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The Adventures of Steve (Book 1)

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Day 1

My name is Steve. I don’t know how I got here or why I’m here, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to leave this world. I haven’t even been through a whole day here and I’m already feeling like I’ll be here forever. This weird world looks to be completely made up of cubes; they seem to be made of  some electronic material, and there are millions, if not billions of them. The cubes that seem to be colored like dirt are the easiest to mine. I can dig them out with my bare hands, pick them up, and I could put them in my inventory. I seem to be able to hold multiple bundles of sixty-four cubes. It is a warm day today, so I went and looked for water, not far from where I’m staying. I’m tired, so tired that my legs ache, and my hands are raw from digging all that dirt. I should probably find some food and build some shelter, I have a feeling that something is watching me, maybe waiting for the sun to go down to come get me. Just thinking about it scares me.

Day 1.5

I decided that I should build a shelter with the most abundant cube  – the ones made of dirt. I built something simple. It does the job, I guess. I also managed to get some food. I didn’t want to get it from that cow but I had no choice, because I’m starving. Maybe I should find a way to cook it. Otherwise I am going to have to eat it raw, and just the idea of eating raw meat turns my stomach. For now I’m just going to look around the area, but not too far from where I built my shelter, because I don’t want to get lost. I need a shovel; I have a feeling that I am going to need to dig more.

Day 1.75

It was already dark. I managed to get some oak wood from nearby trees, and after that I ran home and blocked the shelter off with more dirt. I should find a way to light this place up as soon as possible. I managed to cut down the oak wood into planks, and from the planks I built myself a crafting table. Before I went to get the wood, while I was figuring out how to craft a wooden ax, I keep hearing a slimy noise, gushy noise coming from outside of my shelter. I’m so scared; I don’t even want to know what’s out there. I’m just going to wait for the morning to come before I do anything. For now I’ll just sit here and rest my legs all night.

Day 2

 In the morning I immediately got up, dug out the dirt in the entrance to my shelter and started gathering up some materials. I went and got some cow meat. I acquired some leather from the cow also, though I don’t know what I should use it for, so I’m holding onto it for now. I got some oak wood, lots of it! I went and surveyed the area to see if there was anything that might give me a better chance of survival. That reminds me, I need to build a bed! I’m so tired of just sitting down, I need good rest! I found an awesome spot very close to my shelter – it’s a hole filled with lava! I’m thinking I should build some sort of structure over it. Maybe it will scare what is out there from coming into my shelter.

Day 3

This day has been pretty great –  I made my original shelter into a mine! I spent my whole night building tools from the stone cubes that I found. I built myself a very sturdy pickaxe! I also found some iron ore, which might come in handy in the future. I am digging a deep mine! I’m probably about twenty to thirty cubes deep below the mine, thanks to this pickaxe. I keep hearing noises outside but I don’t have the courage to look. I’m so scared, I wish someone was here to help me. For now I will keep going, I must be strong! I am getting tired of digging in the dark. I need to find some light!

Day 4

I have spent the entire day inside my shelter. I think I am becoming paranoid, because I keep hearing sounds. I don’t know if it is just my imagination or if they are really there. For now I am just going to stay in here, and maybe in the future I will have enough courage to go outside. Eventually I am going to need some more food, so I will have to go out there before I starve to death. Meanwhile, I have spent the whole day and night just digging a tunnel in the mine. The good news is that I have collected tons of cobblestone, iron, wood and coal. I crafted plenty of torches, so I will no longer be digging in the dark. I have also fashioned some swords, which should come in handy when I decide to explore the outside world. I also managed to build a small room in the mine. with some chests and crafting tables, where I will be storing most of my things. I have no plans to go outside anytime soon. I will be exploring the mine for a while.

Day 5

It really amazes me how much one can learn in a short period of time. Perhaps that’s what happens when you really want to survive. I started digging another path in my room today. I was digging so much, for so long, that I broke my only two iron pickaxes. I sat down for a minute, laid my head against the cobblestone just for a second…I must have dozed off because I woke up to the slush and gushing sound again! I really thought I was safe down here. Who knows? Am I not safe anywhere? The sound seemed to be coming through the other side of the wall, so I decided to go into my inventory and equip my sword, and with the other hand I began to break away at the cobblestone using my pickaxe.

