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The Adventures of Steve (Book 4) – Journey Through Springland

Day 65

After defeating the Shadowthing and his skeleton army, everything went back to normal in Winter-land. Everyone that had been kidnapped days before, returned unharmed and happier than ever. I also had both of my friends back. We were getting ready to go onto our next adventure. This time we were going to a place called Spring-land! Apparently Spring-land is the complete opposite of Winter-land. It is completely sunny most of the time, it’s full of blooming flowers, animals are plentiful, they have plenty of food there, and best of all they say that daytime is longer there than any other place in the Cubeworld!

I shouldn’t be celebrating so soon, we still have about a ten day trip to get there. We will need to gather up tons of supplies for the trip. I should also mention, I am a celebrity now in Winter-land. I am known as the person who helped defeat the evil skeleton army, and thus saved the fortress! I can’t even go outside of my cabin without being asked for an autograph! The good thing is that I wont have to go and gather the materials myself, I have a ton of diamond I got from the last time I went to the obsidian-mines! I could buy almost anything I want! I chatted with Sam and Erik. I told them I had a surprise, and to come over to my cabin.

Sam: “hey, Steve!”

Erik: “hey, bro! What’s the big surprise?”

Steve: “come over here let me show you!”

Sam: “what is it?”

Steve: “give me just one second. Let me open my chest. Here come closer.”

Erik: “whoa! Look at all that diamond!”

Steve: “yeah, remember last time we went to the mine?”

Sam: “oh-yeah, we found all that diamond…I remember! Oh, but Erik wasn’t there, he was still bedridden.”

Steve: “oh, yeah. I forgot.”

Sam: “what are you going to do with all that?”

Steve: “well, since we are taking that huge trip to spring-land, I am going to use this to buy all of us supplies!”

Erik: “cool, thanks bro!”

Steve: “you’re welcome little bro!”

Sam: “we are going to need tons of stuff.”

Steve: “yeah? What do you want to get?”

Sam: “well, I want to get food! Lots of it!”

Steve: “done! What kind?”

Erik: “well, i want some apples, watermelon, pumpkin pie.”

Sam: “ew, yuck! I want some real food! Like, roast chicken, steak, and pork chops!”

Steve: “sounds good! We will go to the market and buy everything! We are going to arrive at spring-land, fifty pounds heavier ha-ha!”

Sam: “ha-ha, yeah!”

Erik: “we will also need wood, cobblestone, iron, and gold!”

Steve: “well we wont have to mine any of that stuff, we are going to head down to the shop and buy all those things right now!”

Sam: “yeah, lets go!”

We were heading out the door and into the market place when i was met with a big surprise at the door. It was the Commander of the fortress’s’ army. He greeted me.

Commander: “hey, Steve! How are you doing?”

Steve: “I am doing well, how about you?”

Commander: “I’m good. Listen, i don’t want to take much of your time so i am just going to get right down to business.”

Steve: “what is it?”

Commander: “well I have a proposition for you. It’s almost time for me to retire, and I want you to stay and be commander. What do you think?”

Steve: “thank you so much for the offer, but i have some other things that i need to get fixed. Maybe in the future i will come back and become commander. That is if the offer still stands.”

Commander: “I completely understand, Steve. Sure, when you decide to come back the position will still be open for you. I have one more thing for you, Steve. Here, i ordered the town’s blacksmith to make this special armor for you. It is made of a rare element, and its stronger than diamond armor. Here take it as a token of appreciation.”

Steve: “well, thank you so much Commander. I will wear this for the rest of my life!”

Commander: “I’m sure you will. It might even save your life a ton of times! Ha-ha. Well. I guess this means goodbye huh?

Steve: “yeah. It was a pleasure meeting you commander, goodbye.”

Commander: “you can come visit us anytime, there will always be a place for you here, Steve.”

Steve: “thank you, i will visit soon.”

It felt like tears were about to fall from my eyes, but i held them back. After the Commander left, Sam, Erik, and I went to the market-place. First we stopped by at the blacksmith’s shop. I wanted both my friends to have the best armor money can buy. Sam picked out armor that was made out of a rare dark green diamond.

Erik, picked out armor that was made out of a dark blue diamond. We went to the armory and looked at the weapons for a while. We all stocked on all the weapons that were available. I wanted to get as much gun-powder as i could buy. I had some plans to build tons of TNT, and use it to blow up the side of a mountain. I would then level the mountain, and build my self my very own castle! It would also be very handy for the next time we get attacked. We filled up our inventory, got ready to leave Winter-land, and said goodbye to everyone in town.

