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Snake Diet – an Effective Approach to Weight Loss

The snake Diet is believed to be a restrictive diet but rather a lifestyle focused around prolonged fasting to promote a proactive eating routine. This diet focuses on the benefits obtained between feeds – unlike the mainstream diets.

The recent history in Western Culture has shown that there has been a paradigm shift from food scarcity to food glut. As a result of the abundance of food, a new lifestyle was reborn which is food-centered rather than body-centered. However, in environments where food scarcity is common, the human body has adapted well. With these principles, the Snake Diet teaches people about adaptation to modern living via fasting and proactive eating protocols. To understand this phenomenon, the Snake Diet gives you an insight into how your body metabolizes food, burns fat, and repair itself at the cellular level.

It is disheartening that we’ve held on to garbage information about food and diets. Are you interested in testing out a lifestyle that works for weight management? If Yes, then this information is for you.

We present to you the firsthand information on the Snake Diet you can ever lay your hands on, to become the best version of yourself.


This diet is not only a restrictive lifestyle but rather a lifestyle that is focused on prolonged fasting. Fasting in this sense means, observing total abstinence from food and calorie consumption. It is important to know that, this fast helps to access the stored fat in the body as it is in this state that the body can breakdown or metabolizes fasts stored in the body. At this period of prolonged fasting, the only thing to be consumed is the Snake Juice.

Besides, the Snake Diet encourages proactive eating. In this context, proactive eating means intentional and deliberate eating windows with the Snake Diet feeding window between 1 to 2 hours.

The essence of this routine is to promote fasting protocols that result in the loss of fat followed by a maintenance routine to help sustain the desired weight.

How does it Work

This diet – the snake diet uses an evolutionary approach to eating in which the snake juice helps to replenish the body electrolyte. This is because the human body works in a way that it adapts to food scarcity.

In our daily endeavor, when we eat, the food we eat is stored as energy for later use. So, when food consumption is more than the body can readily expend, then the level of insulin in the body rises to store energy in two different ways. The carbohydrate is broken down into sugars to form long chains and the liver helps to store them as glycogen. The energy stored as glycogen is however used as an immediate source of energy. When the available space for energy storage in the liver is exhausted, then the liver begins to convert the excess energy into fat. The fat is then stored in the body and its storage is unlimited in the body. It is important to know, that energy stored as fats cannot be accessed unless the supply of sugars in the liver is depleted. This means that, if there are high consumption frequencies, then the body is kept in a constant fed state. As a result, the fat stored in the body will remain untapped and more fat will be added which will lead to weight gain.

The catch is that you either store food energy or burn it.

The human body is wired to endure fasting periods which shows that feeding always is an unnatural state of being. This fasting state is evident when we sleep every night, so it is very easy to achieve. This is where the snake diet comes in to challenge the mainstream dogma in meal frequency. The snake Diet comes in to change your orientation about constant feeding by helping you to balance the fasting and feeding equation. So, instead of feeding constantly, the Snake Diet helps to promote prolonged fasting followed by small windows of feeding.

So, the clear view is about the importance of when you eat and what to eat. In this case, you only have small eating windows and what you mainly eat is the snake juice to replenish the body fluid. If this is not strictly followed then you won’t be able to break down the fat stored in the body and as a result, this will continue to lead to weight gain. More weight gain may eventually bring about more health-related challenges.

This diet doesn’t have a recommended fasting duration standard for weight reduction. This is because the level of stored fat varies from one individual to another bur irrespective of the duration of fasting the consumption of Snake Diet is important to help replenish the body’s electrolyte. However, this juice can be made at home, it is cheap, natural, and can be made at home.

Routine to observe

Fasting: During this period, endeavor to abstain totally from all forms of calorie and only consume the snake juice. As mentioned earlier, the duration of fasting varies from person to person. In essence, the duration of fasting for an obese person may be longer than a person with low body fat. Snake Diet fasting basic protocols include

1. Stop Eating

2. Take the Snake Juice

3. Continue fasting until you are satisfied

Re-feed: This program involves changing one lifestyle into a new kind of lifestyle. Here, keep it simple and make sure to be consistent with what works for you and what you eat. Keeping the feeding windows tight is very essential to obtain the desired result. With the help of the snake diet, you can promote intentional and deliberate eating.

Repeat: The fasting period must be repeated followed by tight re-feeds until the desired weight has been obtained. After the desired weight has been obtained, begin a maintenance routine fasting or refeeding between 24 hours to 48 hours.