Finding a pitch black cave on the other, I set a couple of torches.  I proceeded with caution but I  didn’t see anything that could be making the sound.  Was my mind just playing tricks on me?,  But suddenly – SLUSH! SLUSH! – from behind me! I was paralyzed with fear! I turned around to see a giant blob jumping straight at me! Without hesitation I swung my sword, and again, and again…For a moment I thought I had killed it but it wasn’t dead – it would only break into smaller blob cubes and keep attacking! I made it out of there alive, but I am so scared…I want to go home!

Day 6

Yesterday’s scare made me certain I needed to get more, and better, supplies. I am thinking about crafting myself some iron armor. My shelter must be safer  perhaps built high off the ground, helping me see what’s out there at night. I’m getting very frustrated just being locked up in that mine, and even though I’m scared I want to get out and explore.. Venturing out could lead me to other people who may know why I am here.

I know I have all the material to build the iron armor I need.. Maybe today I will craft some new things. The crafting process is simple: all I do is place the items in many different patterns on the crafting table, until something new comes out! I was successful today and made some glass. What I really need now is a compass to help me with my exploring.

Day 7

Nearly a full week has passed since I was brought to this world. I still don’t have a clue why I am here, and to be honest, I don’t know how to find out. On the bright side, I have mustered up the courage to travel out there, finally! But I made up a system so I won’t get stuck out there at night. First: I have finally found some sheep, and figured out how to make a bed. Second: I carry my bed everywhere I go, with some building supplies. I am digging a path through the mountains, and every once in a while I build a shelter. I think it’s pretty genius if you ask me. The shelters are completely equipped with a furnace, crafting table, bed and chest. I am running low on iron. I will probably have to build a mine near my new house to get some more materials, but right now I’m tired, very tired. Maybe next week I’ll meet someone. Today I have been traveling so much that I found some pine trees. Yesterday while I was falling asleep I heard a growling sound, it definitely scared me. The sound of music is something I really miss. I wish I knew how to make a music box.

Day 8

Something pretty awesome happened today! While I was chasing some pigs around the lake, I stumbled upon some wolves! Isn’t that amazing! I went and tried to pet them, and they rolled over and let me rub their bellies. I would take one with me but I barely have enough food to feed myself. I really need some company, so maybe I should dedicate the whole day to finding more food. Yes, I’m going to do that today! I’m so exited!

Day 9

Wonderful news – I have finally gathered up enough food to feed my pet wolf! I will go back to where I found him and get him to follow me home. With his company I will finally feel safer. I decided I should name my new pet “Rocky.”

Day 10

Today was spent  playing with Rocky. When night came, he seemed scared to sleep outside, so I let him inside. While I was sleeping, Rocky kept barking at something that was outside of the door. He barked all night, the louder he barked, the louder the thing outside banged at the door. I’m getting really tired of being scared!

Day 11

Another night has passed, and again the thing outside banged at the door while Rocky barked back at it. Whatever is out there seems to be getting really mad.

Day 12

We had a weird experience today. While I was out hunting with Rocky I stumbled upon some sort of statue, which looked really morbid…is that what is really out there?

Day 13

As soon as I got back from my hunting trip, I hurried into my cabin and locked the door right away. When I opened my chest to put away the meat I got, it was empty! Someone stole all my stuff! I was furious – and this confirms I am not alone. Someone deliberately came and took everything, erasing all that hard work. I am going to have to go back to my previous shelter tomorrow and collect some supplies I am going to bed, and I sincerely hope they don’t come back.

Day 14

Well, my streak of bad luck continued today! I traveled to my other shelters only to find them destroyed, all of them! All my chests have been emptied. They took my food, my armor and everything they could find.  Devastated, I decided to head back to my newest shelter and arrived to a note on my cabin that said “Keep moving, you are in DANGER!”

After I read this I wasted no time moving on.  Taking my bed with me, I built myself a pickaxe and quickly created a small shelter up in the mountains. I thought they couldn’t find me up there…I was wrong! At night I heard some noises coming from the bottom of the hill, I decided I should venture forth to take a quick look. I saw some strange men with had huge noses, and they were ugly! I quickly took down my torch and ran! I ran so fast that I left everything. I’m cold, alone and don’t have anything with me. Luckily I was able to build a quick shelter underground.

Day 15

I was so scared in my hastily constructed underground shelter that I didn’t sleep all night. I thought to myself, if I leave now they are going to find me and Rocky. I’m afraid if I build something new they will just find it and destroy it! It has now been two weeks since I woke up in this stupid world and I still don’t know why I am here. What can I do? I should just keep going, maybe I could find a village around here, and they could help me! Yes, today I will travel as much as I can. I have to find someone!

