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Neville Goddard – Many Mansions.

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In this lecture by Neville Goddard, he explores the concept of “Many Mansions” as mentioned in the 14th chapter of the book of John in the Bible. He begins by discussing the idea that all states of consciousness exist within the human imagination, and the human imagination is equated with God. According to Neville, all things exist in this imagination right now.

Neville explains that people pass through various states of consciousness, similar to travelers passing through different places. These states are eternal, and they exist in the imagination. He emphasizes that individuals can create their reality by adjusting their state of consciousness and making it real within themselves.

He then shares examples of how individuals have used their imagination to manifest desired outcomes. One person successfully imagined receiving a raise, while another used imagination to help a child heal from a medical condition.

Neville encourages the audience to be selective in their consciousness and to focus on positive and desirable states, rather than dwelling on negative or undesirable ones. Neville suggests that the stories people tell themselves about their experiences can shape their reality, and by choosing to dwell in positive states, they can change their lives.


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