead leaves; every time you take a step they crunch under your feet. This can be a good thing and a bad thing because you can hear if someone is walking around in the area, but they can also hear if you’re in the area too.

This is why I have designed a new type of shoe, a shoe that doesn’t make much noise; all you do is tie some sticks together and attach it to the shoe, it makes it look similar to skis. I am considered one of the best warrior’s in Minecraft; people look up to me, newbies want to be me, and I am known everywhere. I must admit my popularity has it’s perks, but it also has its downsides. The downsides are that I am the first person that they contact when something goes wrong and something always goes wrong.

This is how I got stuck doing this job, what job is it? Well, I am in charge of bringing back the kings daughter. She was kidnapped three days ago and they still don’t know who did it. The last time she was seen was yesterday, some local villagers spotted her going inside a cabin in a town called Wood-bury. Wood-bury used to be a mining town that was abundant in gold-ore; after they mined the mountain dry they abandoned the town, so it is now a ghost town: there’s no one around. Right now this town has a population of one, me.

Right now I have a special armor that was given to me by the king himself, it’s some kind of enchanted diamond armor, it is ten times more powerful than regular diamond armor. He also gave me a very rare weapon called bow-gun; the bow-gun is more powerful than a regular bow. For starters, this bow-gun can hold up to five arrows, you can shoot the arrows back-to-back without having to reload. In my inventory, I also carry diamond tools, healing potions, and several arrows. I am prepared for almost any situation.

I almost forgot; I also carry with me three special TNT-arrows; these arrows detonate one second after they’ve been shot. Well, I’m here; there is no time to waste, let me just get off my horse and tie it to this tree right here. I see the cabin over there; let me make sure my bow-gun is loaded. Yep it’s loaded. Before I walk to the cabin I am going to make sure there is no one around in the perimeter, I just need to be careful so I don’t get an arrow from behind. It looks like the perimeter is clear; I am now going to walk inside the cabin, huh? It seems to be locked, let me take out my axe and take it down. Let me just slam it against the door handle, CLUNK! There it’s open now.

Steve opens the door and finds a villager standing there looking at the wall, you were only able to see the right side of his face. “Hello? Sir?” Steve says as he puts away his bow-gun. The villager turns around revealing the left side of his face; it’s a zombie! He begins walking towards Steve, while lifting up his hands. Steve takes out his bow-gun and shoots the first arrow, hits the zombie on the shoulder, but it doesn’t seem to affect him. He continues walking; Steve shoots the second arrow hitting him on the chest, nothing! The zombie continues to walk. Steve takes out his diamond sword and hits the zombie, he falls to the ground, squirms for a second or two then he stops.

Huh? I can’t believe this! A zombie? I thought we found a way to cure the zombie disease long ago? I guess someone brought the virus back to this village, I must warn the king before it spreads. Let me just go back to the horse, huh? The horse is gone! How could he be gone? I tied him to that tree right there! I am going to have to travel by foot now. Maybe I could keep investigating in this town, it says here in the map that there are some farm-houses over there if I travel North.

Chapter two: Zombies

Okay now that I’m here near the farm-houses, I am going to hide behind this tree to see if there are any hostiles in the area. It looks clear to me, let me just walk closer. The area seems to be empty, there’s nothing but abandoned farm-houses.

As Steve approaches the center of the street, he hears a banging noise coming from inside of the houses. BANG! BANG! BANG! Steve walks closer and the doors slam open; zombies begin walking out from the houses by the dozens. There must be over forty zombies surrounding the area. Without missing a beat, he takes out a ladder from his inventory, places it on the biggest house he can find, and climbs to the roof. These zombies seem to be more intelligent than usual because they have the ability to climb ladders and bust doors open. They surround the house where Steve is and they begin walking inside. They must know how to get to the roof, why else would they be walking inside the house?

Steve didn’t notice that there was a ladder behind the house also, as he was preparing his bow-gun to shoot zombies climbing from the front of the house. The zombies were climbing the back of the house also. He pointed his bow-gun and shot down as many zombies as he could. As he was reloading the bow-gun, he noticed that the zombies were climbing from the back and they were already up there; reloading was taking too long, so he took out his diamond-axe and walked towards the zombies.

He swung and hit the first zombie knocking him down from the house. The second zombie swung his arm at Steve, hitting him on the chest, it didn’t cause much damage, and after, all he was wearing his special armor. Steve kicked the second zombie and he fell off the house. When he turned back around to the front of the house, ten zombies had already climbed and there was no way he was going to get out of this one alive, so he made a decision that he was going to jump off the house, so he did.

He fell to the ground and did a tactical jump landing with a roll. The zombies on the ground surrounded him, he shot all five arrows from the bow into the zombies, but they just kept coming towards him. He remembered he had that special TNT-ARROWS, so he took one out, loaded it on the bow-gun, and shot it towards the zombies; one second later the TNT detonated. It took out about ten of them, but there were still too many of them.

TING! TING! TING! A bell in the distance begins to chime, the zombies forget about destroying Steve and began to walk towards where the bell is chiming; it’s almost like if they are hypnotized by it. All that matters is that he has lived another day. Steve is relieved; he wipes the sweat off his forehead and holsters his bow-gun. He walks towards a huge abandoned building and he hears the sound of a huge rusty gate opening.

Chapter three: What now?

Uh? What’s that noise? I hate that noise! It’s ten times worse than when someone scratches a blackboard. That rusty gate needs to be oiled up! Let me walk over there to see what’s going on.