Day 16

I have been traveling so much now that I am now in a snowy area of this world. I have gathered enough material to build a small shelter, but this time I will build it above ground and add some glass windows so I can finally see what’s out there. It is very frigid here. I feel like my whole face is freezing, and Rocky seems really cold also. I should build a fire.

Day 17

 Today while I was out hunting, I stumbled upon an old cabin. “That’s weird,” I thought to myself. “I don’t remember building this!” I hid behind some dirt blocks and looked at it for a while, until someone appeared. To my surprise, it was one of those ugly people! But this one seemed friendly, so I decided I should go talk to him in case he could give me directions to a nearby town. I hesitatingly proceeded, clutching my ax harder the closer I got. I knocked on his door for a while before he finally opened. He seemed very surprised to see me.

“Hi, who are you?” he said.

“My name is Steve, I am lost and need your help. What is your name?” I replied.

“I am Tony, a villager here. I think I can help you. There is a town nearby, and I can tell you where but it’s going to cost you some iron bars, ten of them to be exact.”

“Someone stole all my stuff, Tony, I don’t have any iron.”

Tony said gruffly, “Well that’s too bad, go find some and then come back,”   and pushed me away and slammed the door. It was so mean, but Rocky and I moved on undeterred to find the iron ore we needed!

Day 18

Iron ore was what I needed, and iron ore was what I got after spending the whole of today  building a mine near my cabin – ten whole bars! Not only was I able to get my iron, I was got a ton of cobblestone. I’m thinking of building a huge fortress rigged with traps. I picked up a couple of buckets of lava. I am going to pour it around and maybe that will scare off whoever is after me. For now I am going to visit Tony and give him his iron.

I knocked on his door and he opened quite fast.

Tony: “Back already! I take it you have my iron?”

Steve: “Yes, here it is, now tell me how to get into town.”

Tony: “Absolutely, all you have to do is go north for 1000 cubes, then west 300 cubes and north 400 cubes. Now you got what you wanted, get out – but be careful out there! There are some scary things out there!” and he laughed.

Day 19

After a whole days’ worth of travel I finally reached the village Tony was talking about. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! It was huge, and they had tons of houses and plenty of supplies. The villagers there kept looking at me like I was some kind of monster. One of them approached me and said, “Welcome, stranger! If you are new in town you must talk to the town leader. Here, right this way, stranger.”

He led me to a cabin and said, “The elder is inside, please come in.” once I was inside the elder introduced himself. He said,

“Hello, I am the elder, Tom. Call me Tom if you like. May I ask you what you are doing here, stranger?”

I said “I am here looking for answers, I was somehow transported here to your world and I don’t know how to get out!”

        Tom said “Well, you are in luck!” with a smile on his face. “There is a wise man coming from the mountains who knows how to get you back to your world!”

        “Really?!” I said.  “That is very good news! I can finally go home?”

Tom: Yes, yes, you can! You may stay here as long as you want, the wise-man might be coming at the end of the month! So make yourself comfortable and use one of our cabins.

Steve: Wow, thank you very much! What can I do to repay you?

Tony: Actually, you can help us mine some diamonds, so we can trade them for food. You see winter is coming soon, and we need to be prepared.”

Steve: Absolutely, but I need some supplies.

Tom: Sure, we wouldn’t send you out there unprepared. You can take this iron armor, sword, and a couple of iron pickaxes.”

Steve: Awesome! Thank you, Elder.

Tom: You are welcome, Steve. Just be careful out there, don’t let the undead get you.

Steve: The undead? You mean there is actually something out there at night?

Tom: Yes, of course. But you are adequately prepared, there are more scary things out there than the undead.

 I was more scared than ever to go out there, but I did promise Tom he would get diamonds for him.

Day 20

After I promised elder Tom I would get some diamonds for him, I went to the cabin where he let me stay, and began preparing for my trip to the mines. I put on my cool new iron armor, added the iron pickaxes to my inventory, and procured some food. Finally ready to head out, I called Rocky to come over and follow me.

