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The Ghost in the Woods

Post art for the ghost in the woods Minecraft fanfiction

Chapter One: Dreams Come True!

Ever since I was a little boy, I have dreamed of having a huge home in the mountains. I have heard many people say that if you dream hard enough, all of your wishes will become reality; I think they were right because this year after many months of hard work, I managed to save up many emeralds. Well, I would say more than enough. With my emeralds, I was able to buy all the tools I needed to build my home. There is one catch though, I have never mined a block in my life; I know this sound strange though, who ever heard of anyone in Minecraft not mining? Well the reason I’ve never mined before is because I was taught a different trade by my stepparents. Instead of learning how to mine, my stepparents taught me how to paint.

Ever since I was a little child I loved to paint, my step parents though it would be a good idea to send me to art school, so they did. We did not have much money growing up, so my step-dad had to work hard to pay for my schooling; he even found a second job. His first job was raising livestock, but there wasn’t enough money in raising livestock, so he decided to get the second job, guess what job it was? That’s right! It was a mining job. After I was done with art school, I opened my own store and sold paintings; I was good at painting, people from all over the world would come to my shop to buy from me and they paid a lot of emeralds for a painting most of the time. My life is about to change because this year I am going to have to learn how to do my own mining. I have enough emeralds to pay someone to do it for me, but there aren’t many people around where I am going to be staying, actually, there is no one around.

The closest village is about two days away from here if you walk, if you have a horse it might take about three-quarters of a day. Since my house has not been built yet, I am going to have to build a small shelter close to the top of the mountain. So why do I love the mountains so much? I think I can name many reasons. First: when you are on top, you have one of the best views of the world around you, you can see the town lights all the way from here and you can also see all the valleys full flowers. Second: when it rains, you can see the water running down the mountains, you can see how they fill the holes in the earth making beautiful ponds, the ponds are full of fish, which means I have food supplies almost year-round. Third: it is quiet and peaceful, this will help my creative process to create amazing art; you must be inspired by silence. Creative ideas are born out of silence. I managed to buy enough supplies to survive here for a week, most of the stuff I bought was food, I have about twenty pork-chops.

I also bought tons of cobblestone, thousands to be exact! No stuff came cheap; I only had enough emeralds left to buy some basic tools. I bought a wooden axe, an iron pickaxe, and some string to construct myself a bow, which I will be using that to hunt some sheep up here in the mountains. To build my shelter I am going to need some wood, I am not going to make anything extravagant; I just need to build a simple shelter big enough to put my bed, furnace, chest, and crafting table. The first thing I am going to need to do is collect some wood: about thirty wooden planks plus six more to craft a door.

I’m just going to walk around and find the biggest tree I could find since I will be using the trees for wood in these parts of the mountains, I am going to have to save a couple of them. In the winter, I will need them to keep my house warm and the winter is only two months away. After a few minutes of chopping, I managed to collect my wood and now I am going to build my shelter. I finished building my shelter and now I am going to organize everything. I picked the corner of the shelter to place the crafting table, I picked the middle of the north wall to place my chest, I will place the furnace in the middle of the west wall, and my bed is going on the south wall next to the exit.

I always make sure to have a weapon next to my bed in case one of the mobs manages to get inside. That’s never a pleasant feeling where you are falling asleep and you open your eyes for a second, then you see a zombie or worse, a creepy monster coming towards you. This happened once a couple of months back, a branch feel on the side of my house and broke one of the wooden planks and a spider managed to climb through the hole. I heard it come in, I opened my eyes, and there it was: a huge, disgusting spider drooling on my face from the roof. Luckily I had my bow close to me, I frantically reached for it, aimed straight for one of its eyes, and shot the arrow. I was lucky enough to get it with the first shot because there was no second shot; I only had one arrow loaded. It is time to go to bed, I have to go to the mines tomorrow and get some iron.

It’s getting dark out there, let me eat a quick dinner then I’ll go to bed. Let me see what I have in the chest, I only have pork-chops, I’m getting really tired of eating pork-chops, maybe I’ll pick some fruits or pumpkins tomorrow. Chris takes the pork-chop out from the chest along with some coal. He fires up the furnace and places the food inside to cook. After a few minutes the food is cooked, since he doesn’t have a table yet, he places the food on top of the furnace and begins slurping it down with some water. After he is full, he falls on the bed and goes to sleep.