Steve walks over to the rusty gate and sees the legs of a tall-being under it. When it finishes opening it, it reveals an iron-golem and appears to be bigger than usual; it’s probably twice as big as the normal iron-golem’s Steve has seen before. “It’s just an iron-golem! I have nothing to worry about!” Steve thought out loud. The golem took three steps towards Steve and he looked at him for a second. “Hello, big buddy!” Steve wasn’t aware that he wasn’t friendly yet. The golem lifted up his diamond-sword and took a huge swing at Steve, knocking his sword to the ground. The golem lifted up his gargantuan leg as if he was going to stomp on him, but Steve rolled out of the way and stood up.

He ran to the house where he was minutes before and climbed the ladder. When he got to the roof, he began loading his bow-gun with arrows. The iron-golem didn’t even bother climbing, he just took a giant leap and he was up there in five seconds. He picked up a brick-block and threw it straight at Steve, hitting him on the chest. Steve lifted his bow-gun to shoot, but the iron-golem was too fast, he ran up to him and swung his sword at Steve once again, he missed. Steve shot an arrow at the iron-golem’s foot, he screamed in pain and then he bent down to take the arrow out from his foot.

Steve remembered he had a secret stash of TNT-blocks in his inventory, so he took one out, lit the fuse, and jumped from the roof onto the ground, BOOOOM! The whole top of the house exploded along with the iron-golem. Steve took out one of his healing potions and replenished his health bar. “That was really close!” Steve said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! The sound of clapping coming from one of the abandoned buildings filled the street. “Quite the show you put on! Hahahahahahah!” A villager dressed in a purple robe was walking out from the building.

Steve: “Who are you!”

Victor: “The names’ Victor.”

Steve: “Where’s Alex?”

Victor: “Ah! You mean the king’s daughter?”

Steve: “Yes! I’m here to rescue her.”

Victor: “She isn’t here, she’s somewhere safe, that’s all I can tell you.”

Steve: “You monster!”

Victor: “How did you like my little surprise?”

Steve: “You mean you were the one that infected those villagers with the zombie virus?”

Victor: “Yes! Isn’t this a genius plan?”

Steve: “Why would this plan be genius? It’s sick!”

Victor: “Well, if you’re trying to rule the world, this plan is genius!”

Steve: “You’re not getting away with this! I am going to tell the king and he is going to send hundreds of soldiers after you then you’ll be done.”

Victor: “I’m not really worried about that! Right now, I’m worried about spreading the zombie virus to the rest of Wood-bury.”

Steve loaded his second TNT-ARROW into his bow and he shot it at Victor. When it exploded Victor was gone, he just vanished into thin air.

Chapter four: Iron-Door

Steve had a feeling that there was something weird going on in the abandoned building northwest from where he was, why else would the zombies go up there as soon as the bell chimed? He made sure his bow was loaded before he entered the building. He had to be sneaky about it, so he didn’t just barge into the building. He devised a plan to clear the area by setting some dirt-blocks on the ground and using them as cover, he hid behind it and looked out every once in a while to see if there was anyone there.

It was quiet outside, so that must mean that it’s clear. Steve opened the door to the abandoned building, looked inside, and it was empty; there was no one there. The building was about twenty stories tall, so he thought someone must be on one of the floors; he looked for the stairways to the floors above. He found an iron-door in the north wall of the building, it was rigged with an iron pressure plate, there was no door-knob on the door, he thought the plate would be the only way to open this door…big mistake!

As soon as he stepped on the pressure plate, a trap door opened below him, and he went falling down. It was dark down there; it was really dark that he could barely see his hand in front of his face. He rummaged in his inventory for a torch; once he found it, he took it out and lit it. The light from the torch revealed a face! It was Victor! AHHH! Steve yelled out in fear.

Victor: “Hello Steve! You said you were going to stop me, so here I am.”

Steve: “You’re a fool to challenge me! I’m one of the best swordsman in Minecraft, don’t you know?”

Victor: “Well, that’s funny because I am also one of the best swordsman in Minecraft.”

Victor took out a special potion from his inventory, drank it and said, “Do you know what I just drank?” Steve got into a fighting stance, “It looks like you just drank your last potion!” he kicked some dirt from the ground into Victor’s eyes, took out his bow-gun, and shot an arrow toward his head. Victor quickly swung his sword and knocked the arrow down, “It’s a speed potion!” I cooked it before you got here, impressed?”

Steve took out his diamond sword, charged towards him and instead of swinging his sword he slid on the ground and shot him with the bow, Victor blocked it with great agility, and “This potion really works ha-ha!” Steve has never faced this kind of opponent before; he had no idea how he was going to defeat him. The torch lighted only one area of the room. Steve got the idea that he was going to dig a hole on the dark areas of the room; if Victor tries to run, he is going to trip. Steve ran to the other corner of the room, took out his shovel, and removed a dirt-block from the ground.

Steve ran back to the lit part of the room and took down the torch; it was now pitch black. Then he ran to the other side of the room and put his back against the corner. “Where are you?” Victor yelled out. “Come find me!” Steve replied. Victor ran all around the room until he finally reached the point where Steve had dug out the hole, he tripped.

Steve lit and placed the torch back on the wall. “Is this the best you can do?” Victor chuckled. Steve knew that if he shot him with his special TNT-ARROW, he would swiftly move out of the way. So, he shot a regular arrow at him and then he shot his special arrow to the other side of the room. Victor ran to the other side of the room with great velocity to escape the first arrow, but he didn’t notice the second arrow, BOOOOM! The TNT-ARROW exploded taking Victor and the whole wall with it.