I went to the cave where Tom told me the diamonds would be and began digging. Simultaneously I worked to build my shelters, all equipped with supplies in case something happened. I placed torches all around my shelter so I wouldn’t lose my place, and I placed signs pointed to the exit on almost every corner. It wasn’t long before I started hearing some growling noises, so I equipped my sword as fast as I could and started looking around like a mad man. All of a sudden a terrifying looking zombie came out of the shadows and knocked me down a few cubes below, rendering my health bar nearly gone! I immediately got out some wood planks and began to place them under me while I jumped. I managed to escape the zombie, phew! That was a close one! My heart was pounding so hard I felt like it would come out of my chest! I waited for a while until my health regenerated and went back inside the mine.

Day 21

It has now been three whole weeks since I woke up in this cube-world, and I am stuck in this stupid cave. I have been digging for a while and still no diamonds! I can still hear those ugly things outside of my door, but I’m safe here in my shelter…for now. I wish I had some kind of bow to get them, but all I have is this sword. I have to get close to them to kill them, and that’s frustrating! Why is mining so scary? All I’ve been doing is making tunnels and then blocking them off because I am scared something will come behind me and eat me! While I was digging some stairs in the mine, I stumbled upon one of the most awesome scenes!

Day 22

Well, I think today was finally my lucky day! I have found some diamonds, 4 of them! Not only did I find diamonds, I also founds tons of red-stone, iron, gold and something called lapis-lazuli. I’m so excited! It looks like I will be waiting for the wise-man for a couple of days, so I will go back to my previous shelter and pick up all the cobblestone that I left there. I’m just glad I got out of those mines! I wonder what would have happened if I died there. Would I be able to return to my world? Who knows?

All I can do is enjoy my time here and build a house that really makes me feel proud. Now that I know what is out there at night, I am not so scared anymore, and I will use these next few days to explore some more. What could happen? I have my armor, and I have a ton of supplies now. Before I go back to the village, I am going to head north. I heard it has tons of awesome scenery.

While I was going to get my traveling supplies, I saw another note that said, “You are in DANGER, please keep moving!” I don’t know what this means! I am so frustrated with these notes, why don’t they tell me what it means? Or better yet who is writing them! I am not going to worry about this, I am just going to focus on having fun.

I grabbed my bag and headed  north, walking for some time before finding some lava, coming out of the side of a mountain. I remembered I had two buckets in my inventory. One of them had water, and I decided to pour it on the lava to see what happened – it made a dark black-purple block, wow!  

I took out my pickaxe and began hitting it, and hitting it. It would not break! When I finally got it to break, I couldn’t get the block, I wonder why that is? I’ll get to it later. I think I am going to plan my new house that I am going to build, it’s going to have a wooden foundation at a sixteen by sixteen square footage, it will have cobblestone beams, and some light traps on the roof. That reminds me, I should get some more wood, since I’m almost out!

Day 23

The feeling that I was being watched enveloped me again today while I was out getting wood. I tried to reassure myself, “Zombies, only come out at night so there is nothing to worry about.” I tried to concentrate on chopping trees, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.

I got my sword out, and began to look around carefully. All of a sudden I saw a green figure staring at me from afar – it looked exactly like that statue I saw a few days before! I immediately ran to hide behind a tree, peeking out every couple of seconds, with the creature getting closer with every glance.. It hadn’t seen me yet. As quickly as I could I took out some wooden planks and began building a shelter, high enough so I could climb to the top and let whatever is out there come to me.

I added a ladder and began climbing to the top. As soon as I got to the top the thing ran to me. It was really creepy, just standing there and staring at me with those evil eyes, but not doing anything.

I thought maybe if I climbed down I would just scare it off. I began to climb down the ladder and as soon as I got close to it, it began to hiss, and it looked like it was going to explode! I started climbing up as fast as I could, but it was too late – the thing blew up and destroyed my shelter and took away almost all of my armor! Wow that was scary, I think I almost died! What was that thing?

At least it didn’t kill me. I remembered I was carrying a crafting table and some iron in my inventory and began crafting myself some armor. Unfortunately I only had enough to craft armor for my helmet and the body, which will have to do for now. I got all the wood I and quickly rebuilt my shelter since it was getting late. Once it was rebuilt I set up my bed and went to sleep.

