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Neville Goddard – Five Steps to Creating Your Reality

Not long ago, Neville Goddard, an American author gained prominence in the Metaphysical field. Although his work wasn’t like Napoleon Hill’s work, it’s popular enough to catch people’s attention. According to him, we are God. I am God and You are God. He emphasized that through imagination all things are possible and imagination is the most beautiful and potent expression of our Godhood.

Neville believed that all stories are true and all stories are coming true at this moment. And according to his belief, we always create reality by creating all around us and all the things that enter our lives. This means we are the creator in our domain. He also made a point that for the best success to be achieved, you have to focus on the “End Result” which can be many things.

The question is how do I create my reality? To do this, this article has curated the 5 steps required to create a reality fashioned toward Neville Goddard’s method. The step involved include the following:

Step 1: What’s your desire?

The question here is “What do you want?” your answer may be anything. Don’t dumb this down because it may be your first time. However, after the first time, you’ll need to expand your vision.

Be clear and concise with what you want. For example, if your desire is 50 dollars, support it with series of questions and be sure to write them down. Questions like; Are these 50 dollars? Do I need this money in cash? What are the goals I have in mind? Or, am I trying to see if this method will work?

As for me, I’d prefer a plane ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia. And my main aim in getting the ticket is to move to Cambodia.

Step 2: What’s Your “End Result”

Let’s assume that you needed fifty-dollars to buy lotto tickets. Then we’d say that your “End Result” for needing such an amount of money is having the lotto tickets and not the money. Therefore, we can say that money is an obstacle that stands as a hindrance on your path towards your intention. However, there may be multiple “End Results” where you’ll need to create something that’ll encapsulate all of your intentions into one. For instance, if you desire a lotto ticket to win money, then you have ended up creating multiple obstacles. In this case, go for the reasons for needing such money.

Step 3: What’s Your Scene?

Creating personal scenes can be a little tricky. To do this, give yourself about 2 days out 5 days to experiment. Remember that you don’t have to force anything, surrender to allow the sensations to come to you. Consequently, the images and scenes will flood your mind and you’ll have to hold on to the ones you like and discard the ones you don’t like. You will end up finding a scene that implies the fulfillment of your desire.

Step 4: Feel the Feeling by Playing the Scene

After you’ve found a true magnificent scene that is necessary for your purpose – don’t hesitate to play it over and over again. In process of playing, edit it and trim it down to capture the implied fulfillment of your intention in a single phrase. Play and repeat over and over again to add sensory details to the scene. Try as much as possible to play it for about four days or longer.

Step 5: Let Go and then Surrender

This Is the final step and always make sure to observe this after each session. On the fourth day a stated in step four, just let go and surrender. This activity comes easier because you’ve done what’s necessary with no fear, no struggle, and no straining for all is well. However, if you encounter any problem follow these three recommendations:

Firstly, look for a way to distract yourself after your session by talking to a friend, draw, work on a project, watch a movie, and many more. This makes it easier if it’s something you enjoy doing and are passionate about.

Secondly, breathe in and out, four seconds on the inhale and exhale. This should be done as many times as possible to clear all raw energy and tensions that may arise in the process.

Lastly, in a loud voice say “Thank You”. I Let Go And Surrender From This Moment On. The meaning of this prayer is that you accept that which you intend to create.