How to get started

Needed ingredients
Baking soda
Himalayan Pink Salt (NaCl)
Magnesium Sulphate (Food grade Epsom Salts)
Potassium Chloride (No salt)
Weigh Scale
Keto Sticks

Recipe for Snake Juice

2 liters of water
1 teaspoon of potassium chloride (No salt)
Half teaspoon of Sodium Chloride (Himalayan pink Sat)
1 teaspoon of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
Half teaspoon of Magnesium Sulphate (Food Grade Epsom Salts)

Starting your first fast

Take Supper
Start by observing the first 48 hours fast and don’t hesitate to drink the snake juice. This first 48-hours fast is important to help you get rid of sugars in your body, food addiction, toxins, and fear of fasting. Do not forget to observe this fast during the periods when you are less active to help you to prevent the crisis of sugar and caffeine withdrawals
Always monitor your daily progress by recording your weight and test for ketones in your urine
Strictly adhere to your usual daily activities
Do not gorge yourself when feeding


After the first, fasting period, observe another 72 hours fast and followed by a prolonged fasting routine. At every point you observe the fasting routine, always dim it fit to take the snake diet to replenish your electrolytes and water retention.

Who Benefits from Snake Diet?

This question is a big one and the answer goes thus; Everyone benefits from Snake Diet. This diet helps to do a kind of factory reset at the cellular level. However, if you are living a lifestyle centered around over-eating followed by crash diets, then your journey of weight loss may soon become weight gain if proper care is not taken. This program is meant to be a lifestyle to help achieve self-control overfeeding.

Potential Benefits:

Cellular cleansing
Clears skin issues
Help to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Increase in Growth Hormone
Increased metabolism
Skin tightening
Weight and fat loss
Daily Living Guide

Informing your family and friends that you are fasting may raise questions because the world we live in is food centered. Although they may have good intentions, there will be challenges here and there about your eating disorders and starvation. Here comes the opportunity to sensitize your circle about the potentials and benefits of fasting centered lifestyle.

Some common challenging situation that you may find yourself when observing this lifestyle

Committee or volunteer meetings
Conferences or Work meetings
Family functions
Fitness circles
Gathering of friends
Special occasions
Traditional functions
Suggested Actions

Allow your body to get used to this lifestyle with lots of confidence before you put yourself in challenging food situations
Try as much as possible to live a proactive eating lifestyle in which you always plan ahead of upcoming occasions. If you have an unavoidable function, fast up to the feeding time at the gathering or function
Do not give in to criticism instead use your personal experience to advise and motivate your circle to adopt your kind of lifestyle.

Possible Negative Effects

The first and most common negative effects that may arise as you embark upon a fasting focused lifestyle is the sugar and caffeine withdrawal headaches. It is important to know that you will get over it as you prolong your fast and your body cleanses itself. Other side effects include dizziness and muscle cramps, there will be a low or no occurrence if the snake juice is taken at every point in time during fasting.

Snake Diet Success Tips

There are few tips to ensure success when you switch to a fast-centered lifestyle. They include

Try to educate yourself on the pros and cons of the Snake Diet. No pain, no gain they said. Observing this program isn’t a joke and it is going to be hard. Nevertheless, you can break those barriers, put in that effort and you will surely make progress.
Try as much as possible to join a Snake Diet motivation group on social media. This will greatly help you progress. The essence of this is to get firsthand information as well as motivations.
Use social media to your advantage. Publicly declare your goals, post a picture of your achieements and you will progress easily. You will get positive reactions and negative reaction, don’t be distracted. Positive reactions will make you happy while negative ones should challenge you to make a strong determination.
Take selfie photos weekly for accountability
Engage by commenting, like, and share people’s stories of success because your is on its way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get into starvation mode when I fast?
Capital NO. This is a misconception about what happens to the body when fasting. The human body is wired to endure prolonged fasting. And a series of studies have shown that fasting helps to increase basal metabolic rate.

Is it safe to fast?
It is safe to fast if you follow the Snake Diet guidelines, by drinking the Snake Juice with periodic self-check on your progress. Self-assessment may include and not be limited to “How do I feel”. As a result, you will know when to break for a refeed or continue a fast.

Does fast burn one’s Muscle?
It doesn’t burn muscle. This is because glycogen is used as glucose for energy and after this energy source runs out, the body begins to breakdown fat for energy conversion.

Is calorie reduction not the same as Fasting?
No. Calorie reduction diets only focus on what you eat while the snake diet focuses on the duration between feeds.