Day 24

Rocky startled me awake with his barking in the middle of the night, sounding as though he was trying to warm me of something. I climbed the ladder and saw that Rocky was surrounded by those creepy things! Jumped down from my shelter without hesitation, I took out my sword and hit one of those creepers making it explode right next to Rocky. As soon as the creeper exploded all the others ran scared. It looked like Rocky was hurt, was and hurt badly. I begged him to be okay, but all he could do was whimper.  He whimpered a final time and closed his eyes. I am so sad, I lost my only buddy in this world. I went inside my house and cried all day, and did nothing else. I swore to myself I would get revenge, that those creepers were going to pay for what they did! When nighttime came I saw a bunch of other wolves around Rocky, and they howled while looking at him all night… “Goodbye, Rocky, you were a good friend.” I really truly can’t wait to leave this place.

Day 25

It is nearly the end of the month and I think it’s almost time for me to start heading back to the village. Elder Tom must be waiting to get his diamonds. I got eight diamonds, but I am going to tell him I only got five, because I wanted to build myself a diamond pickaxe. I was able to do it right on my my crafting with two sticks and three diamonds.. I tried it out on a cobblestone and was thrilled to find it breaks cubes down so smoothly. Why didn’t I do this sooner? It was time to depart, but right when I opened the door I saw yet another note, saying, “LEAVE, YOU ARE IN DANGER, KEEP MOVING!!!” I am tired of these notes. I am not even going to pay attention to them. I am going to the village.

Day 26

After traveling all morning and afternoon, I finally reached the village. I didn’t waste any time and went to visit Elder Tom.

Steve: Hi, Elder Tom. How are you doing?

Tom: I am doing well, Steve. How was your trip?”

Steve: Well, it was challenging. I ended up losing my best buddy.

Tom: I am so sorry to hear that, Steve. It must be awful, losing a friend like that. How are you holding up?

Steve: I am doing alright, I guess. Hey, I ended up finding some diamonds.

Tom: Really? I am really happy to hear that! How many did you get?

Steve: I only found five, but I also found tons of new stuff!

Tom: Really? Like what?

Steve: Well, I found some gold, red-stone, emeralds, lapis-lazuli and tons of iron!

Tom: I would love to trade some emerald.

Steve: Okay, what do you have? By the way, I have six of them.

Tom: I have tons of glass, iron and some wool.

Steve: I’ll take some glass and a couple of bars of iron.

Tom: You have yourself a deal, Steve. Here you go.

Steve: Thanks. Here are the diamonds I promised. By the way, has the wise-man visited the village yet? I am getting very tired of being here.

Tom: Unfortunately, he has not stopped by, but I am sure he will be visiting soon. Just have some patience, Steve. For now go to your cabin and get some rest. I left some soup for you in the furnace, enjoy!

Steve: Thank, you. I am kind of tired, see you around.

After chatting with Tom, I went to my cabin, I took my shoes off and just jumped on the bed, so tired I couldn’t even think.

Day 27

I woke up in the morning fully rested and ready to have a productive day, I ate the soup Elder Tom had left for me in the furnace. It was delicious, and I was so hungry I ate it all up like a pig. After that I got an iron pickaxe and some shovels from the chest. I decided since I was going to be staying here for a couple of more days, I should help the village build some more cabins – the least I can do to repay them for their hospitality. I left my house, began to walk around the village and noticed that the whole village was empty

 “This is weird,” I thought to myself. “Where is everybody?” I looked in the market, mansion, school, cabins and everywhere I could think of and it was completely empty! I thought, well maybe they all went hunting. The village was built under a huge mountain, and I thought it would be a good idea to go climb it, and maybe I could find some new cubes up there, since I had never mined the top of the mountain before. I went back to my cabin and put on my iron suit and packed some meat, set out to scale the mountain. The mountain was so huge, I couldn’t even see the top from where I started. I have been climbing almost all afternoon. I know this trip is worth it, because on my way I got to see some beautiful views. I even got to see some land far away from here that has huge towers. I also managed to collect a ton of cobblestone, and iron ore. I should probably build some shelter, it is getting dark. Good thing I brought my bed with me, because I’m exhausted and need to rest. I’m pretty sure I will get to the top by tomorrow afternoon.

Day 28-29

After climbing the mountain all morning, I was finally able to reach the top. When I reached the top I got a huge surprise! The whole village was standing outside a huge building. The building was built out of some dark black-purple cubes, kind of like obsidian. The building may be as many as twenty stories – it looks like it reaches the sky! The villagers were paying close attention to what one of the speakers was is saying….wait a minute! That is elder Tom! I decided I shouldn’t let them see me, so I hid behind a dirt cube and waited for everyone to go inside. I must have waited for hours, because they finally went outside when it was night time. I finally had the chance to go inside.