Chapter two: Do Nightmares Come True?

While Chris was in a deep slumber, he began having a dream or a nightmare. Chris woke up from the nightmare with sweat pouring down his face, it was almost like it was raining inside the shelter; he looked up to see if he had missed a block on the roof, but it was fully covered. He heard the sound of light rain pouring outside. He stood up from his bed and walked to one of the windows, once he was there wind started blowing outside, it made the tree branches move as if they were arms, and they waved in a creepy manner.

The wind would come pouring from under the door making a whistling sound, the kind of sound you hear in a scary movie. While he was standing there looking through the window, he began hearing some footsteps outside, it sounded like they were coming from the back of the house. Chris was too scared to go check it out, so his first thought was to barricade the door with extra wooden planks. He ran to his supplies chest, opened it, and frantically rummaged through all the stuff until he found the planks, his mind was racing with fear, and his movements sped up.

He turned back to the door and he saw an old man standing there, he felt his face turn pale, fear paralyzed him, and he dropped the planks on the floor. The old man stood there watching him, saying nothing, which only made Chris more scared. The old man took a couple of steps toward him until he was two feet away; he raised his arm and put it on Chris‘s shoulder.

Old Man: “Hello, stranger. Do not fear me, I am a friend.”

Chris: “Who are you?” He said as his lips quivered with fear.

Old Man: “My name is Omar, but the local people refer to me as, “Old Man” I guess they are right, I am an old man.”

Chris: “What do you want?”

Old Man: “I am simply here to welcome and warn you.”

Chris“Warn me about what?”

Old Man: “Well, since I am one of the oldest person in the world, I am in charge of protecting the mountains. I am here to tell you that you are welcome to live off the land, eat its food, take down the trees for wood, but for every tree, you take you must plant two more. If you do not do that, the guardians of the mountains will come get you, you will not be able to hide. You will try to hide in your sophisticated shelters, but they will find a way inside. If you try to dig underground, they will find you! Do you understand, Chris?”

Chris“Yes, absolutely. Hey! But, this is just a dream!”

Old Man: “That’s what you think young man, but believe me I am real and if you don’t listen to my advice, you will not survive for long in these mountains.”

Chris: “Whatever. I am going to prove to you that this is just a dream, you know how I’m going to do that?”

Old Man: “How?”

Chris: “By pinching myself! Ha-ha!”

Old Man: “Well, just don’t say you weren’t warned. You already took down a tree yesterday and didn’t plant a new one, I’m guessing the mob is already mad.”

Chris let out a slight chuckle and said, “This is just a dream, I’m out of here,” he pinched himself and then he woke up.

Chapter Three: That’s Weird

Whoa! That was weird! I’m glad it was just a dream, it seemed so real though. I should not think about it, it is just a waste of time and time is precious, once you waste it, it’s gone forever. Let me go get my wooden axe, I need to collect tons of wood and I am going to need tons of torches to set up in the mine. Chris walks outside and looks for the closest tree. “Ah! This one will do.” He thinks aloud. He takes out his axe and starts to chop the tree from the bottom.

He collects the wood from the ground, places it in his inventory, and begins to walk back to the house. He walks to the crafting table, sets the wood on it, and begins creating the blocks into wooden planks. From the wooden planks, he creates some sticks. Once he has the sticks, he places a piece of coal on top of them, making a torch. He began to walk towards the local mine and as he walks he remembers the nightmare that he had, “What if it was real?” He thought to himself, “I should probably go back, and plant those trees,” He thought aloud. “Nah! I am just being silly that was just a nightmare, but why can’t I stop thinking about it?” Chris argues with himself.

Here it is! This is my very first time I have been to a mine; it is going to be fun! Since this is my first time coming to a mine, I am going to play it safe and set up a quick shelter, it should not take long. I am just going to break a couple of blocks from the mine wall, just big enough to put all my stuff in, I am going to set a door on the opening and a sign that points to the exit. There, that was not so bad, let me just place the usual stuff in here: let’s see.

