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Pokémon Funko Pops (Full List)

Pokémon Funko Pop has its origin in the Japanese media franchise, the Pocket Monsters and the famous Funko Inc., the American brand that is into making of licensed pop culture collectibles. Pokémon Funko Pop is a combination of these Pokémon characters, which are a vinyl creature kind of fictional collectibles, created by The Pokémon Company, and Funko group of toys.

Therefore any Pokémon Funko Pop is unique in the sense that is basically a Pokémon, like Pikachu, Squirtle etc., and it is a Pop Vinyl from Funko. There are 7 characters in all as of now, along with the monthly series of 12 each, and these are available in different sizes and materials, but the original formation from Pokémon Funko Pop is in vinyl, and is the following configuration:

Target Exclusives

(Only available in Target stores)

353 Pikachu – Target
353 Pikachu 10″ – Target

454 Bulbasaur 10″ – Target

455 Charmander
455 Charmander 10″ – Target
504 Squirtle

505 Squirtle 10″ – Target

PokemonCenter Figures by Funko


A Day With Pikachu: One Lucky Day

A Day With Pikachu: Rainy Day

A Day With Pikachu: Blooming Curiosity

A Day With Pikachu: Sweet Days Are Here

A Day With Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration

A Day With Pikachu: Splashing Away Summer

A Day With Pikachu: Charged Up for Game Day

A Day with Pikachu: Surprises to Fall

Pokémons are very popular all across the globe mostly among young children, especially boys. These are used for pretend play where they are used to battle each other, and to catch each other by human trainers. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” is the English slogan. Although Funko was founded many years ago, in 1998, Pokémon has been done so recently in 1995. The collaboration happened in 2018, when the both the companies colluded to produce the first 4-inch vinyl figure of the flagship Pokémon, Pikachu. Later 10-inch sized figures were also rolled out.

The Pokémon Funko Pop casts have become so popular, that they are now being sold on various websites, including the companies’ own websites, and shipped everywhere around the globe. There is news that this collaboration of Pokemon and Funko would produce more and more collectibles in the near future. A special collection from Pokemon Funko Pop is being released each month as well, February 2019 onwards, as announced by the company. However, what would be released next is always kind of unpredictable when it comes to Pokemon Funko Pop. The company is also trying to target more female audience by launching series like, “A Day With Pikachu: Sweet Days Are Here” or “A Day With Pikachu: Splashing Away Summer”, in its monthly editions, however, the theme also tries to take into account the month and the season.

You can make out the popularity and demand of these figures from the fact that they are already topping Amazon’s list of top 10 best sellers, and are usually pre-ordered to be shipped as soon as available. The prices are average 10 USD per piece of the action figure.

Both the companies are also into other action figures as well independently; and also into filming, video gaming and comics with their own characters. There are more than 10,000 characters that are there with Funko as of now, all licensed and copyrighted, and among Pokémons, there are different generations. The first generation had 151 Pokémons in all, the second one had 251 in all. The third one was followed by 386, the IV one was 493, followed by a 649 in the fifth. VIth and VIIth generation Pokémons went a step ahead to have about 721 and 805 figures in all. Although these characters all look the same, some are even sequels, yet they are all different!

Funko Pops!

(Available Everywhere)


Squirtle #007

Squirtle is a tiny turtle Pokémon that is a water type. It has three evolutions which are Warturtle and then into Blastoise. (Only Squirtle is available as a Funko)

Bulbasaur #001

Bulbasaur is a tiny grass type Pokémon that grows stronger by collecting energy from the sun from the seed on his back. Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and then to Venasaur (Only Bulbasaur is available as a Funko Pop)

Charmander #004

Charmander is a reptilian fire type Pokémon who has a torch on the end of its tail. Charmander evolves into Charmelon and then into Charizard (Only Charmender is available as a Funko Pop)