They were so sad to see us leave. We were sad too, but we have to get to Spring-land as soon as possible. We still need to warn them about the evil villager, Elder, Tom. I think that he is the most evil thing I’ve ever met, even more evil than the Shadowthing. We were walking towards the exit of the fortress, I gave the sign to the guards to open the gate. They saluted me, and they opened it. We were now on our way to Spring-land! This time we were fully prepared. We had our map, we had our compass, and we were armed and dangerous.

We walked for a while, until the sun started coming down. Then we decided to set up our usual shelter, but this time i wanted it to be above ground. I decided we should find the tallest oak wood tree. Cut the branches and add a ladder so we can climb it. The reason I decided to build above ground is because we are still in Winter-land, and we don’t know what kind of monsters could be lurking out there at night. I stretched by raising my arms out and told the guys that I’m dead tired.

Steve: “yawn! I’m tired. Hey, Sam, hand me one of the beds from your inventory please.”

Sam: “don’t you want to eat, Steve? I’m going to make some pumpkin pies.”

Erik: “mmm, sounds delicious!”

Steve: “yeah, sure. Do you know how to make them?”

Sam: “uh, no.”

Steve: “it’s pretty easy. You need some sugar, pumpkin, and eggs.”

Sam: “okay, let me get them out from my inventory. Okay, here they are! I’m going to put the eggs in first, then the pumpkin, and then the sugar. Here it is, a fresh pumpkin pie! Here’s one for you, Steve.”

Steve: “thank you.”

Sam: “one for you, Erik.”

Erik: “thanks, Sam.”

Sam: “you’re welcome guys. Now I’m going to eat my own pie.”

Steve: “okay guys, I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.”

Sam: “see ya.”

Erik: “sweet dreams!”

Sam: “I’m so excited to finally be getting back to Spring-Land! I can’t eve sleep.”

Erik: “yeah, me too! I can’t wait to see all my friends!”

Sam: “yeah, me too! We should probably get to sleep, we still have about eight more days of travel to get there.”

Erik: “yeah, you’re right. I’m going to bed.”

Sam: “okay, good night.”

Day 66-67

I woke up today fully refreshed and more relaxed than ever. I jumped put of bed and I lit the furnace with some coal. I was very hungry so i decided I was going to make myself a huge breakfast. I decided i was going to throw some chicken on the furnace and roast it. I woke Sam, and Erik up and told them breakfast was ready.

Steve: “hey, Sam, Erik. Wake up, breakfast is ready!”

Sam: “huh? What time is it?”

Steve: “it’s time to wake up!”

Erik: “ha-ha, good one, Steve”

Steve: “we have to eat and keep moving, we still have a long trip ahead of us.”

Erik: “hey, guys. I think i heard something outside.”

Steve: “stop playing, Erik.”

Erik: “no, for real!”

Sam: : “let me take a look…hey guys come over here!”

Steve: “it looks like the skeleton army followed us!”

Sam: “there must be a hundred of them out there!”

Steve: “I’m getting pretty tired of those dumb skeletons.”

Sam: “lets get our armor on.”

Steve: “don’t forget to get plenty of arrows!”

Erik: “got it.”

Steve: “come on guys. Lets prepare for battle!”

I decided we should do something pretty quick, so i told Sam, and Erik to break both of the windows and point your arrows towards the skeletons. As soon as we peeked our heads through the window, the whole skeleton mob raised their bows and shot directly at the house. It looks like about eighty arrows flew and stuck to the house. Not only that, it looks like it’s causing some damage to the shelter. I peeked out before they reloaded their bows, and shot one arrow. It hit one of the skeletons directly in the head, he pulverized immediately. They finished reloading their bows and shot another round, one of them flew through the window and hit Sam on the shoulder.

Sam: “I’m hit, guys!”

Steve: “be careful! Go ahead and hide for a while until your health regenerates!”

Sam: “my food bar is pretty low! My health wont regenerate!”

Steve: “I have some roast chicken in the furnace, get it!”

Sam: “okay!”

Steve: “okay, Erik, it’s just you and me now!”