I am going to get the furnace, crafting table, chest, and a bed, just in case I get tired. I am going to need many supplies to build this house, let me write it all down so I do not forget. Okay, I am going to need more cobblestones; I will need to build multiple furnaces if I want to craft glass fast. To get cobblestone I am going to need tons of iron-pickaxes. I need to get some iron-ore first. I only have one iron pickaxe so my first priority is to get the iron-ore-blocks.

As Chris walked deep into the mine, he set torches all along the walls lighting up the whole path there, he came upon a huge room, and he decided that was the perfect spot to start mining. He lit up the whole room with torches and then he started chopping away at the west wall. He mined for three hours straight and managed to gather up a nice sum of iron-ore. He began walking towards his shelter when he heard a CRASH! Huh? What was that noise? Chris got the chills, but he wouldn’t look back because he though that if he looked back, there would be someone standing behind him.

He slowly reached into his inventory and grabbed his wooden-axe, he then slowly began to turn around, and no one was there, but a couple of bats flying by. SSSSS! He heard a noise once again, but this time it sounded like a snake. He stopped on his tracks for a second, but this time he looked all around the room, and again there was no one there. He was too scared to walk back to the shelter so he ran as fast as he could. When he arrived at his shelter, he shut the door then barricaded the entrance with two cobblestone-blocks. Once he was safe inside, he laid on the bed and covered himself with the sheets.

Muhuhahahaha! There was a diabolical laughter coming from outside of the shelter, Chris is terrified by now, there is no way he is going back out there. Now that he has his iron-ore, he decided he was going to extract the iron. He put the blocks in the furnace; while he waited for the extraction process to complete, he laid on the bed. Bang! Bang! There is a loud banging at the door, it seems that who ever is out there is desperately trying to get inside. “Get out of here! I’m armed,” Chris yelled. The banging stopped and Chris fell asleep.

Chapter Four: What Have I Done?

Chris woke up; he was still barricaded inside his shelter. The torches were almost out of coal, its fire was burning dimly, and it flickered as if it was ready to go out. Chris stood up from the bed, took the torch down, and set a new one in its place. When the place was lit, he turned back around and saw that old man once again standing there not saying a word.

Chris: “What have I done?”

Old Man: “I warned you, didn’t I?”

Chris: “Someone is after me and I’m scared!”

Old Man: “I am here to tell you that you’ve made the guardian’s of the mountain really angry, they want you out of here.”

Chris: “Well, I’m not leaving! Living in the mountains is my dream, and I’m not giving up on my dreams!”

Old Man: “I am only the messenger, and I got the message out!”

Chris: “No! I will not leave! Those things out there aren’t going to make me leave!”

Old Man: “I’m pretty sure they will, I’ve seen them do it before.”

Chris: “I don’t believe you! I don’t think they’re smart enough to break into my shelters!”

Old Man: “I don’t think they have to do that, you’ll see what I’m talking about soon.”

Chris: “What if I plant the trees?”

Old Man: “Oh. I think it’s too late for that. My only advice is to take your stuff and go back to where you came from.”

Chris: “Well, I’m not leaving and that’s final!”

Old Man: “Well, I wish you luck! I’ve done my part.”

The old man turned around and walked outside, “He’s all yours!” He said as he disappeared into the mine. Chris noticed that he wasn’t asleep this time, this time he was wide-awake. Muhuhahahaha! There it was that laugh again, they are being really persistent, but I can’t stay here forever, eventually I am going to have to go out there and face the “guardians.” Chris came up with an idea to use the iron to craft some armor and sword. He took the iron ingots out from the furnace and set them on his crafting table.

“I’m not going to let them scare me away, I’m going to fight them with everything I have!” He thought to himself as he created his armor. After Chris was done crafting his stuff, he thought about going outside the shelter, he looked at the door for hours, but he couldn’t muster up the courage to open that door. He didn’t have any food with him, he was already starving half to death, so either he leaves the room or he starves to death. The hunger was getting too much to bear, he squirmed with hunger, even the chest in the room seemed like food at this point.

“I wasn’t raised to be a coward!” Chris thought aloud. He walked toward the door, took down the barricades, and he put his hand on the doorknob, but before he turned it, he took a deep breath. He peeked his head out the door and looked left and right and it was clear, there was no one there. I started walking towards the mine exit, when I got there; I got one of the biggest surprises of my life! Everything outside was black and white; there was no color to the world. It’s almost like if the universe glitched. Do you know the old Televisions? This is what the world looked like. When I got home, I checked out my color paste, they were also black and white! How am I going to paint my pictures now? I wonder if the rest of the world is also affected. I should go to the next town to see if everything is normal there.