Chapter five: Underground lake

After Steve defeated Victor, he tried to find a way out of the room; he was so deep underground that there was no way he was going to climb up, it would take too long and he didn’t want to waste any time. Building a staircase to the top was out of the question because he didn’t have any cobblestone and mining the blocks from the room would be nearly impossible. There was mostly obsidian in there. He decided he was going to tunnel out of there, maybe there would be softer blocks on the other side. He took out his diamond-axe and began chopping the blocks down, he did this for about an hour. He found a huge underground lake on the other side. There was no way he was going to swim all the way to the other side, so he got out some materials from his inventory and crafted a small boat.

He pushed in the boat with his foot and then he jumped in. He paddled his way through the lake and when he got to the center, he felt some shaking under his boat. He stopped for a second to see if the shaking ceased and it did. He grabbed the paddle and began moving the boat again; there it was, the shake again. By this point, he was getting concerned maybe there is something big down there, under the water. He put the paddle down, upholstered his bow-gun, and peeked his head out of the boat and saw an outline of a huge thing swimming under the boat.

He pointed his bow-gun at it then shot the first arrow at him. BIG MISTAKE! Whatever was down there was furious now. It began swimming back closer and closer to the boat then it swam up to the surface; it made a huge wave and knocked Steve off his boat. Steve tried his best to swim back to the boat, but the creature lifted up three of it’s tentacles, grabbed him, and began squeezing him, kind of like when a snake grabs a hold of it’s prey. At this point it was getting difficult for Steve to catch his breath, the tentacles were squeezing a little to tight. Steve took out his axe and slammed it against one of the tentacles chopping it off. The thing in the lake wasn’t too please with this, so he let go and swam away.

Steve swam back to the boat, flipped it, and got in. “Phew! That was close!” Steve wiped the water from his face. He picked the paddle out of the water and began moving towards the other side of the cave, he was almost there. When he was arriving to the other side, he felt the shaking again so he paddled faster. When he arrived at the shore, he heard some noise coming from below him, and then he saw some bubbles coming to the surface. He got to the shore; he jumped off the boat and pulled it in with him. SPLASH!

The creature jumped out from out of the water and swung his tentacles directly at Steve, hitting him on the chest; he flew back, and crashed into the wall behind him. Once Steve was able to regain his composure, he stood up, and fired his bow-gun at the creature and now was now half-blind in his left eye. Steve used this to his advantage and ran to the creatures left side, he took out his diamond sword lifted it up above his head, and hit the creature on one of its tentacles chopping it off. The creature now had six out of his eight tentacles. The creature was now beyond furious, it went back underwater and when he came up again he was holding some emeralds in its tentacles. These weren’t your ordinary emeralds; these looked like a human has shaped them to look like spikes.

The creature used his tentacle and shot the emerald spike at Steve, it hit him right on the leg, shattering his special armor. It threw the second spike and hit Steve right on the shoulder; it shattered that part of the armor too. Steve ran back to the creature, jumped and impaled his sword right into the creature’s second eye; it was now completely blind. The creature couldn’t see now, so he just began going mad and slamming his tentacles all over the place. Steve ran back up to it and managed to cut off three more of its tentacles. With its remaining three tentacles, the creature grabbed a hold of Steve and pulled him underwater. Steve only had about two minutes before he drowned; he had to think of something fast, but the pressure of having to hold his breath wouldn’t let him. Steve panicked; the more he panicked, the harder the creature squeezed. Steve now had about ten percent of his breath meter left. He frantically reached for his axe and hit the creature on the head; the creature went limp and let go. Steve speedily swam up to the surface; as soon as he got out of the water he took a huge gasp of air. He swam back to the shore picked up the emerald spikes and began digging another tunnel in the wall.

Chapter six: The other side

He reached a cave on the other side of the tunnel and he found a villager relaxing on a chair by a safety shelter.

Villager: “Hello stranger, what are you doing here?”

Steve: “Uh. I was just about to ask the same question.”

Villager: “I live here.”

Steve: “Underground? In a cave?”

Villager: “Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

Steve: “Uh. Nothing it’s just that I’ve never seen anyone live this far below the earth before.”

Villager: “Well, I don’t live here by choice. I decided to move down here after everyone in the surface began turning into zombies.”

Steve: “I know what’s causing this.”

Villager: “Really?”

Steve: “Yes, a person called Victor was making the zombie virus up there, but I took care of him.”

Villager: “You mean I could go back to the surface?”

Steve: “Uh, I would wait a while before I go back up there. There’s still a ton of zombies roaming free out there. So how do you stay alive down here?”

Villager: “Well, I usually take a trip to the surface and find hunt for food. I haven’t had a chance to go up there; it’s too dangerous. I have a friend that brings me food in exchange for emeralds once in a while. You don’t have any spare emeralds to trade do you?”

Steve: “Actually I have two of them. What do you have for trade?”

Villager: “Well, for starters I could fix your armor, it looks pretty broken if you ask me. I have some TNT and I have a couple of potions.

Steve: “What kind of potions do you have?”

Villager: “I have a potion that makes you jump higher, one that makes you temporarily immune to fire, and one that makes you invisible for thirty seconds.”

Steve: “The one that makes you jump higher sounds cool, let me have that one.”