Before reloading their bows again, the skeletons lit their arrows on fire. We were really in trouble this time, because the shelter was made entirely of wood. They aimed their bows and shot the fiery arrows straight onto the house. The house immediately set on fire, it’s almost like if the arrows had some kind of  combustible. We were stuck here. If we stay, we die. If we climb down, we also die! Everything in the shelter is on fire! There is smoke and we can barely see! I broke a block on the back side of the shelter to see if the if we could jump from the back, but the fall was too high, we wouldn’t survive it! I looked out the back once again and noticed there was a pack of wolves eating the food that had fallen from the shelter.

Steve: “hey, Erik!”

Erik: “yeah.”

Steve: “hey go into the chests and hand me all the meat you can find. I have an idea!”

Erik: “okay.”

Just to try out my idea, I threw one of the pieces of meat at one of the skeletons. When the wolves saw this they immediately ran to one of the skeletons and began attacking him. My idea worked! I told Erik to hand me the rest of the meat, and I threw it into the mob. After this the whole wolf pack was attacking them, they must have taken out almost half of the mob. After this happened, the mob decided to retreat. When the evil skeleton army left. We all climbed down as fast as we could, and got to safety. When we were down there we saw all our stuff in the shelter burn down.

Steve: “are you okay, Sam?”

Sam: “yeah, I recovered from the arrow wound.”

Steve: “what about you, Erik?”

Erik: “I am okay. All our stuff just burned. What are we going to do now?”

Steve: “don’t worry, Erik. We’ll find something.”

Sam: “all that matters is that we are safe. We can always get supplies later.”

Steve: “speaking about supplies, we need to find some iron quickly. We just lost all of our tools in the fire. I am almost sure the skeleton army is coming back for us.”

Erik: “at least we still have our bows.”

Sam: “yeah, but we need to make more arrows.”

Erik: “well, I have some feathers in my inventory.”

Steve: “good! We just need to get some flints, and get some wood to make sticks.”

Erik: “we still have about eight hours of daylight, we should keep moving, and get some wood along the way.”

Steve: “good idea, Erik. Lets keep walking.”

Sam: “what about the wolves?”

Steve: “well, we can’t take them with us. We don’t even have enough food to feed ourselves.”

Sam: “yeah, you’re right, but it would still be cool.”

Steve: “okay, we are going to need to get some wood pretty soon. We need to make some axes. Guys, help me chop this tree down, please.”

Sam: “sure.”

Steve: “okay now that we have some wood, the first thing we are going to do is make a crafting  table.”

Sam: “here, I got it made.”

Steve: “cool, now we need to craft some axes.”

Erik: “here, I already made one.”

Sam: “guys?”

Steve/Erik: “what?”

Sam: “it looks like the wolf pack is charging towards us, and they look pretty mad.”

Steve: “they’re probably still hungry. Lets build a shelter quickly, here hand me some wood blocks.”

I set up a wood shelter, and blocked off the entrance. Those dogs looked really unfriendly, it was almost as if they had the rabies. I could still hear them outside, it sounds like they are still walking  around, out there. It also sounded like like they started digging the dirt around the shelter. I made sure they couldn’t get to us by adding a wooden floor to the shelter. Great! Now we are stuck here once again, I wish we could just go through a week without being attacked by something.

Sam: “so, are we just going to sit here and wait for them to leave?”

Steve: “yeah, it looks that way.”

Sam: “we can’t do that. Our friends in Spring-Land haven’t seen us in months, they must be worried sick!”

Steve: “well, do you have any ideas?”

Sam: “how about we stop hiding like some kind of cowards, and go fight those things!”

Steve: “going out there by ourselves is crazy! There must be about a dozen wolfs out there, and they look huge!

Sam: “remember that you defeated the Shadowthing, and he was really huge.”

Steve: “stop saying that ‘things’ name! You do know he is still alive don’t you. We are still in the Winter-land area, he could still come get us!”

Sam: “well, if you don’t go outside and fight those wolves with me, I am going to say his name again!”

Steve: “please! Don’t say it.”

Sam: “well, break the blocks and go outside, and I wont say it!”

Steve: “okay! Okay! I’m going. Don’t we need a weapon at least?”

Sam: “yeah, here. I made these wooden swords. Here is one for you, and one for Erik. Now let’s go out there and kick some butt!”

