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Genevieve Behrend is among one of the most successful metaphysical teachers that will always be remembered. Genevieve Behrend was born in 1881 in France and she was raised up in Paris. One of her parents was Scottish. She is remembered for being the only personal student Thomas Troward who was a specialist in mental science. However, before getting this chance, Genevieve Behrend had experienced challenges reaching Troward since she did not have enough money to take her to Cornwall England where Troward was residing. At this time, Genevieve was living in New York. She never lost hope at any instance as she kept on fighting believing that one day she would get the money and this finally became a reality. Genevieve Behrend studied with Troward for a period of two years and this enabled her to acquire enough skills that contributed to her prosperous career.

Between the years 1912 and 1914 Genevieve Behrend focused mostly on what Troward had impacted in her. She concentrated entirely on Troward’s wisdom and philosophy and this provided the basis of the spiritual philosophy popularly known as the ‘New Thought’. For instance, she taught that everyone always has more additional power and greater possibilities but we never realize. She said that visualization is among the greatest powers that we never fully utilize. Visualization actually brings some other changes into our observation and we can only notice this when stopping for a moment and focus on thinking. She explains this by saying that for the world to exist, it should be as a result of a cosmic mind. This concept is found and well explained in her book titled ‘Your Invisible Power’. Behrend had also studied Christian Science earlier and had a privilege to meet Mary Baker Eddy who was the inventor. However, she never progressed with this as it was not her interest.

Behrend began her first career mission in New York City. This was after she was done with Troward’s studies. She first established and managed ‘The School of the Builders’ up to the year 1925. She thereafter set up another school in Los Angeles. She then began visiting major cities and her tours were mainly in North America. This was after her husband passing away. She did this for 35 years and became a popular teacher and lecturer of mental science. She was actually accomplishing her goals through the extensive traveling as she had earlier met Abdul Baha who was the eldest son of the founder of Baha’i faith and told him she would wish to tour most parts of the world seeking the truth and teach people about it after finding it.

Genevieve Behrend spread her philosophies using various platforms including even the radio. She had numerous students (tens of thousands) in most English-speaking countries in North America. ‘Your Invisible Power’ was her first book and is also the book which is known by most people in the world. It is actually among the most sold mental science books in the world.



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