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(These lectures are inspired by the Writings of the great mystic, Neville Goddard.)

At this point, I find it pertinent to share the content of a letter I received from of a friend. In it, this is captured: “Last Monday night a friend asked me for help, so that night I spent a half hour imagining I heard the words he would say if his desire were realized. I was perplexed because in that dream my friend’s wife appreciated me for my help before I wake up the next morning.

“While I was enjoying some music in my living room in the evening on Tuesday evening, my friend appeared in reverie. Speaking with authority, power, and joy, he used the identical words I heard when I imagined him confirming the fulfillment of his desire, and I felt the thrill of completion.”

It is strongly hoped by me that this confirmation will translate to the immediate reality, and the event of the fulfillment which was realized through me will be actively perceived by my friend. Now, in another phase of this letter, my friend wrote: “In a dream, I entered a hotel lobby, registered at the desk, and asked to be called at 7:00 o’clock the next morning. I got up immediately, the man marked a bold seven over my name on the card.”

The vision was indeed marvelous. This is strengthened by the numerical value of number “7” which symbolized spiritual perfection. Gestation and incubation also play a vital role. From the domain of animals and insect, it is understood that 280 days is a multiple of seven. From this, we infer that birth has multiples of seven. In our own interpretation, it reveals spiritual perfection.

In the words of another lady, I quote: “I saw myself lying in bed, ghastly pale as though dead. Suddenly a giant of a man rose out of my body.”

An example can be deduced out of the expression of George Russell popularly known as A.E, a wonderful artist who was also a mystic. He stated: “I will tell this vision, but where it happened I will not say.  It was a great hall filled with columns constructed out of living opal and within the hall, the colors of the daylight and night had blended into something alive.

The fire crested-kings were seated upon the thrones between the columns. One of the kings wore a crest of the dragon, while another, plumes of fire.  As though in a deep trance, a dark body was stretched out on the floor at the center. At the far end of the hall sat a being with the sun’s glory shining behind him on a throne higher than the others.

Still, in the trance, two crested kings rose and stretched their hands over the body on the floor, and sparks of light came out of them. Suddenly, there arose out of the dark body a figure as tall, as majestic as these fire-crested kings. He recognized his king at a glance and raised his hand in salutation. They responded just like brothers by raising their hands in the same wonderful greeting, and they disappeared into the sun

Each vision is a mental projection into the futuristic events. A. E. observed him outwardly as proceeding from another, while this lady is perceived as one who is inwardly attached to her own individual being. They are both insights into deep things which are within the inward part of every human being; for that crested king, who is the Son of God, is housed in all.

The gender of the body or the host is of no significance, also the color of the skin is absolutely unimportant; within each of us is the Son of God, who illuminating his glory and revealing sufficiently his being- is the great lamp of the Lord. And one day this royal being will spring out of your clothing of death and will cause you to enter into the land of life

But in this physical life, it is important for us to learn its rules and apply it diligently. Life itself is an effect of the synthesis of states of mind, which at the end is a product of the contents of the mind. My friend believed the words of the fulfillment of his friend’s desire. This fusion of thoughts in his mind gave him the solid ground for a fulfilled life.

After you have been able to harmonize the thoughts in your mind, you do not have to be stagnant within the confines of repeating your own thoughts. Your relief is a proof of the success of you casting your bread upon the water. Although there are no actions in a sexual manner, the relief surpasses all forms of pleasure and it is enjoyed by you. The relief of profitable imaginations can be likened to the relief of when one perceives the inner voice of a late dearly beloved once again.

If you give yourself an imposition to employ an act overly, you are not casting your bread upon the water. Though imagination may be constant, ideas are only conceived once; and if your idea reaches its birthing, your bread has indeed been cast upon waters to yield fruits momentarily. Confirmations are usually received via phone calls in my own case. But at the time of mental relief, I proceed to other functions even if my expectations are yet to be actualized.

Be conscious of life issues since unconsciously, it cannot be lived without on daily basis. Many relieved staffs feel the government is required to supply the life-needs; but truly, no government support, only taxpayers. The government derives its finance from tax. The relieved workers keep complaining of them not getting support, and that bitter mood persists their whole life.

Their mood is rigid, so they do not accommodate fruitful thought and they are constantly blind to the harmony of their mood and their physical world. They live in habitual denial that their thoughts are the cause of their ordeal. This is indeed the case of every human being, yet we are all responsible for our own ordeals. God is the first cause and he is man’s inspiration and productive imagination.