I broke down the blocks that were covering the shelter entrance, I held my sword, ran out and braced for impact. As soon as I ran outside, one of the wolves ran towards me, and jumped high up in the air, landing right on me. He opened his jaw, exposing his huge canines, and put my mouth over my head. Since I was wearing my helmet, he couldn’t get to my head, but he tried. I could hear him grinding his teeth over my helmet. I looked around to see if any of the guys was around to help me out, but they were preoccupied. The wolf finally let go of my head, and went for my left hand. He managed to grab it. I quickly lifted up my right arm and hit him on the head with the back of my sword. He quickly let go of my arm, and began running away, whimpering, like a huge chicken! I began looking around to see if Sam, or Erik, needed any help.

Sam: “help!”

Steve: “I’m coming, just hold on, one second.”

I ran towards Sam. He was fighting with three wolves. He seem exhausted, he could barely lift up his sword. He collapsed all fell to the ground. I lifted up my sword, and swung it with all my might towards one of the wolves. As soon as I hit him, he turned his attention towards me now. He jumped right at me with a hungry look in his eyes, I lifted my sword once again, and struck him right on the leg, it looks like i broke it, because he fell to the ground, tried to get up, and he couldn’t. He just limped for a second and fell right down. I turned my attention towards, Sam, again. He had both wolves on him. One of them had his jaw around his leg, and the other had his jaw on one of his arms. I took out my bow, aimed right for the wolves head, and shot the arrow. I managed to hit him square on the cheek, and he collapsed. The wolves saw that we were not going to be easy prey, and they ended up running away with their tail between their legs.

Sam: “ha-ha. We did it! We defeated them!”

Steve: “yeah! They ran away like chickens! Ha-ha!”

Sam: “wait! Where is Erik?”

Steve: “what?”

Sam: “Erik is gone!”

Steve: “not again!”

Sam: “i think one of the wolves must have taken him!”

Steve: “well, we must move fast, the wolves shouldn’t be far  from here.”

Sam: “yeah, lets begin tracking them right away.”

Steve: “Follow me! They went this way!”

It was getting dark. We ran into the woods, and began tracking the wolves. We looked around at the oak trees and found the ones that had the wolf hair on them. This way we kind of had an idea of where those wolves were going. We tracked the wolves for a couple of hours. We stopped, and rested for a while. Sam, managed to find some mushrooms along the way. We added a ladder on an oak-wood tree, and set up a furnace up there. We made some soup, and ate our dinner.

Steve: “this is some good soup, good thing you found those mushrooms, huh?

Sam: “yeah. Since we are further away from Winter-Land, we should be able to find more food along the way.”

Steve: “did you noticed it’s less colder here?”

Sam: “yeah. The closer we get to Spring-land, the warmer it’s going to get. If we travel for two or three more days we should get awesome weather.”

Steve: “do you hear that?”

Sam: “yeah, it sounds like a pack of wolves howling!”

Steve: “lets go!”

Sam: “yeah, lets go! They sound pretty close!”

We climbed down the tree in a hurry. We waited for a minuet to see if the wolves howled again! Guess what? They howled again! We ran towards where the sound was coming from. We finally tracked the wolves. They were staying in a huge cave! Before we went inside we hid behind a tree and spied on them, and there it was, a wolf dragging Erik, inside.

Steve: “there, look!”

Sam: “yeah, i see it!

Steve: “we have to go get him!”

Sam: “lets go!”

Steve: “it looks like we aren’t going to get any sleep tonight.”

Sam: “who cares, we need to rescue Erik.”

Steve: “yeah, that’s more important!”

As we were approaching the cave, we saw a sign. It said,


Steve: “hey, look at the sign.”

Sam: “yeah, i see it. Who cares!”

Steve: “well, we are going to have to be careful. We almost died when we fought those wolves!”

Sam: “yeah, you’re right. We should be really quiet, going in there.”

Steve: “come on, lets go in.”

We walked inside the cave. It was dark, cold, and it stunk like garbage. We thought we shouldn’t light it up, it might warn the wolves that we are here.

Sam: “I can’t see anything!”

Steve: “me neither, but we can’t light torches, the wolves will know that someone is here.”

Sam: “well, how are we going to navigate?”

Steve: “here, put your hand on my shoulder. I am going to navigate by touch…I will just use my hand to touch around the cave.”

Sam: “that’s a dumb idea! We can’t see, and I’m pretty sure the wolves can see in the dark!”

Steve: “hand me a torch.”

Sam: “here.”

Steve: “i am going to dig a hole in the wall, let me see your pickaxe.”

Sam: “here.”