Villager: “Okay, pleasure doing business with you. Would you like to come in and watch some TV?”

Steve: “Thanks for the offer, but I have to go.”

Villager: “That’s fine. Come back soon.”

Steve: “I’ll come back to tell you when all the zombies are gone.”

There was a staircase that went to the surface in the corner of the cave; the villager must have built that. Steve climbed the stairs, which led to a hatch and into the surface.

Chapter seven: Five houses

There was a village on the surface; it was enclosed with enormous fifty-foot walls. The village was small, there were only five houses there, and they had a small piece of land where crops were being grown. There was also a huge gate in the west wall; it was almost as tall as the wall. Steve decided he was going to look in the houses to see if he could find any clues that might help him find Alex. He walked into the first house; it was mostly empty except for a chest and a bed. He went to look inside the chest; he found a couple of arrows and mostly other useless stuff.

He put the extra arrows in his inventory and left the other stuff in there. He walked to the second house and the only thing he found there was a chest; he looked inside and found some cheap tools, they were made with stone, so they were useless to Steve. He moved on to the third house and he found some good stuff in there, he found two TNT-ARROWS and a potion that’s used to replenish health. There was nothing in the fourth house. The fifth house was barricaded with iron blocks, Steve thought that there must be something valuable in there why else would they block it off like that? So he took down the iron-blocks and went inside.

As soon as he walked in the door a zombie hiding behind one of the rooms ambushed him, but it wasn’t a big deal because Steve took care of it fast, it was only one zombie. He found a chest full of goodies: there were two TNT blocks in there, a diamond sword, twenty emeralds, and some cobblestone. He put all the stuff in his inventory and walked outside. TING! TING! TING! Those bells started chiming again; the enormous gate at the west wall began to open. “Oh, good!” Steve thought, “Now I don’t have to worry about finding a way out of here.” There was a growling noise coming from the back of the gate, it sounded like something huge was making that noise.

Steve got closer to the gate, when it finished opening he was greeted by a fifty-foot tall golem. Steve thought he would be safe in one of the houses so he ran inside house number one. The giant took a huge step towards the house and smashed it with his fist; luckily Steve didn’t get squashed. Steve un-holstered his bow-gun and shot one at the giant’s foot, but it didn’t seem to faze him, it was almost like a mosquito had bitten him. He just scratched off the arrow and kept walking towards Steve.

Regular weapons weren’t going to work against this giant so Steve decided he was going to use the TNT he had found minuets before. He set a TNT-block on the ground, stood in front of it, and waited for the giant to come and try to squish him. The giant lifted his gargantuan leg and let it drop down. Steve used his special potion that makes him jump long distances, and jumped out of the way. The giant’s foot landed on the TNT and detonated under his foot. The explosion didn’t seem to cause much damage, but it looked like it hurt the giant, so it was working.

Steve still had a multitude of arrows, since one arrow didn’t hurt the giant; he thought he should shoot all of them and maybe that would hurt him. He already had his bow-gun loaded and he shot the first five arrows at one of the giant’s foot. He reloaded and shot another round and another. It looks like all the arrows were finally bothering the giant. Steve loaded his special TNT-ARROW on his bow, shot it, and it landed on the giants arm; it exploded and hurt the giant this time. He rubbed his arm to soothe the pain.

Steve took this opportunity to shoot a round of arrows at the giant’s face; one of it hit him in the eye. This made the giant furious, he began charging towards Steve; he crashed into the second house and then he smashed his fist into the third house destroying it beyond recognition. The giant picked up a huge cobblestone from the debris and chucked it at Steve hitting him on the chest. His chest armor plate shattered; he was now in big trouble, if he is hit him one more time, he might not make it.

Steve shot his second TNT-ARROW at the giant hitting him right on the leg and knocking him down on the ground. TING! TING! TING! The bell started chiming again; the giant stood up and walked to the noise.

Chapter eight: The abandoned building

Steve arrived back at the abandoned building by nighttime. He did not use the door this time, he was afraid there would be more traps in there. This time he crafted some ladders and climbed to the top. He reached the top floor and went in through the window. When he jumped in, he landed on a pressure plate that opened a door with a dozen zombies inside. Steve sighed, “Not this again! I’m getting tired of these zombies!” He took his diamond sword out from his sheath, calmly walked over to the first two zombies, and took them down with one swing.

He lit the fuse of his last TNT-block and threw it into the zombie crowd taking out six of them. He shot number nine with three arrows; threw his axe at the tenth. The eleventh zombie was grabbed by the collar and thrown out the window. Zombie number twelve was kicked in the chest sending him flying in the air and when he came back down Steve set his sword on the ground facing up and the zombie landed on it impaling himself.

There was an iron door at the east side of the wall, Steve walked over jumped kicked the door open and he found the king’s daughter, Alex in there locked in a cell. She was safe and sound.

Alex: “Thank goodness you’re here!”

Steve: “Yes, we have to find a way to open this right away before more zombies arrive.”

Alex: “This is a special cell, you can’t break it open, believe me I’ve tried.”

Steve: “So what now?”

Alex: “I heard one of the villagers say that Victor is the only one that has the key to open the cell.”

Steve: “But, he’s dead.”

Alex: “He’s not I just saw him about an hour ago.”

Steve: “That means I have to leave you here and go find it.”

Alex: “Then go I’ll be fine, nobody can hurt me in here.”

Steve: “Okay, I’ll be back soon.”

