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Snake Diet: How to Cure Yo-Yo Fasting in Five Steps

This is a direct transcript of Cole Robinson’s video titled: How to cure yo-yo fasting in five steps.

HEY FATTY!! This Is how you cure yo-yo fasting. Lets begin. how to cure yo-yo fasting.

Number one:

stop doing excessively long, fast. okay? we’re not here to see who did the longest fast. We’re here to lose weight and keep it off. Okay.

Do you know how many people I’ve seen do like multiple,  30 day fast in a year and still haven’t lost the weight. The still fat gain. You need to build discipline to learn how to eat again.  Long, fasts are useless. You’re no hero.  You don’t know a thing about maintaining weight loss, all you’ve done is long fasts.

number two:

The next major point, perform 20 or more cycles of 72s and 48 hour fasts. That’s how you build the discipline to keep that weight off.

I just got done 20, 48 hour fast. 20,  48s okay. That takes discipline.  And yo-yo? probably not since I just did 40 days of back to back fasts. And I even had a couple of  60 hour ones in there. okay, there I ate more on a re-feed day.

and went two days, without food. Okay. That’s discipline. I can do 40 days till the day I die. Okay. If I can do 20, 48s in a row at 8% body fat, you can. 72s like all if you can’t do 72 hour fast or 20 straight cycles because you get too lean then roll it into 48s.

That is how you build discipline. That’s impressive. That is impressive. Somebody that’s a fat pig that can do 60 days of 72s. Okay, that’s 20, 72 hour  fasts. That is impressive. Not some dummy that does 50, 60, 70s and 80s or a hundred day fast and can keep the weight off and just messes up and gains all  weight back soon as they go back to their stupid lifestyle.

You’re no hero. You don’t know anything until you can do something like that. A real fast in your team. Some is going to get the weight off and keep it up and you will not relapse cause you beat that in your mind. You can do 72s, 48s nonstop till the day you die.

Number three:

eat low carb re-feed until comfortably full. One hour eating window. Max. Now, I didn’t say calories or anything here. I don’t care. I care about the eating frequency being on point. Build the habit to not mess up the fasting routine. That’s the number one rule.

I don’t even care if you ate a pile of food that sitting, I don’t care. Build the  habit Okay?  72s the 48s nonstop. Okay? Eat till you’re comfortably full. obviously, if you are full inside of an hour, you’re eating too slowly, faster fatty. It’s not like you haven’t ate fast before.

Okay? Just eat a low carb meal. Obviously low carb cause they’re food addicts. So we’re trying not to be hungry in 24 hours. Keep the carbs down. How simple is this? 72s . If you start to get too lean on 72s, try 48s. okay?

Refeed till you’re comfortably full Okay? you know how much weight you’ll lose on 72s for 30 days straight or 60 days straight. Even if you’re eating till you’re comfortably full in an hour window, you lose 20lbs to 30lbs a month.  you got your whole life to live.

You’re gonna lose all the weight doing 72s in a six month span, or a year. If you’re the fattest on the planet, you’ll still lose all the weight in a year on 72s  Okay? lose 40  pounds. Its not a race. It’s about discipline and maintaining it.

Next year and next year, and next year and next year, and not blowing up like  a  balloon.

Number four:

maybe the most important thing in the whole list. Never eat back, to back days.

Okay. You never have to be back to back days. I just did 20 cycles of 40th 8% body fat Okay? the only people to even consider OMAD is like someone I’m coaching. He’s an elite level professional boxer, that logs, a stupid amount of cardio every day. Even him, even him, we could do the 48s remember when I say 48s.

When you get ripped, it’s a two day fasting cycle. Alternate day fasting. Okay, I need in one meal on 48 in about, an hour, but when you get shredded. If you have a wider window and it’s a two day cycle, maybe you’re eating 44 and four a 40 and eight you’re shredded.

I don’t care. Don’t get back to back day. Okay? They don’t eat back to back days. You fat pigs shut up. You do not need to eat back to back days. You follow that rule, you’ll get there and build the discipline on that alone.

Number five:

Drink snake juice on fasting days. Simple. This is how you cure yo-yo fasting. I had somebody talk to me the other night and they keep messing up and they’re like, Cole. You know, I have to discipline to fast, you know, I’ve done 10 days. I’m like, you ain’t disciplined. And you’ve done the same 10 day fast and you’re still a fat pig.

Okay. 48s and 72s and don’t eat back to that day, and when you re-feed, don’t even worry about the calorie counter. Low carb until comfortably full. That is going to be when you’re going out there, simulate down the road, practice it. You will keep the weight off. Okay?

You’re nothing and gain it back because you don’t have a clue what to do with yourself when you got off your a hundred day fast or whatever you’re doing. Complete waste of time. Okay. This is how you create discipline, and get the  weight off, we are here to lose weight, not to fast ourselves.

For 30 days. We’re here to lose weight. I have to put the brakes on this. Just like every other thing. You get all these idiots that get so extreme, they completely get off track of what they’re here to do. Okay. It’s great. It’s great that you could fast and you beat your fear of fasting and could do a long fast.

Okay. Now we’re done with that. We’re losing weight. We are here to lose weight. Okay. Discipline. A consistent, fasting routine is how you are you going to do it? Okay. Until next time, stop eating fatty.