Steve: “now let me place this door. Get in, Sam.”

Sam: “i don’t know what you are doing but, okay.”

Steve: “okay, when i light this torch i am going to run inside and close the door. Watch what happens.”

I set the torch on the wall, and lit it. I ran into the shelter as fast as i could, and i shut the door. Me and Sam stood there and looked outside the door. A minuet after, a huge wolf came running towards the torch. He looked at it, and began smelling around the area. He tracked the smell right to our door. I took out my bow and pointed it right at his face.

Steve: “Sam?”

Sam: “yeah.”

Steve: “do you see?”

Sam: “yeah, you’re right.”

Steve: “now, soon as i tell you, can you kick open the door?”

Sam: “yes.”

Steve: “okay, Now!”

Sam kicked open the door, and I hit the wolf right on the face with my arrow. The wolf was stunned for a second, he got up and violently shook his head until the arrow fell off. He look at us for about a second, and then ran off deep into the cave. Me and, Sam went running after him. We had to take him down or he was going to warn the others that we were here in the caves. While we were running after him we heard some loud whimpering, we went to see what was going on, and found out the wolf we were chasing had fell into a hole. We heard some hissing down there, then we heard an explosion. There was a creeper down there and it blew up the dumb wolf.

Steve: “ha-ha! Did you see that?”

Sam: “yeah! That was totally awesome! Hey! There’s another creeper down there!”

Steve: “hide, Sam! There’s another wolf coming.”

The wolf picked up our scent and was coming towards us. Guess what? He fell down the hole too! Ha-ha! He got blown up shortly after by the creepers down there.

Sam: “hey, this is a pretty cool trap!”

Steve: “yeah, we should make the hole bigger.”

Sam: “okay. How big should we make it?”

Steve: “let’s make it at least six cubes long, and four cubes wide.”

Sam: “okay it’s done!”

Steve: “good. Pass me a couple of torches. I’m going to set them up here on our side.”

We set up the torches, and began yelling for the wolves to come get us. A couple of minuets after they came. They spotted us, and began running towards us. We equipped our swords in case one of them manage to get to us. They all fell into the trap, the creepers came for them shortly after. To our surprise they left a puppy wolf on the other side of the whole. Good thing it was the only one that spotted the hole on the ground or it would have blown up with the rest of wolves. We quickly covered up the hole and picked up the puppy.

Sam: “cool! Can we keep the puppy?”

Steve: “sure, i guess. His wolf pack is gone. He won’t be able to survive on his own.”

Sam: “we are going to need to get some food, he seems hungry.”

Steve: “what do you think we should call it?”

Sam: “we should call it rusty!”

Steve: “no, that’s an ugly name.”

Sam: “Max?”

Steve: “no.”

Sam: “Bailey?

Steve: “nope.”

Sam: “Buddy”

Steve: “no.”

Sam: “Jake?”

Steve: “nope, sounds like a human name.”

Sam: “Buster.”

Steve: “nope.”

Sam: “Duke?”

Steve: “that name sounds kinda cool. Let’s name him Duke!”

Sam: “okay, finally!”

Steve: “come on, Sam lets go get Erik.”

We walked deep into the mine, and came upon a large room. It was full of bones, and carcases. It stunk like rotten flesh. We finally found Erik passed out on the ground. We poked at him to see if he would wake up.

Steve: “hey, Erik! Wake up!”

Erik: “huh? What’s going on?”

Steve: “you, were passed out, buddy. Come on, get up, we have to get out of here.”

Sam: “hey, look! Your armor is all chewed up. The wolves were trying really hard to eat you ha-ha.”

Erik: “huh? Wolves?”

Sam: “yeah! Don’t you remember?

Erik: “uh, no.”

Steve: “good. Come on, lets get out of here.”

We finally left the cave, we set up our shelter, and finally, went to sleep.

Day 73

We have now been traveling on the road for over seven days now. One more day of travel and we are finally going to arrive at Spring-Land! We were all so excited to finally have some warm weather. We decided to take some time off our day to go swimming in a nearby river. Now, that we had another mouth to feed, we needed to have as much food as possible. Duke, liked to eat…a lot! Since he was growing rapidly, he needed to eat as much as possible. Sometimes we had to feed him as much as five steaks just to keep him happy.

Sam: “Duke, eats a ton!”

Steve: “yeah, but he’s growing fast! But once he’s full grown, he will be able to protect us.”