Chapter nine: Where is Victor?

Steve wasn’t too happy about having to leave Alex alone back in that cell, but he had to find that key, Alex said that Victor was the only one who had it, but where is Victor? Steve walked out of the cell room and into the hallway where he had entered. He walked to the window and climbed out using the ladder that he had set minutes before. It was already night time and there was a huge chance that the mobs were already walking out there.

There was a huge, black cloud coming this way; the winds started to pick up. When Steve got to the bottom of the building, it began to rain and it was dark; he pulled out a torch from his inventory, lit it, and he carried it on his hand. He had no idea where he was going to find Victor, so he just began to walk north. He came upon a huge cemetery: there were three shacks there, one had red-stone lighting and appeared to be inhabited. Steve thought he should go and check it out maybe there was someone in there who can help him find Victor.

To get to the shack, Steve had to walk through the cemetery; it looks frightening, but he has no choice. As he walked through the cemetery, he stopped to read one of the headstones, it reads: “Tom, the villager, 1959-2014.” While he was standing there, he heard a sound coming from below the dirt at his feet. Steve didn’t think much of it, so he just ignored it. A green hand broke through the dirt and grabbed on to his foot. Not a big deal Steve thought to himself, it’s just a one zombie. He took out his diamond-sword and swung it at the zombie’s hand but it didn’t come off.

The other hand broke through the dirt; it grabbed onto the earth and pulled itself out of the ground. When it finally came out of the ground, he shook himself off, and knocked the dirt off his body revealing his face. It wasn’t a zombie, it was a weird looking villager, and he had a special armor that Steve has never seen before. It was purple and it gave off a blue colored smoke. Before he had the chance to do anything, Steve swung his sword at him one more time on the shoulder, but it didn’t seem to hurt him at all.

If a diamond sword attack didn’t hurt him at all, what else could Steve do? The villager looked at Steve for a minute without saying a word and gave a slight chuckle, “You can’t hurt me, I have used a special potion that makes me invincible! Hahahahahahah!” He said as he took out his sword from the sheath. He began walking away and said, “Come find me!” then he ran into the woods nearby. Steve didn’t see the point of looking for him, so he ran into the shack that looked inhabited. He kicked the door open and a villager holding a bow to his chest met him.

Villager: “There’s nothing of value here in my home, leave now and you won’t get hurt.”

Steve: “Calm down buddy I’m not here to steal from you, I’m running away from someone!”

Villager: “How do I know you’re not lying!”

Steve: “I’m not! Please you have to help me! There’s someone out there who wants to hurt me!”

Villager: “Close the door, you’ll be safe in here; the zombies can’t come in here.”

Steve: “These zombies are different, they know how to work together to break inside a home.”

Villager: “Now I know you’re lying. Please take a seat, I have some tea here that will help you calm down. I’m Jack, by the way.”

Steve: “Nice to meet you Jack, I’m Steve.”

Jack: “What are you doing around this part of town anyway? Don’t you know it’s dangerous here?”

Steve: “I know it’s dangerous, but it didn’t know it was this bad. I’m here on a mission, some local villagers have kidnapped the king’s daughter and it’s my job to get her back.

Jack: “Well I wish you luck, this place is riddled with zombies!”

Steve: “When I got here, I found out that a villager called Victor is spreading the zombie virus throughout the local villages, that’s why there are so many zombies in the area. The villagers are getting infected and turning into zombies. This virus seems to be making the zombies more intelligent, they have the ability to open doors, break windows and they work together to catch their prey.

Jack: “I’ve never heard anything like that, it sounds a little too crazy.”

Steve: “Well, you don’t have to believe me, you’ll find out for yourself soon enough.”

Jack: “All I know is that we’re safe in here.”

There was a loud noise coming from one of the rooms in the shack, it sounded like a glass shattered. Jack and Steve both stood up and went to check it out. When they opened the door to the room they was that the house was being flooded with zombies. They had broken a window and they were climbing through the opening. “Steve do you have a bow with you?” Jack asked as he loaded his bow. “Of course I do.” Steve responded as he grabbed his bow-gun from his inventory. He loaded arrows into the chamber, and shot the first zombie in the forehead, “Bulls-eye!” Steve was a bit too proud of his archery skills.

Jack didn’t have many arrows to spare so he decided to throw his wooden axe at one of the zombies hitting it right on the leg. The zombie fell to the ground and crawled towards him. Jack took out his sword from the sheath and slammed it hard against the zombie’s head separating it from his body. Steve was impressed with Jack’s sword handling, so he walked over to him and gave him a high five. A zombie crawled in through an open window on the other room; Jack or Steve didn’t notice him come in. The zombie walked in behind Jack, he said, “Watch out!” Steve yelled, but it was too late the zombie bit Jack right on the shoulder. Jack used his fast reflexes and managed to flip the zombie to the ground by using his body as leverage. Steve wasn’t worried about wasting arrows so he shot five of them into the zombie’s head.

Steve: “Are you okay?”

Jack: “Yeah, I’ll be alright, it’s just a little bite.”

Steve: “That zombie came out of nowhere!”

Jack: “Yeah we have to be more careful next time. It seems like you were right, these zombies are getting smarter.”

Steve: “We can’t stay here any longer, I’m sure there’s more coming.”

Jack: “I know a place not far from here where we can be safe for a while.”

Steve: “Where is this place?”

Jack: “It’s about one hour from here, but we have to go through the cemetery.”