I carefully walked over to the entrance, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Once I was inside I got the surprise of my life, there were dozens of chests all over the first floor!  I took a look at the first chest at it was full of bundles of iron, about a thousand of them! Once I got to look at all the other chests, I noticed they were all full of each item. There was lapis-lazuli, cobblestone, dirt, saplings, iron, gold, emeralds, meat and every item you can think of! The building was furnished with beautiful rare paintings, and they had huge libraries full of books. It crossed my mind that I should probably take something for myself, then I though no, it would be a bad idea. What if they found out?

 I looked around the building for a while and came upon some stairs. I climbed until I reached the nineteenth floor… when I suddenly heard some loud screaming from one of the doors in that floor. I opened it discovered a room full of cells, and those cells held people that looked just like me! Once they saw me they looked relived to see someone just like them and one even called for my help. I immediately went over to them and tried to open the cell. He said, “It’s no use, we’ve tried to open it already, and it’s locked.” I said “Who are you?” He replied, “My name is Sam and the guy in the other cell is Erik.”

Sam: We were brought here to this world and we’re trying to find a way back.

Steve: Really? That’s what I’m trying to do. How long have you been in this world?

Sam: Erik and I have been here for four-hundred and thirty days.

Steve: Wow, that’s a really long time! I’ve only been here for twenty-nine days.

Sam: You’ve got to help us get out! We were promised by the town elder that he would help us get back to our world, and then he put us in this prison!

Steve: You mean he lied ?

Erik: Yes, everything he said about the so called ‘wise-man’ was a lie!

Sam: He only wants us to be slaves, to mine diamonds for him.

Erik: There are more prisoners in the building, but we don’t have the time to get them out!

Steve: Let me start digging this prison down.

As soon as I began to dig, some villagers came in the room and hit me over the head. I passed out.

Day 30

I woke up today with a splitting head-ache. I opened my eyes and saw that I was now in a cell myself.

Sam: Are you okay?

Steve Yes, I guess. My head hurts.

Erik: Well, you did get hit on the head pretty hard. We never got your name, what is it?

Steve: Oh, sorry. It’s Steve.

Sam: Nice to meet you, Steve.

Erik: Yes, nice to meet you.

Steve: Same here. We should probably start digging ourselves out of here.

Sam: We’ve tried many times and we can’t, the cell is made out of diamond.

Steve: Well, I am sure we could think of something.

After thinking for I while, I came up with the most brilliant idea! We could use what we have here in the cells to make an iron pickaxe! The villagers forgot to take my iron shoes, so if I can break them up I will have enough iron blocks to make the pickaxe! All of our cells were made up of two wooden planks.

Steve: Hey, Sam. Erik.

Sam: Yeah?

Erik: Yes?

Steve: Break up your wooden benches for me, I have an idea.

Sam and Erik broke their benched and handed me two wooden planks. I broke up my own bench and grabbed two more wooden planks. I went into my inventory and crafted myself a crafting table. I began to break up my iron shoes and ended up with four iron ingots. I took the two remaining wooden planks and crafted them into sticks. I placed all my materials on my crafting table and ended up with an iron pickaxe!

Sam: Wow, you’re a genius!

Steve: Thanks. Now let’s get out of here!

I began to hit the diamond brick with my pickaxe, and it must have taken at least an hour to break the block, but I was finally free. I broke the block on Sam’s cell. I was barely able to break Erik’s cell before my pickaxe broke. We were free men, at last! We immediately ran out of the room, found the stair case and ran down as fast as possible until we got to the exit. I was sure that when the villagers found out we were gone, they would come after us, and they wouldn’t stop looking…ever! I told the guys that we should keep running! So, we ran and ran, and ran all night until we got to the bottom of the mountain. We built our selves some quick dirt shelter and slept on the ground all night; we were so tired.

Day 31-32

I have been here in this world for over three weeks. I am so disappointed that I have been lied to by the village elder, and there  is no wise-man! I still don’t know how to get out of here. Erik and Sam have been here for over four-hundred and thirty days and they also haven’t found a way out…what am I going to do? I can’t just be stuck here for the rest of my life! On the positive side, I finally have some company in Sam and Erik.

Steve: Hey, Sam! I am glad to see you awake. You know, I’ve been worrying all night about the villager situation. What are we going to do about them?

Sam: Well, since we know they will come after us, we must make a plan to take the elder down.