Sam: yeah, that would help me sleep better at night.”

Steve: “where’s Erik?”

Sam: “oh, he said he was going to collect some wood. We’re planning on making some fishing poles. I want to catch a ton of fish to feed Duke.”

Steve: “cool, we are going to have to catch at least a hundred of them ha-ha.

Sam: “yeah ha-ha. Once we get to Spring-Land we’ll have enough supplies. I built my very own house before i left.”

Steve: “oh, really?”

Sam: “yeah. I had a good job as a miner. I managed to buy some cool materials, to build my house. I’ll show it to you as soon as we get there.”

Steve: “awesome! I can’t wait!”

Sam: “yeah, me neither. I want to see all my friends that I left behind at Spring-Land.”

Erik: “hey guys I’m back.”

Sam: “did you get the wood?”

Erik: “yeah, i got about sixty-four blocks, that should be enough for all three of us to use.”

Steve: “hey guys, we’ve been here for a while now. If we want to get to Spring-land tomorrow we are going to have to travel all night.”

Sam: “that’s fine with me. The night here is less than half shorter than it is in other places in Cubeworld.”

Erik: “we should be there by nighttime anyways. Everyone will be asleep.”

Sam: “that’s okay. We could surprise them in the morning.”

Erik: “hey, we could introduce Duke to our other dogs!”

Sam: “yeah! I’m sure he’ll love to play with them!”

Steve: “here, i made us some fishing poles while you guys were talking.”

Sam: “cool, thanks!”

Erik: “thanks!”

Steve: “whoa! I think i caught a fish already!”

Sam: “cool, you’re so lucky!”

Steve: “Duke, come here boy!”

Duke: “woof-woof!”

Steve: “here have the first catch!”

Duke: “woof.”

Day 74

After long weeks of travel we have finally arrived at Spring-Land. It was about four in the morning and there was still one more hour until the sun came up. Everyone was asleep so me and the guys decided that we should stop by Sam’s house and hang out there for a while. We went inside and Sam gave me a tour of his house. It was huge! It was a three story house. He had a huge storage room in his basement. It must have had a dozen chests all full of building materials. The house had four rooms, a pool, library, and a huge kitchen! He said he still had some food left from the last time he was here.

Sam: “hey, are you guys hungry?”

Steve: “yeah.”

Erik: “me too!”

Sam: “i got some pork chops, let me throw them in the furnace and cook them up.”

Sam, finished cooking our pork-chops. He gave us both a plate and served us our food. As soon as we finished eating, the sun began to come up.

Steve: “hey! The sun is coming up. We should get out there and let your friends know you’re here!”

Sam: “yeah, lets go!”

We walked outside, and began looking around for the people in Spring-Land. There was something weird going on. It looks like the town hasn’t been kept in a while, there were weeds growing all over the crops. The roads were dirty, they haven’t been swept, and dirt was starting to pile on top of them. We went to knock at one of Sam’s, friend’s house, and there was no answer. Sam, was getting kind of worried. He said this was really unlike them, that they would usually wake up as soon as the sun came up, every single day. We stopped by Sam’s old school to see if anyone was there. We stopped by every single classroom, ranging from kindergarten to eight grade. Nothing, there was no one there.

Erik: “i can’t believe this is happening! Everyone is gone! We should have never left!”

Sam: “where do you think they went?”

Erik: “i have no idea. Everything was perfect here before we left.”

After Erik said that a flaming arrow went flying through the glass window and hit him on the shoulder. Since they thought Spring-Land was one of the safest places in Cubeworld, Sam and Erik though it wasn’t necessary to wear their armor. It was a big mistake! As soon as Erik got hit by the arrow he collapsed on the ground. The hit had taken over ninety percent of his health. Me and Sam took a quick look outside to see who was out there shooting the arrows. Once again, it was the skeleton army. They just wont give up going after us, what did we do to them? Why do they hate us so much?

We were basically stuck here, we had no weapons. We had nothing! We had stored all our supplies in Sam’s storage room. The skeleton army shot once again, breaking all the windows. The whole school was now bursting up in flames and we were stuck here. There was suddenly another round of arrows shot through the window, and one of them landed on Erik once again.

Steve: “Erik!!! are you okay?”

there was no answer from Erik, it looked like he was gone.

Sam: “check his pulse.”

Steve: “i don’t feel anything! He’s gone!”

Sam: “this can’t be!”