Chapter Five: The Longest Staring Contest of My Life

Today I will be traveling to the next town; maybe they will be able to tell me what is going on. Let me just get some things from that I will need from the chest. Chris grabbed some pick-axes, food, emeralds (in case he ran into some traders), wooden-planks, and his bow. He checked his inventory to make sure his compass and map were in there, yes, they were there. He was now on his way to the next town over. While he was on his way to the next town, a large heavy cloud was coming fast towards Chris, he thought he should build a shelter away from the trees before the rain started pouring down.

Since he was in a heavily wooded area, he began to run away from the woods, but there was no end in sight. He took out his wooden-axe and began chopping down four trees that were near him. Lightning began striking hard that it made the ground feel like an earthquake struck. This was Chris‘s wake up call; he needed to move fast and with precision. Since wooden-planks can burn, he decided he was going to use cobblestones to build his shelter instead. He began setting the cobblestone on the ground as fast as he could; he added the first wall, BOOM! The sound of thunder startled him and began to move faster. He built all four walls, he made a hole on the south wall, two blocks in height to add a door; when he was finally inside, and he added a roof.

Finally, he made two more holes to place the windows. It looked like it was going to rain; it was going to rain a lot. Chris placed the usual stuff inside the shelter; he placed the bed next to the window so he could watch the rainfall. He sat there for hours until he finally got tired, he yawned then he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes for a while. He was not so tired that he could sleep immediately, he was just tired enough to take a ten minute nap. A noise woke him, but it wasn’t thunder this time, this time it was a hiss from outside of he window. He grabbed the bow from the side of his bed and looked out the window and there was nothing there, he thought that maybe it was just his imagination;  he is still paranoid about the whole guardian’s deal.

It was now pitch dark outside; you were not able to see three feet in front of you. Lighting struck a nearby tree, lighting up the front of the house revealing a creepy monster standing near the window. Every time lighting struck nearby, it lit up the creepy monster’s face, he was coming closer by the second until he hit himself on the window, CLUNK! He stood there hissing like a snake looking at me with his creepy black eyes, I looked at it, and it looked back at me. It was the longest staring contest of my life; if this is a contest he wins. I wasn’t too concerned about my safety, he won’t be able to hurt me from out there, anyways; if I can open the window, I could shoot it with my bow, but that would just be a waste. Maybe if I ignore it, it will just get bored and leave.

Chris took another ten-minute nap then the thunder followed by a huge lighting strike that hit the front of his house waking him up in a panic. He looked out the window to see where the lighting struck; it had hit the creepy monster that was there a few minutes before. There he was lying on the ground with its eyes open looking at the sky. “How come the creepy monster didn’t detonate when he was hit?” Chris wondered as he stood there looking out the window, the creepy monster wasn’t moving, hissing, creeping or doing anything creepy monster like, what’s up with that?

Since Chris hasn’t eaten all day, so he decided to forget about the creepy monster and go get something to eat. He went into his inventory and took out the juiciest pork-chop he could find and he threw it in the furnace. The wind outside was getting loud that it made the tree branches flex until they broke and then the rain got louder that Chris could barely hear himself think. He sat on the floor waiting for his food to be cooked; he looked at the furnace, and began thinking about what happened back there on the mountain. The guardian’s are not going to stop coming after him, but he refuses to leave. His food was ready, so he took it out of the furnace and ate it. He had was full and now he was ready to go to sleep. He walked over to his bed and let himself fall onto it. As he was lying there, he remembered that he had just cut down more trees to build this shelter and he did not remember to plant more again. Since he is still pretty close to the mountains, the guardian’s will not be happy about this.

Chapter Six: There’s Something Different About This Creepy Monster

He closed his eyes and fell asleep. HISS! He heard a noise; he thought that maybe the creepy monster outside had awoken, HISS! He opened his eyes and he saw the creepy monster inside his house looking at him with those creepy red eyes. There was something different about this creepy monster, you could see right through him, he was a creepy ghost! AHHHHHH! Chris yelled he frantically reached for his bow and pointed it straight at the ghost’s face, he shot the arrow, but it didn’t hit the ghost; instead, it just went through it and hit the wall behind him. Chris was out of luck; there was no second bow to shoot. PSSSSSSSS! The ghost started making that noise they make, when they are about to detonate.