By imagination, I mean “God in man”, of which dimensions are two: imagining and contacting. All imagining evolve to contacts. By imagining, a feeling is contacted, which progressively becomes your own creation. God is the same creator of the world and all its contents, but while you exist in the body of flesh and blood you cannot sufficiently project the mighty creative power of God.

It is my strong will that you understand the rules of the life issues; and more importantly, that you may know that these rules have both negative and positive aspects of them. I appeal to you not to curse anyone. The writer of Ecclesiastes employed the word ‘king and rich’ because they are the ones most often envied. But in the real sense, this imperative applies to your dealings with all man irrespective of their monetary and noble capacities.  Even the common man who lives in a better neighborhood, pay more rent, go to a better restaurant, or buy better clothes, have the tendency of being envied. So we must act on the imperative of not cursing anybody more materially esteemed above us in our thoughts because all thoughts are unified by a divine law

Awareness seems to be common, as everyone on the outside is aware. But it is not required of a person to affect the changes in the outer world of another person if the latter person is already affecting the changes in the inward parts. If there is other necessity to bring out this change, the change will take effect irrespective of the consent of the other party. You do not have to draw out an individual out of his own personality because of your own imagination. If his part is essential to the success of the idea, he will play it because our thoughts are all unified.

I recalled my very own experience during a visit to my family in Barbados. I was to be constrained to be on the island for seven months but I passionately unwilled to be. I saw a breakthrough in leaving via a boat. Even though the idea seemed unrealizable, I abstracted myself from my environment and imagined myself on that boat as I leave the island. Even though my hopes seemed so futile, a week later I saw myself on that boat as I left the island in actuality and reality. It was indeed an empirical proof of the principle.

The journey of life begins from the standpoint of imagination to the extent that even your opponents will align with the imaginations when fully grown. An understanding of this made me leave the army. I acted upon my will to be honorably discharged and went to relax in my New York City apartment without getting bothered with the unfeasibility of my will. Then, my captain who had been previously unyielding to my will had a change of heart and fastened my release. Everyone has the capacity to do this. A habitual adherence to this principle guarantees an easy and good living. Imagine an object of your desire and a place for it to be situated, then bestow all attention on the object in that desired place till it becomes clearly perceptible.

Don’t make it a mere appearance of that object but the object in its own genuine reality. For example, don’t make it a lamp, but that lamp; not a table, but that table. Sit in that chair until you feel the chair around you. Let your view be the channel that affirms the reality of your aspiration, for your imagination and your personality are of the same nature. Now, cast your bread upon the water by feeling the relief of being there, and let your genie – who is your slave – build a ladder of assurance by which you will climb to sit in that chair, hold that lamp, and touch that table prepared for you in the high places.

In the Book of Genesis, a biblical example is evident in the story of the patriarch Isaac- who in spite his inability to see had the power to feel, calls to his son, Jacob, saying: “Come close my son that I may feel you. Your voice sounds like my son Jacob, but you feel like Esau.” At that moment Jacob, though he was only imaginarily and not factually the heir to the blessing- possessed the qualities of Esau, which symbolizes the objective and factual world. It follows that Isaac gave the imaginary state the right to be born and blessed.

In the similitude of Isaac, you have the mental capacity to sit quietly with your imaginary hands and differentiate between a tennis ball, a baseball, a football, and a golf ball. The very fact that makes you feel the shape and differences of this balls without visually grasping them as an objective fact, implies that although your perception posits their unrealities, your mind considers them real since by your mind you can tell the differences. This affirms the reality of the mind product over the physical product. The moment a thing is perceived by the mind, there is a strict essentiality for it to manifest in the physical world.

Practice the principle by handling a tangible object and thanking the being residing in your inward part for the gift. Thank the being in the outward world also for the gift. You need not be confused about the nature of the inward being and the outward being, for they are both one. The same way the inward life and the outward life are one. Your inward observation of the things of life shows that you are a life in yourself.

Yes, life is a game. Paul calls it a race, saying: “I have finished the race, I have fought the good fight and I have kept the faith.” To me, it is viewed as a game. The idea of both race and game shows the competitiveness of life, but the competitor or opposition is the self and not with another because there is no other. Don’t be too attached to another. Present him the platform to adopt the law to achieve his goal, even though there may be striking similarities in results. The knowledge you impart to others will never diminish you. Clearly and mindfully define your goal. Possess a mental conviction that you have achieved it and cast your bread upon the water. Then invest your mental vision and let the game of life be fulfilled in your world.

Now, let us commune with ourselves in meditation.