Steve: “If we’re going through the cemetery we have to be prepared, the zombies are coming out of the ground.”

Jack: “I have some supplies over here in the chest, let’s take a look to see what we can take.”

Steve: “Make sure to equip your armor, you don’t want to get bit by one of those things again.”

Jack: “Good thinking. I have some explosives in here do you think we should take them?”

Steve: “Of course, they will be our best defense against those things.”

Jack: “Let’s hope the creepers aren’t out there right now.”

Steve: “I hate creepers.”

Jack: “Me too. You ready?”

Steve: “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”

They walked out the door, “Do you see that over there?” Jack pointed to a tower out in the distance. “Yeah, that’s where we’re going?” Steve responded. They walked on the cobblestone road on the cemetery that leads into the woods.

Chapter ten: Terror in the woods

The mud covered the cobblestone trail in the woods; they couldn’t take a step in it without being sucked in for about three feet. This caused them their journey down considerably, so they decided they were going to build a small shelter and wait until the morning to travel. Steve didn’t like the idea of waiting until the morning, but he had no choice because walking through the mud was close to impossible. They set up their beds and went to sleep. Minutes later Steve was woken to the sound of growling outside, he jumped out of his bed to go check it out.

He looked out the window and saw two wolves fighting over a piece of meat, these wolves looked more aggressive than usual and there was something different about them; they seem to have shed most of their fur revealing a green skin pigmentation. The wolves must have sensed that there was someone in the area because they stopped fighting and began sniffing around. They walked around the shelter sniffing every single corner until they stopped by the window where Steve was standing. They seemed to have lost interest and ran off into the woods. Steve sighed with relief and walked back to his bed. The window shattered behind him waking Jack from his sleep, “Huh?” Jack said in confusion. Steve looked behind him and there were the wolves he saw minuets before, he dived to get the bow-gun that was stationed next to his bed, “I’ll get this one Jack and you get the other one,” Steve said as he swiftly loaded his weapon.

As Jack reached for his wooden-axe the zombie-dog growled and jumped towards him, he swung his axe at him hitting him right on the belly. Jack’s axe broke and he was left without a weapon. The zombie-wolf came back to attack him and managed to grab a hold of his arm with his humongous jaw. Luckily Jack wore his iron-armor, the wolf’s’ jaws were not powerful enough to penetrate the iron. “Steve!” Jack yelled in desperation. “Yes?” “I need your help over here!” Steve finished off his opponent by smashing him with his diamond-sword. By the time Steve went over to help Jack, the zombie-wolf had already broken through the iron armor, Steve was furious about this, he kicked the wolf so hard that it flew up in the air then he swung his sword at it sending him flying out the window. The zombie-wolf landed outside with a huge whimper and ran off into the woods with its tail tucked between his legs.

Jack: “Whoa! That was close! Where did those dogs come from?”

Steve: “I don’t know; they were standing outside fighting over a piece of meat.”

Jack: “Wolves don’t usually attack unprovoked.”

Steve: “I know. Did you see the way their skin looked?”

Jack: “Yeah, it was green.”

Steve: “Do you think they’ve been infected with the zombie virus?”

Jack: “I have no idea.”

Steve: “We’re not safe here, we have to keep moving.”

Jack: “Right.”

Steve: “Your arm is bleeding!”

Jack: “It’s just a small wound, I’ll be fine.”

Steve: “Here take this potion it will help you replenish your health.”

Jack: “Thanks.”

Steve: “Also take this gold-armor.”

Jack: “We have to get to the tower fast.”

They took their belongings from the shelter and kept walking through the woods.

Chapter eleven: The tower

After walking for a while, they finally reached the tower. “Wow! It’s huge!” Steve looked up at the tower in amazement. “I have a plan. Help me dig some holes around the tower.” Jack said as he rummaged through his inventory. “What are you going to do?” Steve began digging dirt out with his shovel. “I have some red-stone and some TNT. I will be setting some traps by connecting the red-stone and using it as a fuse. The fuse will be connected to a lever upstairs, if we see any zombies approaching the tower we can detonate the TNT from a safe location.” Jack said. They finished setting up the traps and walked to the tower entrance, “It’s locked.” Steve said. They looked up and saw an open window, “Let’s set up a ladder over here, we can get in through that window.” They placed the ladder on the side of the wall, climbed up, and arrived on the third floor.

The plan was to settle there for the night, they were going to set up their beds and go to sleep for a couple of hours. The tower seems impenetrable; the door downstairs is locked since it’s made out of iron, it should be tough to knock down. The door that leads to the hallway has been barricaded using two layers of wooden planks, it’s as safe as it’s going to get. Jack went to sleep, Steve stayed up mending his tools. “Hello Steve!” A voice came from the dark corner.

Steve: “Huh? Who is that?”

Villager: “It’s me, don’t you remember you were supposed to come looking for me?”

Steve: “Oh. The villager from the cemetery.”

Villager: “I am so disappointed, I waited and waited in my hiding place and you never came!”

Steve: “What made you think I was going to look for you?”

Villager: “I thought you’d enjoy a game of hide and seek.”

Steve: “Well, I’m a little too busy to be looking for some random villager.”

Villager: “Well, you made me really mad, now you have to pay.”

Steve: “Bring it on! I’m not scared of you!”

Villager: “You should be, I’m invincible, remember?”

Steve: “Your special potions aren’t going to help you.”

Villager: “We’ll see about that! You see this little potion here on my hand?”