Steve: What do you have in mind?

Sam: Well, in all my time here in this world I have learned many things, and visited many places. I know the best spots to mine for stuff like iron, gold and even diamonds. I know how to make traps, and explosives. If we want to stop the elder we must be prepared! Did you know this world has a communication system?

Steve: No, I didn’t.

Sam: Yeah, all you need to do is press ‘T’ and you can chat with your friends!

Steve: That is really cool!

Sam: Go ahead, give it a try.

I pressed T and said “hi”

Sam: I got your message! You said ‘hi’.

Steve: Cool!

As I was chatting with Sam, we made a plan to build a house with a fortified wall. We decided the house should have traps and secret pathways in case we need to escape from the villagers. When Erik woke up, he gave me directions to a nearby mine with tons of iron ore block. They decided they were going to go hunting for creepers, so they could make some explosives. I didn’t think it was a good idea, so I decided to go get the iron instead. I told them I would meet them back here in one day. They agreed. We could chat by pressing “T” anyways. So they went on their way, and I headed to the mines.

Day 33

Before heading into the mine, I stopped by the forest to collect some wood. Since I had absolutely no items in my inventory, I needed to make some wooden pickaxes at least. Also I would need to make a door, crafting table, and a furnace to craft my stuff. When I went into the mine, I immediately spotted a vein of iron ore. I was so lucky to have found this! I made a quick shelter in the mine, set up the doors, made my furnace and set up my crafting table. I just got to the mine and I already had twenty cubes of iron ore.

I put the iron ore in the furnace, and all of a sudden I remembered that I didn’t have any coal! I’m so stupid! How could I forget to get coal? I don’t even have torches! I left my shelter, and began walking toward the dark cave…I began chipping away at the stone like a mad man, scared out of my mind. Out of nowhere I saw some pink glowing eyes looking at me from the corner of the cave…the feeling of horror that I got was so strong that I froze in place…I was paralyzed with fear! That thing just stood there looking at me, and he wasn’t moving also. He began to get closer to me.

He got so close to me that I could hear him breathing. He picked up a cobblestone cube from the ground and revealed some lava below me, which lit up the whole room and revealed the being that was looking at me. He didn’t seem like a threat; on the contrary he looked like he was trying to help me! He dropped the cube that he was holding in his hand. I picked it up and it was a coal block. The being took one last look at me and then disappeared. I got the coal, made the torches and lit up the room. The light revealed multiple cubes of coal. I collected all of them and began the iron extraction process in the furnace. I made myself some iron armor, an iron pickaxe and went to collect some more iron ore. It was almost the end of the day and I got two stacks of sixty-four iron ore cubes. I found three diamonds also. I grabbed all of my stuff of left the mine.

Day 34

I traveled most of the night and finally got to the shelter where Sam, and Erik and I were staying. They got there soon after. And it looks like they collected tons of material, they had ten cubes of TNT, multiple stacks of cobblestone, dirt, eleven diamonds and tons of more stuff. We built chests and placed all of our stuff in them. We drew up the plan of how we wanted our house/fortress to look: cobblestone wall ten cubes high, iron doors all equipped with pressure plates, three rooms all built with dark wood, trap doors all leading to tunnels. All the iron doors will be rigged with explosives below the door, as soon as the explosive is detonated the cubes below fall, and drops the person into a prison cell. We must not use them. If we want to get out we must use one of the secret tunnels. All three of us began working on the fortress. We worked on it all day and finished by night time. After we finished we ate dinner.

As we were eating dinner, we heard a loud explosion! And then another, and another! We went to check it out, and we found three villagers in the prison cells below the doors. We interrogated the villagers and we got them to give out some information about the village elder. They said that the elder kidnapped many people around the world and made them mine precious metals for him. He is very rich and has a lot of power. He said that we are not safe, that right after we escaped, the elder said that he would give twenty gold ingots to whoever brings us back to the village.

“Where is the elder now?” I asked.

The villager said, “He is on a business trip, far away from here, and he won’t be back for a while. My advice is to run far away from here, because they’ll be looking for you and your friends. Do you really want your friends to be slaves forever?”

After we finished interrogating the villagers, we decided to let them go. I talked to Sam and Erik to see what they want to do, and they decided we should go far away from here. They said they know a place that is safe. I agreed with them, we should move as far as possible from here. We packed our things and left that day. As for the elder…We’ll be back for him…one day.


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