Steve: “we have to go or we’ll burn here along with the school!”

Sam: “what about ERIK!”

Steve: “please, Sam. We have to go now! Do you have any ideas?!”

Sam: “There is a sewer system below the town. If we dig down we should be able to escape!”

The whole building was now falling apart, we had to move quick so we began digging the floor out with our bear hands. We went through brick, after brick, until we hit the dirt below. After we digged through the dirt, we finally came upon a cobblestone floor. We broke those blocks up, and got to the sewers below the city. We were both relieved that we were able to escape from the skeleton army once again.

Sam: “I’m so sad, i lost my best friend!”

Steve: “I’m so sorry buddy. One day we are going to go out there and finish those skeletons.”

Sam: “the whole town is gone, who is going to help us fight them, and Elder, Tom?”

Steve: “we will find a way Sam. We always do. Now lets build some shelter now. I have a feeling there is going to be something bad down here.”

Sam: “yeah, lets get going.”

Steve: “ewww. Yuck. It really stinks down here.”

Sam: “i know. It is the sewers.”

Steve: “do you think there is anyone down here?”

Sam: “i doubt it. Who would want to live in this stinky place?”

Steve: “well, if I was running away from something I would hide down here.”

Sam: “yeah. This is probably the best place to hide. Nobody wants to come down here.”

While Sam and I were chatting, we heard a loud sound coming out of the other end of the sewer. It sounded like someone was hitting a piece of steel against the cobblestone wall. There was no place to run this time, we either had to stay and fight, or we had to break the side of the sewer walls. We still had no tools with us. Breaking the cobblestone with our bare hands would take forever. The sound sounded like it was getting closer and closer.

I have a feeling that this time we were really in trouble. We began to hear another sound, it was coming from the right side of the sewer wall. It sounded like someone was hitting the cobblestone with a pickaxe. Okay, so now we have someone coming through the side of the wall, and we have someone coming from the other end of the sewer. I was beyond scared, and Sam wasn’t happy about this either. A piece of cobblestone finally broke from the side of the wall, someone peeked out their head and said, “hey guys! Over here. Come quickly!” we ran towards the stranger and both Sam and I extended our hands so he could help us get in the hole.

Steve: “thanks! You saved us!”

Sam: “thank you so much!”

Steve: “I am Steve and this is Sam. What is your name, stranger?”

Paul: “my name is Paul.”

Steve: “what are you doing down here Paul?

Paul: “it’s not safe to be up there.”

Steve: “why?”

Paul: “the skeleton army has been attacking us for weeks now. They come to Spring-land almost every day. They have kidnapped almost everyone I know. There are only a couple of us left.”

Steve: “where do you think they are taking them?

Paul: “they are taking them to a village, were they are being enslaved.”

Steve: “wait! Are they taking them to elder Tom’s village?”

Paul: “yes! How did you know?”

Steve: “we were his prisoners and we managed to escape. We came all the way from the village to warn you guys about him.”

Paul: “you’re too late. They have been coming here for over a month now.”

Steve: “well. Now I know why the skeleton army won’t stop following us.”

Paul: “there is a small town nearby. I heard there are some people hiding there. Maybe we could convince them to come with us to the village where elder Tom is, and fight him.”

Steve: “we are going to need a big army.”

Paul: “i know but we need to stop this ‘Tom’ as soon as possible. He has been attacking many town around here.”

Steve: “What’s the name of the town?”

Paul: “it’s called ‘Greenville’. Do you guys have any weapons?”

Steve: “no. we left them up there.”

Paul: “here. Take this iron sword. We will use the sewer tunnels to navigate to Green-ville. Come on this way.”

We traveled the whole day through the tunnels and we finally arrived at Green-ville. When we got there, we were welcomed with open arms by the locals. Paul talked to them about our plan to go stop elder Tom. They agreed to come with us.

Paul: “it looks like the locals are eager to come with us and fight elder Tom.”

Steve: “really? I’m so happy to hear that!”

Sam: “yeah me too.”

Paul: “we leave tomorrow. Be ready please.”

Steve: “how many people are coming with us?”

Paul: “there are fifty people coming with us. They are all equipped with weapons and armor. For now get some rest guys.”

Steve: “okay. See you in the morning.”

After traveling for weeks and weeks, we are now finally ready to stop that evil old man. Lets not forget that his skeleton army killed one of our best friends. Tom will pay for this.