Steve: “What about it?”

Villager: “Well, this was a gift from my brother, Victor, this potion makes me move ten times faster than the average human.”

Steve: “Victor is your brother?”

Villager: “Yes, I am his younger brother, Vadim.”

Steve: “You better tell me where he is!”

Villager: “Why would I do that?”

Steve: “Because I’ll destroy you, if you don’t.”

Steve jumped on the bed to get his bow-gun that was located on the other side of the bed, loaded it with a TNT arrow; he rapidly turned around and shot it at Vadim, but he wasn’t there. Steve placed torches all around the room to see if Vadim was hiding in the dark areas of the room, but he was nowhere to be found. “Over here, dummy!” Vadim’s voice was coming from the center of the room. Steve turned around and shot an arrow towards where the voice was coming from.

“Hahahahahahah! You missed!” Vadim was having too much with this. “I guess I forgot to tell you about the invisibility potion I just took hahaha!” Vadir laughed like a maniac. Steve ran over to Jack and shook him to wake him up, “Jack! You have to wake up!” Jack woke up in a panic, “What’s going on Steve?” “There’s no time to explain just wake up and load your bow!” Steve could hear some foot steps in the room coming close to him; he equipped his sword, and swung it around to see if he could hit Vadim, but his attempts were futile.

“Okay, Jack there is an invisible evil villager in the room and he’s trying to kill us. I am going to need you to shoot arrows randomly around the room to see if you can hit him, do you understand?” Steve asked. “Got it!” Jack placed a stack of arrows next to him and began shooting around the room, but no luck, he couldn’t hit Vadim. “I have another idea, do you have any water?” Steve asked. “Yeah.” Jack reached into his inventory and handed him a bucket full of water. Steve grabbed a hand full of water and threw it in random places around the room. When he threw the water at the north wall, it hit Vadim right on the face revealing his outline. “There! Shoot him!” Steve yelled. Jack aimed and shot hitting Vamin on the shoulder. The invincibility potion wore off as soon as he got hit.

“His potion wore off!” Steve turned to Jack, “Here take this!” And threw his bow-gun at him. “What about you?” Jack asked. “Don’t worry about me I have my sword right here, just keep shooting at him.” Steve responded. Vadim reached into the pocket in his robe and took out an egg, it was green in color and had black spots, “You like creepers?” he tossed the egg on the floor and it spawned a creeper. HISSSSSSS! The creeper hissed as he set his sight on Steve. “Shoot him Jack!” Jack shot the creeper and it detonated close to Vadim, but it didn’t hurt him at all. “You do like creepers! Here have ten more! Hahahahahahah!” Vadim tossed ten more eggs on the ground spawning ten creepers, they were all looking at Steve for some reason; they all ran close to him and simultaneously exploded taking the whole south wall down. The explosion caused Steve’s armor to shatter; he was in big trouble now.

“We’re not going to beat him he’s too powerful!” Steve finally admitted that Vadim couldn’t be defeated. “I agree, let’s get out of here!” Jack responded while he shot arrows around the room. “You’re not going anywhere!” Vadim yelled as he threw a TNT block at them. They managed to jump out of the way; the TNT detonated and blew a hole through the ground. Steve and Jack took the opportunity to escape by jumping through the hole on the floor. There was an elevator at the end of the hallway and they ran towards it. The elevator only had the option to go to the lower level of the tower; they had no other choice, so they went down to floor one.

Chapter twelve: Floor one

Floor one was unlike anything they’ve ever seen before in their life, it was full of science labs all equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment. They came upon a room that said “armory” on the sign next to the door. The room was full of chests all filled with weapons and different kinds of potions. Steve opened the first chest and found a special bow-gun that had the ability to shoot three arrows at once; he put that in his inventory. Jack found a potion that was labeled “fire,” he put that in his inventory.

Steve opened a second chest and found a potion that was labeled “Power level one,” the instructions said that the potion is to be poured onto your weapon of choice, it makes the weapon attack twice as powerful. He also found diamond armor; he grabbed it and put it on. The rest of the chests were full of useless stuff. They walked into the second room and found three ugly looking monsters inside tubes filled with a yellow liquid. Part of the monsters face was a villager, another part looked like a creeper and the other part looked like a zombie. They had huge tentacle looking arms that moved like snakes swimming in water.

Jack: “These things are really creepy, what are they?”

Steve: “I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Jack: “It looks like some kind of sick experiment.”

Steve: “Come look at these documents over here.”

Jack: “It says here that the monsters are a mixture of a villager, creeper, and zombie; they call it Biozombie.

Steve: “Biozombie? That sounds morbid! Why would they make something like this?”

Jack: “Who knows! Do you think they are planning on using these to attack the villages?”

Steve: “I hope not. We should destroy them.”

Jack: “I agree.”

Steve: “It looks like the tubes are shatter proof.”

Jack: “Maybe if we pull the levers next to one of the tubes they will open.”

Steve: “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Maybe we should leave them be and get out of here.”

Jack: “No, let’s destroy them; imagine what would happen to the villagers if these things got loose.”

Steve: “I really don’t want to know.”

Jack: “I know a safe way we could destroy them, I’ll just set some TNT near the tubes and detonate them.”

Steve: “Okay, if you insist.”