Uh oh! Chris had no time to react all he could do is lie on his bed and wait for the ghost to explode. BOOOOOOOM! The creepy ghost exploded breaking everything in his surroundings, Chris wasn’t wearing any armor so the explosion caused him to lose about ninety percent of his health bar. Chris was dizzy and disoriented; the first thing he could think of is to get his belongings and begin digging in the ground, he thought maybe he would be safe underground. He dug a whole about thirty feet below him until he found an underground cave.

It was an irregular cave because it was filled mostly with obsidian blocks, there were also many pools of lava, and it almost made it seem like a version of the Nether-Realm. Chris went into his inventory, took out his iron armor, and put it on. He also equipped his iron sword that he had created a while ago. It was dark, so Chris set a torch on the wall. While he was down there, he felt a presence as it was almost as if someone was looking at him, he was sure there was someone there. He was right there was someone there; he saw the silhouettes of three people coming towards him in the dark part of the cave. It looked like it was some villagers and they were wearing diamond armor; they were probably soldiers.

Chris: “I am so relieved to see you guys here! You have to help me!”

Villager 1: “Sorry, but we are not here to help you, we are here to make sure you never come back to the mountains. We are the guardian’s in case you don’t know.”

Chris: “Please! I do not want to leave! I made a mistake!”

Villager 2: “You were warned not once, but twice by the old man, and you didn’t listen!”

Chris: “I will not leave! You can’t make me leave!”

Villager 3: “We’ll see about that!”

The first villager stepped forward and got into battle position, “if you won’t leave, I’ll make you leave!” He swung his sword towards Chris hitting him right on the chest. Chris fell on the ground, the villager raised his sword up to strike again, but Chris took him down with a sweep kick. Pow! The villager fell like a sack of potatoes. Without missing a beat, the second villager stepped forward a swung his axe toward Chris‘s face. Chris ducked and hit him with the butt of his sword in the stomach then he kicked him in the face, the villager fell to the ground making a loud thud.

The third villager stepped forward and said, “This is your last warning, I will give you a chance to leave, but if you don’t leave now, you will die!” He kicked Chris in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, he fell to the ground, and the villager picked up the axe, aimed it at Chris‘s head and threw it. Chris rolled to the side ducking the axe; he quickly picked up the axe, and chucked it back at the villager. He hit him right in the chest, knocking him down. Chris ran up to him and put his foot on the villagers chest and pointed the sword on his head, “I told you I’m not going anywhere!” The villager gave him a creepy smile, “What are you smiling at?” Chris asked. “I am smiling because you are going down!” The second villager tapped Chris right on the shoulder, he turned around, and the last thing he saw was the butt of the sword before it hit his face, Chris passed out.

The villagers built a small cell in the cave and dragged Chris in. They took everything in his inventory and his armor. Once they made sure he was not armed, anymore, they locked the cell. Since he wasn’t waking up, they threw a bucket full of water at him.

Villager 3: “You put up quite the fight.”

Chris: “I wasn’t really trying, you were all so easy to take down.”

Villager 1: “But in the end, you fell like rock hahaha!”

Chris“I will keep fighting! You can’t keep me in this cell for ever!”

Villager 2: You won’t be here for long, we are going to feed you to our wolves!”

Chris: “You and your wolves aren’t going to scare me! Let’s not forget about your dumb creepy ghost!”

Villager 3: “What? Creepy ghost? What are you talking about? We don’t have a creepy ghost.”

The lights went out in the room for ten seconds and then when they came back on, the creepy ghost was standing there in the middle of the room. “HISS!” The creepy ghost said. The villagers looked at each other for a second and said, “Uh-oh!” PSSSSSSSSSS! The creepy ghost was about to detonate; we had exactly five seconds of life left. The villagers all hugged each other as they waited for their inevitable demise. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The biggest explosion EVER! It must have been so loud that it was heard from miles away. At least the guardian’s are gone. Chris became a ghost himself and haunted the mountains; his wish of living in the mountains has been fulfilled.

The End,


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