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The Beauty of Infj Personality

Being a part of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, INFJ has become a popular object of discourse in the media over the past several years. The ground for this is that only a few individuals fall under the INFJ category, making this personality type to be the most rarely found among various human beings. Statistical data put the figure of the people under this category to be less than 2% of the world’s entire population. Commonly, this personality has earned its individuals description like, “The Advocate” in light of their possessed characteristics which include, “uniqueness, strong intuition, deep emotionality, and intelligence”. Having taken a more critical assessment of the social conceptions surrounding the individuals of the personality, it is understood that this distinctive features that the individuals possess have not been adequately understood.

Created in the 1940s by mother and daughter Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, which is derived from the typological theories of Carl Jung, a prominent psychoanalyst. The test posits that the personality of every individual can be determined via for folders: Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, Extroversion vs. Introversion, and Judging vs. Perceiving. For the INFJs, it is deduced that they are introversive, intuitive, feeling, and judging. Research shows that INFJs are implicitly known in the social world because they are very reserved. However, they are mostly loyal to friendship or unions, they are visionary and empathetic in leadership, and are self-sacrificial to the prosperity of humanity in general and to any human endeavors they consider worthy of their servitude. The section below shall feature some of the distinctive qualities of INFJ individuals.

They are mostly lonely and reclusive. Observations show that the scarcity of individuals of this personality type makes them give up on the will to find people of like-minds and compatible traits in others. This feeling can be traced from their infancy and it is capable of conforming them to a solitary and unique nature as they grow.

They either submit their totality or negligence to issues of life. With the synthesis of both emotions and high reasoning, INFJs are found to neglect things that are considered to have less value in life. Although they may engage in some sporting activities, still they do prefer things that are nobly spoken of over things of monetary worth. From their nature, it can be inferred that they are utterly displeased of acts of immorality.

They depict a warm and approachable feature that gives others confidence and trust in the comfort of their serenity. It is a beautiful feeling that an INFJ can break a wall of disconnection to a newly-met audience by making the audience aware of their empathy towards his/her feelings and the readiness to proffer a solution. The ease and the appreciation of confidential discussion that individuals of this personality offer their audience make them qualified to be very valuable in the aspect of human relations.

They are empathetic and they have innate capacities to arrive at truth out of discernment. INFJs have an accurate sense of intuition by which they make judgments and decisions about the outside world. Without giving their attention to false witnesses about the conducts of an individual, they have the innate capacity to discern the true nature of the individual and it is this intuition that makes them empathetic toward the actions of the individual. As a result, they tend to be more considerate at the inadequacies of people because of the intuition by which they arrive at the true causes of the behavior of people.

They have high recognition for the place of understanding in matters of life. This personality-participant does not conclude on things by merely understanding a part of it but instead, they are more patient until they grasp the holistic understanding of a matter of life before they propose their opinions. They have the power to differentiate between truth and lies and they are commonly known to disregard any person who finds pleasure in propagating lies. With an itinerant nature of traveling, they also have the nature of adventures, and observations for the primary purpose of understanding all the dynamics of life and have a clearer perception of their own true self.

They are introverts even though they are commonly believed to be extroverts. This happens because INFJs have the tendency to be implicit in their approach to social issues such that it can be hard for an objective viewer to term them as either introverts or extroverts. For example, because of the respect they have for friendship and associations, the INFJs may be party-riders at times but this kind of extroversive attitude is never consistent. In their introversive version which is the predominant and true nature of INFJs, they seclude themselves from others taking a turn of solitude and meditation. They will connect back to their inward self to get more revitalization for the task ahead and for the issues, life presents before them.

INFJs have ideas that sometimes result in the hurt of people related to them. In order to prosper humanity, an INFJ may have a certain idea that he has nourished. To fulfill this idea, he/she may have to make some sacrifices that will not be pleasing to the people of his/her relation. This is because they tend to see the big picture in their approach to things. If a relationship or a career does not seem to favor the realization of the idea, an INFJ will find it more plausible to eliminate these things because it is considered as hindrances.

They are highly creative and gifted in language. Because of their introversive nature and their reclusiveness, INFJs focus on the capacities of the mind and this result to their creative nature. They also have troubles of conveying their views verbally because of their shyness, so they do more of writing because of the privacy it offers. These features are commonly found in writers and men of high intellects.

INFJs are active members of the world. They do not just live in the world passively as some habitually do. As a matter of observation, most INFJs individualize the global problems with a view to having a firm and lasting solution to these problems. They do not view things based on the state of themselves as individuals but based on the state of the world as a global habitation that connects all human beings. This is why a successful INFJ which ought to be happy may still be found to be sad (because of the poverty state of the world) irrespective of his noble status.

Having made a brief exposition of the INFJ personality, it is proposed that the individuals that possess this personality should be understood and accorded a suitable platform to prosper the whole of humanity.


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