Jack set three TNT blocks next to each one of the tubes, added red-stone powder to be used as a fuse and connected that to a lever outside the door as a detonator. He counted 3, 2, and 1, BOOOOOOOM! The TNT broke everything around it except the tubes. They both walked back inside the room to see if the tubes broke open, they weren’t. Then suddenly they heard a noise coming from the first tube, they looked at it, and it had a huge crack in the middle. Then the tube shattered. The Biozombie opened his eyes, stepped off the tube, and began walking around aimlessly; he walked to the corner of the room and crashed into the wall, it was almost as if it couldn’t see.

Jack: “It’s blind.”

Steve: “Looks like it. This is good right?”

They both un-holstered their bow-gun and began walking towards the Biozombie, one of them stepped on the broken glass and made a noise. The Biozombie heard, turned around and began running towards their direction. They both shot their arrows hitting it on the chest, but the monster seemed unfazed. The monster was holding some kind of glowing ball on his hand, he threw that near Steve and it made a splash that melted the ground below it. Some of that splashed onto Steve’s diamond armor making a hole on it then he decided to take it off before the liquid seeped onto his skin. The liquid burned a hole all the way to the floor below. “Shhh! Don’t make a sound,” Steve whispered, “It might not be able to see but it can hear really good.” Jack nodded in agreement.

They both just stood there still, without moving a muscle. The Biozombie started extending his tentacles and feeling around the room to see if he could find them, after feeling around for a minute he arrived to where Jack was standing, he grabbed onto him and lifted him about ten feet from the ground. Steve shot his bow at it and knocked one of its arms off. The Biozombie dropped Jack because it was in pain from the arrows cutting off its arm. Steve poured the potion that he had found minutes before onto his diamond sword; the potion gave it a greenish glow. He walked over to the Biozombie, swung his sword separating its head from its body, it fell to the ground lifeless.

Steve: “Come on, let’s get out of here before the others wake up.”

Jack: “Let’s go.”

Steve: “I saw a room down the hallway, we should be able to hide there. This way Jack.”

Jack: “Whoa that was close!”

Steve: “Did you hear that?”

Jack: “Yeah, it sounds like the other Biozombies are awake.”

Steve: “We should be quiet.”

Jack: “Okay, but we’re stuck here in this room now.”

Steve: “Shhh!”

The biozombies walked down the hallway feeling everything with their tentacles, they would crash into the wall every once in a while. They got really frustrated that they couldn’t find Steve and Jack, so they started throwing their liquid acid all over the place, while some of it landed on the door to the room where they were hiding and it melted part of it. “Do you have anymore TNT?” Steve whispered. “Yeah, I have only one left, so use it wisely,” Jack, muttered. Steve took the TNT from Jack, tiptoed over to the hallway, lit the fuse to the TNT, and threw it in the middle of the Biozombies, BOOOOM! The aftermath of the explosion left Steve’s ears ringing. He walked, peeked out to the hallway, and saw that the Biozombies were dead, “It’s clear.” They walked into a room that was located at the end of the hallway.

Chapter thirteen: Through the iron door

Jack was walking weakly, he stumbled every couple of steps and his speech was slurring. The shoulder where the zombie bit him was starting to hurt.

Steve: “Are you okay, Jack?”

Jack: “I’m good, don’t worry.”

Steve: “You don’t look okay. Your shoulder is green; get some rest, I’ll be here guarding the area.”

Jack: “I don’t need to rest.”

Steve: “Just lay down for a couple of minutes, you’ll feel better afterwards.”

Jack: “Okay, if you insist, but I’ll just take a fifteen minute nap.”

Steve grabbed the bed from his inventory set it on a corner and Jack dropped on it, he went to sleep immediately he was so tired. Steve set up a shelter around the bed by setting some cobblestone blocks around it. He was tired too so he sat down on the floor, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. A few minutes passed by and he was woken by the sound of growling, he opened his eyes and received a huge surprise, Jack had turned into a zombie.

Steve refused to take down his only friend in the world so he just ran out the door and left zombie Jack there. “Goodbye good friend,” Steve whispered as he walked away. He was so sad that he lost his friend to the zombie virus that he swore to himself that he would stop whoever is responsible for this. As he looked for an exit he came upon a door that said, “Victor’s office,” He walked in and found a key sitting on a table. “This must be the key that opens the cell where Alex is locked up,” Steve thought out loud. He grabbed it and put it in his pocket.

Inside Victor’s office there was an elevator that had the option to exit the building, he used it, and in two-minutes he arrived outside the tower. He arrived at the abandoned building where Alex was being held; he climbed the ladder and went in through the window. He walked in the room where she was.

Alex: “You’re back!”

Steve: “Yep, I told you I’d be back.”

Alex: “So you have the key, right?”

Steve: “Yes I have it right here, let’s just hope it’s the right one.”

Alex: “Well, what are you waiting for, try it.”

Steve: “Okay. Yes! It’s the right key!”

Steve put the key in and opened the cell. Alex ran up to him and hugged him, “You’re so brave Steve.” Steve blushed and said, “Thanks. We have to get out of here quickly.” They both climbed out the window and down the ladder. “Hey, I found my horse!” Steve was surprised to see his horse wandering around in the area. “Your horse?” Alex asked. “Yeah, I lost him before I got to you and he’s back!” Steve managed to catch up to the horse; they both climbed on and rode back to the king’s castle. The king was so happy to have his daughter back. He was also so grateful to have Steve as his warrior that he gave him one hundred diamonds, an army of fifty men all equipped with the finest armor, and he commissioned a stone sculptor to make Steve a statue in his likeness.

The end?


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